Diet-friendly Ice creams To Enjoy Like Never Before!

diet friendly ice cream brands

Ice creams are usually a very dear part of our cheat days since it is generally high in calories, sugar, and unhealthy saturated fat. All of this makes ice cream not a choice for health-conscious people. Generally considered a cheat treat, ice cream, everyone’s favorite dessert is usually taken for more than one serving when enjoyed. For a long time, enjoying it came at a price, but no more.  You can now have your favorite dessert without any of the guilt that accompanies it. Here are some healthy ice cream brands that cut back on the sugar and the fat in the ice creams, therefore bringing the number of calories way down. Some brands use natural ingredients, and some completely cut off the use of dairy products to appeal with their product to a broader audience. They want people who prefer non-dairy, have a dairy intolerance, or are sensitive to it to have a chance at enjoying the treat

Halo Top Creamery

Halo Top Creamery is an ice cream that is loved by nutritionists as well. They offer a massive variety of flavors, ensuring there is something for everyone. The ice cream, along with being mouth-wateringly tasty, also packs in protein and fiber in it. The Halo Top Creamery is a healthy ice cream since it has low fat and low sugar. A pint of the Birthday Cake flavor of the Halo Top Creamery has only 280 calories. A half-cup serving offers 3g fat, 70 calories, and 5g added sugar which is five times fewer calories than the most common popular brands of ice cream. This shows that Halo Top Creamery is healthy while still being devilishly tasty.

So Delicious Dairy Free

So Delicious Dairy Free is the next healthy ice cream brand everyone should know about. They make dairy-free coffee creamers as well as yogurt alternatives. But it is best known for its frozen dessert section. This ice cream brand offers various flavors ranging from cashew milk, almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk, to soy milk. Even though So Delicious Dairy Free might not be the lightest ice cream in the market, it is ice cream with fewer calories than most popular ice cream brands. The Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk flavor of the So Delicious Dairy Free ice cream in a ⅔ cup serving has 12g fat, and 18g added sugar, but it is low in calories making it light ice cream. This ice cream is a little more delicate in fat, calories, and sugar compared to the popular brands and is a delicious option for people who prefer dairy-free


Along with its very light and healthy ice cream, Enlightened also has the prettiest packaging of them all. The ice cream brand markets itself as “The Good for you Ice Cream” and might even be the lightest of them all out there. All of their flavors never exceed more than 400 calories in 27 pints. They range from 60-100 calories per half-cup serving. Each pint also serves 6g protein close to a whole protein serving. This ice cream helps some of the lightest servings with more protein, fiber, and even less sugar. All of this makes this brand of ice cream an excellent health-conscious choice for ice cream.

Arctic Zero

The next brand on the list of healthy ice cream is Arctic Zero. This ice cream is another people’s favorite. This brand caters to a broader audience with its low-calorie frozen desserts, lactose-free, and dairy-free ice creams. This ice cream is an excellent choice for lactose-intolerant people trying to watch their waistline. This frozen dessert comes in various flavors that have something for everyone. The ice creams are a tasty treat with each of their flavors adding only 50 calories, 8g added sugar, and 0g fat per ⅔ cup serving. These features make this frozen dessert an excellent ice cream choice that is healthy

Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt

This healthy ice cream is for people who appreciate Greek yogurt. Yasso’s Greek Yogurt ice cream bars are made with nonfat milk, and all of its flavors offer only 100 calories, 14g sugar, and 2g fat with every bar. They also provide a 5g protein with each bar making it a great way to add some protein punch into your intake through frozen dessert. The bars make for natural built-in portion control and have no artificial sweeteners. This ice cream is a great choice considering the flavors it offers, the fewer calories, and the protein punch that it provides.


NadaMoo is a nondairy and organic ice cream choice for health-conscious vegans. The ice cream has no alternative sweeteners. For example, the Vanilla Bean flavor of the ice cream is sweetened with agave, leaving no sugar alcohols for you to worry about. It is found that sugar alcohols can cause gastrointestinal issues (GI) in some people when it is used as an alternative sweetener. The flavors in ⅔ cup serving have 9g fat, 4g sugar alcohols, and 0g added sugar. The company has a wide array of flavors and keeps releasing new flavors, so it has something for everyone. All of this makes it an excellent health-conscious choice for ice creams.

Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria

Ben & Jerry’s, everybody’s favorite, also released a new ice cream line lighter than their usual ice cream but gave no discount on its lip-smacking taste. The sequence of flavors has the brand’s overloaded flavors, swirls, and chunks. Some of the flavors offered in lighter ice creams are P.B. Dough, Chocolate Milk and Cookies, and Mocha Fudge Brownie. These delicious flavors range from 190-220 calories in ⅔ cup servings, which is half the calories in a usual Ben & Jerry. These ice creams are the closest you can get to natural ice cream that doesn’t have any sugar substitutes or sugar alcohol. The ice cream flavor Moophoria does have corn syrup solids and sugar. These reasons make this line of ice creams a healthy ice cream choice.

Daiya Nondairy Frozen Desserts

This brand is the undisputed leader in dairy-free healthy ice cream and frozen desserts. It offers an extensive range of plant-based products. It offers mouth-watering ice cream bars that come in flavors like Salted Caramel Swell, and they not only provide lesser calories, lesser fat, and lesser sugar than the usual brands, they are also soy, dairy, and gluten-free making them a delicious treat for people who are avoiding these items.

Snow Monkey Superfood Ice Treat

Snow Monkey is the holy grail when it comes to healthy ice cream. It is nut-dairy and gluten-free, and paleo and vegan diet-friendly. At the same time, they are low in calories, fats, added sugar, and give a protein punch. For example, their Matcha Green flavor has 3.5g fat, 120 calories, only 3g added sugar from maple syrup, and 5g protein per ½ cup serving. The rest of the sugar comes from fruits, which explains why their slogan is “#eatnoevil.” This brand of ice cream is the best nutritious choice if you are looking for a healthy alternative to ice creams. These are some of the best alternatives to ice cream that are health conscious. The best thing about these brands of healthy ice cream is that they are still delectable, giving them the best of both worlds: taste and nutrition.