Different Types of Helpful Meditation Cushion

meditation cushion

When it comes to successful meditation, the body needs to be relaxed. Therefore, meditation cushions are necessary for all those who practice meditation techniques regularly. A tremendously helpful meditation cushion can help the body be relaxed and comfortable and make the meditation experience successful. Know about the various kinds of meditation cushion found on the market and are great to choose from.


A round Zafu cushion is traditionally put over a Zabuton so that practitioners can sit on the round-shaped Zafu with their knees dropping to the soft square Zabuton. In case you lack the space or budget for two cushions, you can buy only Zabuton. Zabutons are large and come with knee support integrated, as compared to the other cushions. 

Your knees can easily rest on the cushioned surface when you sit in a lotus, easy seat, or cross-legged position. However, your knees must rest on a blanket, mat, or floor when you choose other options. 

With Zabuton, a hidden benefit is that it may work as a yoga bolster as well. You need to fold the helpful meditation cushion in half and use the integrated strap for securing it properly. It may be used as a bolster beneath the knees for practising Shavasana at home or like a temporary bolster for practising yoga. 


When you get a Zafu atop a Zabuton, it can give your pelvis a proper elevation and ensure proper cushioning for your knees. But you may use Zafu alone as a helpful meditation cushion as well. Fold it in half to get more cushioning. Or place a blanket or anything similarly supportive to have your knees rest easily on it. You will love to have your spinal column given a raise of 6 ½ inches in this way. Again, it would help if you sat on the Zafu’s front half for effective spinal alignment and not on the middle.  

Zafus are also available as temporary pillows that can be used in any situation, be it for watching TV on the sofa or stretching on the floor while at home. 

V-Shape Yoga Cushion: 

This type of helpful meditation cushion, as the name indicates, is shaped like the English alphabet “V’. It can support the pelvis and the thighs, which makes it ideal for all those suffering from knee or low back problems and are flexible already in sitting in cross-legged positions on the floor and searching for more comfort. 

If you have a low rounded back and have knees raised by 6 inches or even more while seated on the floor, the thigh support of the cushion will not be especially useful for you. Like the Zabuton, it is useful for all those seated comfortably on the floor and simply in search of more padding and support. 

This is also an extremely helpful meditation cushion, as it is small enough and can be put over a chair. As you work at the desk, you may sit on this cushion cross-legged. 

Zen Yoga Pillow:

This is a rectangular pillow and extends 6 ½ inches of rising – like the Zafu. But it feels more elevated due to the shape and fullness. With such kind of cushion, you can get the maximum elevation. This makes it a helpful meditation cushion for all those who face difficulties sitting on floors, suffer from tight hip issues or have “really stiff” hips. 

Due to the rectangular shape, there is the higher level of stability. Bigger practitioners can have more stability, height, and support with the Zen Yoga Pillow. For a chicer arrangement and extra knee support, use the Zabuton along with the Zen Yoga Pillow. 

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