How to do a Diamond Push-up and It’s Benefits

diamond push up

Push-up has always been a classic bodyweight exercise that requires no equipment. There are a lot of push-up variations to target different muscles. Diamond push is nothing but a push-up variation that majorly targets the triceps. This variation counts among the most difficult variations of push-ups. Your triceps have to be active already to perform these push-ups like a pro.

Benefits Of Diamond Push-Up

  • It is an effective bodyweight exercise for your arms that majorly focuses on tricep muscle.
  • It improves the size and strength of the triceps.
  • Simultaneously, it burns the chest as the chest is secondarily engaged while performing a diamond push-up. 
  • Last but not least, it requires no equipment and can be performed anywhere. 


A full-body warm is always recommended to boost up the performance and preventing injuries. 

Tricep push-up or diamond push-up is counted in the difficult category, and thus you are always advised to start slowly with 2-3 reps. 

Indulge in classic/simple push up initially to gain the arm strength required for a diamond push-up.


Posture: Acquire a push-up position. Mind keeping your hands under the chest. Make a diamond shape with your hands by touching the thumbs together and the index fingers(<>)-like this.

The move: Bend your elbows and take the body down till your chest is about to touch the bottom. Push up to the posture again. This is one rep. 

Tip: Keep the core tight and the back straight throughout the exercise. If you find it hard, take it slow. Perform 2-3 and then slowly increase the number of reps with time.

Variation: To make a diamond push-up easier, rest your legs on your knees instead of your toes to decrease the level of arm strength required in a diamond push-up.