The most effective decline push up to up your fitness routine


Most exercises that promise to improve your upper body strength fail to work well for you. Such an issue occurs due to a lot of factors. Sometimes, the exercise is not practiced correctly, which may divert the benefits altogether. In other cases, the exercise might not be useful enough for the muscles that you are aiming to target. Thus, it is vital to stick to a workout that is all set to bring the benefits that you are looking for. Decline push up are one of them. 

The decline push up is a variation of the basic push-up but, the benefits it has to offer are quicker and more effective than any other. If you can’t wait to make the most of this exercise, here is how to do it without any hindrance.

The best of decline push up benefits

Decline push-up is a simple exercise that targets your upper body like chest muscles. It is

different from a regular push-up because, in this exercise, your feet are on an elevated platform. On the other hand, your lower body is at balance by the hands that are holding on the ground. By doing this, the decline push up aims at helping you to improve your upper body muscles and make them more active. 

Decline push up benefits also include working out the muscles on your shoulders and increasing over-all upper body strength. Those who perform this exercise timely also feel a difference in performing activities from their upper body daily that enables them to reduce their exhaustion. 

How to gain a potential decline in push up muscles?

People who perform this exercise are prone to gaining decline push up muscles in no time. All it takes for you is to follow the instructions carefully so that you can end up with the perfect results at the right time, without any delay. This simple exercise requires you to opt for a bench, box or chair that is a little elevated to perform the exercise without any hindrance. Make sure that the equipment you choose for the workout does not move conveniently. When this does not happen, you can prevent any injury while performing the exercise. 

1. Kneel with your back to the bench. Put your hands on the ground, shoulders over your wrist and elbows at a 45-degree angle. Now, place your feet on top of the elevated equipment. 

2. Brace your core, glutes and quads. Now, bend your elbow and lower your chest to the ground, keeping your back and neck neutral. 

3. Push into the floor and return to your initial position. Make sure you extend your elbows as well.   

4. Complete the exercise in 2 to 4 sets of 8 to 20 reps to gain potential decline push up muscles instantly.

Decline push-up VS regular push-up

A lot of people fail to understand the difference between a decline push up vs a regular push-up easily. However, before you begin with either of them, you need to understand this difference. Such a thing will help you to know what you are looking into.

1. In a regular push-up, your entire body is in the same position. You do not have to use an elevated area to work out a specific body part. On the contrary, a decline push-up involves working the chest muscles that need you to use elevated equipment to place your feet on.

2. Unlike the regular push-up, decline push-up, force the fronts of the shoulders to work out as well that is quite intense. Such a thing is another factor that makes the decline push-up better than the regular push-up.

3. In a decline push-up, the clavicular region is more active than in a regular push-up. Such a thing again makes it clear which is better among decline push up vs ordinary push-up.

The takeaway

Decline push up are an excellent way to improve your chest muscles. They are also beneficial in activating your body performance and building over-all upper body strength. So, if you are looking for these benefits, you know what to do!


1. I am a beginner. Should I go for a decline push-up or a regular push up?

 For starters, you should opt for regular push-up as it is more uncomplicated for you. It not only helps in maintaining form but also allows you to modify the moves according to your comfort. Since a decline push-up does not come with so many modifications, you can keep it for later in your fitness list. 

2. Can I get the decline push up benefits without following an effective diet plan to complement it?

Yes, you can extract the decline push up benefits without following an effective diet plan to complement it. However, a strict diet plan that compliments your workout makes it easier for you to gain your desired body instantly. It also makes sure that your body doesn’t just look fit but also stays solid for long periods. 

3. What are the mistakes that I can avoid while looking for decline push up benefits?

A lot of people are accustomed to sagging in the middle of the workout that leads to severe back pain that may eventually become hard to treat. People also tend to lock their elbows at the top of the movement that puts excessive stress on the joints, leading to an injury. These are some of the common mistakes that you can avoid while looking for decline push up benefits

4. Should I do this exercise if I have a back injury?  

No. In case of a back injury, please consult a medical expert. We do not recommend you to perform any exercise until it is prescribed by your medical expert.

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