Choosing the right Therapy Treatment Tables

therapy treatment

Treatment tables are designed to treat patients for physiotherapy, massage, and medical examination. There are many factors to keep in mind while buying the perfect physical treatment tables because this is a one-time investment, and you will initially spend a lot on them. 

When you start searching for therapy treatment tables, you will realize there are many options available with diverse features and quality. The “table” is most important for any physiotherapist or massage therapist, or chiropractor. This article has pointed out some of the most important things to look for when choosing the therapy treatment tables.

Key Points to Consider While Buying Therapy Tables

Width of the Table

While choosing the table, you must keep in mind the different sizes of the body you will work on. The table should be wide enough to accommodate people of different body size and weight comfortably. You cannot have a table that cannot accommodate broad body types that will be too embarrassing for the client and an awkward situation for you.

Height of the Table

While treating the patients, you will also come across people of different height. So it’s important to pick a table of average height which is not too short for a tall person and not too high for a short person. The height of the table should be comfortable for you, too, as you may end up with back pain or shoulder and neck pain.

Weight Carrying Capacity

Look for therapy treatment tables that can hold up to 600 pounds of weight. It would help if you had a strong and durable table that can carry any weight for longer periods. You do not want your table giving up on you within weeks or months. The weight carrying capacity is not limited to the client’s weight but also the amount of pressure that you will be applying while giving the therapy.

Weight of the Table

If you plan to be a mobile therapist, then you need portable therapy treatment tables. The table’s weight should not be very heavy as you have to carry them along with you. In addition, it should be easier for you to load and unload the table. These tables are available with the feature of holding an immense amount of weight on themselves.

Material of the table

There are two options available in therapy tables: wood and aluminium. Back in the days, the tables were made of other metals, but they would rust and start squeaking. They were also heavy, so it wasn’t easy to move them from one place to another. In recent years aluminium has become the top choice of a therapist because of its sleek look, reduced weight and strength. The wood tables are available in the same quality as aluminium. There is no major difference in both, but aluminium is stronger than wood.

Additional features

If you have a space crunch in your office, look for therapy tables with shelves attached to them, cabinets underneath. There are chances that you may tend to clients that use a wheelchair; if it’s within your budget, you can opt for a table that has the feature to conveniently transfer the patient from the chair to the table without causing any distress. Also, pick a table with a motorized head adjustment option to struggle with adjusting the table manually.


If you are unsure if the size and height of the therapy treatment tables are perfect for you, you must visit any nearest showroom or any therapy centre and request to see different types of tables that they have, and you can gauge for yourself.