What’s The Benefit Of Maintaining Dental Hygiene As Toddlers?

Benefit Of Maintaining Dental Hygiene As Toddlers

Most American children are affected by teeth decay. It is a problem that affects them until they are grown up. However, it only takes good training to get your children growing up with healthy teeth,

Some people think that there is not much to children’s teeth. Well, who can blame them, considering children lose their teeth for adult teeth? For this reason, many people wait until their adult teeth start growing that they can do some serious keeping.

But that should not be the case. Dental experts like Dental Dorks advise on early dental hygiene. It is important that children start taking care of their teeth as soon as possible. Even when they don’t want to, it is important to let your children achieve good dental hygiene not only for their teeth but for the best development of their mouths.

When they are fully grown, they will look back from their past and understand how important keeping their teeth was. Even in their adult years, they will have brighter years in their adult life if they don’t have to visit the dentist all the time.

Why Are Children Teeth Different?

You cannot take care of children’s teeth the same way you do yours. Children’s teeth are often referred to as baby teeth or primary teeth that start from age 6. A few years later, they will grow about 20 baby teeth. Adults have 12 more teeth.

There are a few differences between adult and baby teeth. There are some who think they are the same, but the truth is they are different. You need to understand this when helping your children take care of them.

Whereas permanent teeth have thick enamel, it is a bit thinner on the baby teeth. The enamel is the hardest part of the teeth and it protects the whole teeth. The enamel is also the most sensitive part of the tooth as it takes all the beating when you talk, eat or breathe.

Children have brighter smiles because their enamel is thinner and whiter.  But just because the teeth are white, it does not mean they are brighter, it does not mean they are fully protected. They are even more vulnerable to teeth decay. And it all results from children consuming inadequate fluoride or too much sugar.  

Note that tooth decay can lead to loss of your teeth. But there is a difference between losing teeth in a natural way and losing them to decay.

Baby teeth are important for the development of adult teeth because they help children eat and grow into responsible adults. They are also their so that they can keep space for adults teeth. Good baby teeth mean great adult teeth.

It is important to make your children take good care of their children. According to the American Dental Association, the best way to care for your children’s teeth is to start brushing as soon as they begin showing up. You can teach your children to take care of their teeth by doing the following.

#1. Make them understand why the tooth brush

Having you been forcing your children to stop all the fun and take up a plastic toothbrush? Putting the toothpaste that seems kinda-gross in their mouths is not easy. Yet, they have to use it anyway.

Chances are they want to know and understand why they must brush their teeth. They need to now just know how to use the brush, but why it is important. It will be much easier for you if you teach them because that will lead to willingness. You don’t want them to get them overtired.

Have a good conversation with the children. Tell them why teeth need to be cleaned and how best they can do it. For instance, you can tell them the teeth are full of all those yummy sugary things that must be scrubbed off to make the teeth clean.

#2. Give them the freedom to pick a toothbrush they like

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The goal here is to teach your kids and not to seem as though you are forcing them. For this reason, give them the freedom to choose their own toothbrush. That makes them take brushing a fun activity. In the end, you won’t have to try convincing them to brush their teeth.

There are different kinds of baby brushing that look amazing and attractive.

#3. Brush together

There is no better way of teaching your children how best to brush than showing them. You have to together to let them see what you are doing then they can learn from there. Don’t just stare at the darkly from the mirror expecting them to get it right on their own.

If you want to make it even more fun, let them copy you. Sometimes it is better to make a song you could be singing with them in the bathroom as you help them brush their own teeth.

Play a game in the bathroom to make them understand that brushing their teeth is more of a chore. Keep them supervised at the same time.

#4. Have a system for rewarding

Another possible way to get your children working on their own is to have a way of rewarding them. Motivation always gets people doing things and children are no different. The best way to give them a great opportunity to take care of their teeth is to have a reward system. Everyone who gets their first gets rewarded.

#5. Read stories to them

The same time you read stories o your children should be a great opportunity to give your children brushing lessons. There are many positive examples you can get from reading stories with children’s heroes brushing their teeth.

There are great videos on YouTube to share with your children. That makes it even easier for you. They will watch and have fun while doing something constructive.

There are many other ways to make your children take care of their teeth without forcing them. You only need to find something that really attracts them. The bottom line is, children teeth as just as important as adult teeth.