Looking to Build Biceps? Here’s the Best Exercise – Concentration Curls

Concentration curls

The best isolation exercise when it comes to biceps workouts is Concentration Curls. This curl is also known as Dumbbell Concentration Curl.

Concentration Curls

They are a variation from the standard bicep curl. To perform concentration curls, you need to sit down on a bench and rest the back of your upper hand on your thigh. After you’ve assumed this position, you start lifting a dumbbell. You contract your biceps at the top after lowering the dumbbell in this exercise.

How to Perform Concentration Curls

how to perform concentration curla

Now that we know what concentration curls are, we will move on to the step-by-step instruction. The steps to this exercise are straightforward as long as you hold on to the perfect form. 

Steps To Get The Perfect Concentration Curls Get Form

steps for concentration cell
  1. The first step is to grab a dumbbell. The weight that you lift is your choice. If you are a beginner, then you should start light. You can increase the weights as you master this exercise even more. You can grab your dumbbell and place yourself on a flat bench. Your legs should be apart in a way that the distance between them is more than hip-width.
  2. The next step to performing Concentration Curls is that you have to fix your hips and hinge from there. You also need to bring your upper body closer to your legs. It would be best if your upper body had an angle of 45 degrees to your thighs.
  3. In the next step, you place the elbow of the arm with which you’re holding the dumbbell on the inside of your leg. You can also place your other arm on the other leg if you’re looking for some stability. Your working arm needs to belong, and there should be a bend at your elbow. When you’re doing these curls, the dumbbell that you’re lifting has to be close to your lower legs. Your palm should be facing away from your father. You need to engage your core by rotating your shoulder. This is your starting position.
  4. While you keep your upper arm connected, contract the Bicep and start bending the elbow. You need to bend your elbow until your upper and lower arms are touching. Your dumbbell should now be close to your shoulder without actually touching.
  5. When you reach the top, squeeze your Bicep and engage it.
  6. After holding it, you can start lowering your dumbbell to its original place.
  7. You also need to stop for a few seconds before each rep. 8-12 reps make a set, and you should try 2-3 sets according to your ability.

Benefits of Concentration Curls

This exercise helps you to tone your biceps while building all the hidden muscles. Here are all the benefits of adding Concentration curls to your workout routine.

1. Biceps Toned

There are several benefits of performing Concentration curls every day. The biggest benefit to adding it to your workout routine is that it tones your biceps. This exercise activates both the short head and the long head of your biceps brachii. The activation of both these heads is responsible for the toning.

2. Builds the Muscles

The next benefit of Concentration curls is that it builds your arm muscles. Performing this exercise is straightforward and easy. But the exercise still offers so many benefits as long as you maintain your form. The next benefit is that it activates all the muscle groups in your arm. Since the exercise demands a full range of motion from your hand, all your muscles are active. When you do this exercise, the triceps at the back of your arm is active. The Brachialis muscle that makes your elbow joint flex is also active. The Brachioradialis muscle at your forearm is also active. So, the curl activates all the possible muscle groups.

3. Lifting Form

Concentration curls require you to focus entirely on lifting your dumbbell and weight. Any body-momentum or distraction is eliminated from your vision. You need to focus on your weight, and so this improves you for other weight-lifting exercises. In other exercises such as Deadlift or Barbell, you need to pull a lot of weight. If you add this exercise to your regimen, this will be easy for you. By performing it every day, you are improving your lifting form.

Some Tips to Remember

tips for concentration curls

Now that you know the steps and the benefits of Concentration Curls, here are some tips that you should know. The steps to this exercise are very simple. So, before you pick a dumbbell up and sit on a bench to start pumping, take note of these things. A proper form is extremely important if you want to benefit from the exercise. It is easy to get lazy with the correct position, but it will do you no good. Here are a few tips for you:

1. Thigh to Arm

A common mistake that people make with the exercise is that they wedge their elbows inside the thighs. If you wedge your elbows inside, you’re using your thigh and elbow as a big fulcrum. Using them as a fulcrum takes the tension of the weight off the biceps, defeating its purpose. If the tension is off the Bicep, then the muscles are not getting worked, which means no benefits.

So, to avoid this make sure that you wedge your upper arm into your thigh. You will have to bend a little more in this way, but it will help you get the most out of the curl. All the muscles that need to be active will be through this trick.

2. Perpendicular Upper Arm

The next mistake possible is even though you start the exercise at 90 degrees, you can’t hold it. Your upper arm must stay perpendicular to the set’s ground. You will feel like leaning back with every curl, but concentrate on your curls and hold your position.

These are the most common mistakes that people make with Concentration Curls, so make sure that you don’t make the same mistakes.