Control Mind to Get Ahead in Life!

Have you just gone through an ugly breakup? Do you have a person you are obsessed with but who pays no attention to you? Do you want to succeed in your professional sphere but are unable to despite all your hard work?

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just control other people’s minds into doing what you wanted? Or even suppress all the unwanted thoughts in your mind that keep you tossing and turning at night?

Well, mind control is a possible concept, however, you will have to know what and how to do it so that you don’t end up with something even more discouraging.

It is natural to feel under duress because of many factors in your life, and it is normal to want to get better at thinking about life in general.

Mind Control – It’s Not Like In The Movies

Wanting to control minds is not like changing how someone thinks with just a flick of your hand. It is not about what the other person thinks at all. It is about making your brain strong enough to have a mindset that will make you get through all adversities of life with ease.

When you will be like that, you will naturally attract people who themselves have a strong mind and they will help you grow and vice versa.

Here are some tricks and tips for you to learn how to control minds, yours in particular.

Figure out what thoughts you want to change

When you are diving into the realm of mind control, you need to be careful. Figure out what thoughts are bringing you pain, and what you want to do about them. Below are the parameters that you need to keep in mind (ha!) when you are assessing it all –

–         What thought occurs to you over and over, and makes you stop in your tracks?

–         What ways do you talk to yourself negatively?

–         Assess how you have a pessimistic outlook when it comes to life

–         Do you often compare yourself to others and diminish your achievements no matter how big they are by your standards?

You can write down all the self-loathing thoughts in a diary, and read them once to see what the common theme is. Some people tend to think obsessively about their professional work, some are still hung up on their ex, whereas some just cannot seem to find a direction in their life. When you attempt to control minds, you need to identify what the core of your problem is so that you work on it in a targeted manner.

Accept your thoughts, no matter what kind

You have to allow yourself the thoughts you think instead of dismissing them. Ignoring them is like shoving everything under the carpet, and eventually, the pile of negativity will grow a lot and you will strain under its weight. The most effective solution is to hear yourself out, tell yourself why the thought you have is bad and then work on them one by one. Controlling your mind is not a thing you can do in one day. Just like how you need to exercise every day to see some change, you need to work on your mind every day to reach the place you want.

If you have a mean thought about someone else succeeding, tell yourself that it is not the right response. Everyone has a different trajectory and everyone succeeds at their own pace. If you don’t have the same goals, how can you flourish the same way?

Also, If you cannot help but think negatively about yourself, you need to go back and think about all the times you succeeded. If you did it then, you can do it now and you can do it in a couple of months.

Allowing your persistent thoughts to run their course and not get affected by them is an uphill task, but with enough perseverance, you will be able to get there. Isn’t this what mind control as a practice is all about – practise and persistence?

Switch up your perspective

This may sound silly but force yourself to think from different angles. Talk to yourself like you are the coach and your team needs this final goal to win. Tell yourself that you are not immune to negativity and feeling low on certain days and that it is okay to feel that way. You don’t have to stay on top of your game every day.

The most effective way to do this is to view yourself as a third person. We tend to be more forgiving and understanding as an outsider. Steeping back and telling yourself that you will be able to get through this at your own pace and in your way will help you refocus yourself and get going.

As Marvin Gaye sings, and we are quoting it out of context – Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low, ain’t no river wide enough.

When you treat yourself as a third person, you can look at all sides of the situation instead of just being in your head. This helps you gain perspective and you can effectively mind control yourself into pacifying yourself.

Write about it

One of the most effective methods, writing will help you in many ways. Here are some ways writing can be the instrument you need to cope and realign your thoughts.

1.      Start journaling. It will make you view our emotions in a new light and you will have a record of what things make you feel a certain way.

2.     If you are angry or sad because of someone, and you cannot do anything about it, write them a letter. Pour your heart out and then tear it or burn it. While it may do nothing to the other person, it will help you feel lighter.

3.     Express your innermost thoughts in whatever words you can. This will help you unlock parts of your mind that will help you gain a deeper insight into your psyche.

When you look back at your written accounts you will be able to find a pattern and see where you are at fault as well. This can be the beginning of you working on yourself so that you feel better about yourself.

What to ensure before proceeding to control the mind?

While all of these are long-term plans when it comes to mind control if you want some tricks that will help you appear confident and in control, here are some more things!

1.      Identify your triggers. Avoid hanging out with people who bring out the negative in you. Make sure you surround yourself with people whose mindset your respect and want to align with.

2.     Make personal mini-goals when it comes to your growth, and work on them.

3.     Make a gratitude journal and remember to thank yourself for things as well. If you stood up for yourself in a particularly tricky professional situation you deserve to recognise it and allow yourself a moment of victory.

4.    Do not let negative spirals take over your day. Turn your stress into moments of productivity instead of sitting and wallowing.

5.     Try meditation. If you cannot sit still and do the breathing exercises, just rid yourself of all distractions at night and take ten minutes to go through your day and then allow all thought to dissipate from your mind. You will wake up in control of your mind.

6.    Allow yourself “distractions” that make you feel better. This includes spending time with your loved ones and pets, watching movies that bring you comfort, and indulging in your hobbies in a relaxed way. This will allow your mind to rest and for you to regain mind control so that you can succeed.

These tips will help you get better at taking control of your mind and life. When you are sure of yourself, you will appear confident when you enter any room no matter who is there. You have to show up for yourself so that others can follow suit.