How To Perform A Dumbbell French Press Properly?

dumbbell french press

Are you dreaming of those perfect arms but don’t know how to get them? Here is the Dumbbell French Press that is super easy to perform and still manages to push all the right muscles. This exercise can be performed easily in a gym or at home if you own a pair of dumbbells. Keep reading to find out everything there is to find about this amazing exercise.

There are different categories of this exercise. It can either be performed when you’re sitting, standing, or lying on a bench.

The Form Of Dumbbell French Press

Here’s how to do a Dumbbell French Press and work on those triceps while you’re laying on a bench.

  • Begin this exercise by lying down on the bench, holding a dumbbell in both your hands. Have the dumbbells resting on your chest. This is your starting pose
  • After this, you should try and push the dumbbells vertically upward while squeezing the handles with all your might.
  • Inhale, and very slowly bring the dumbbells down, while you’re activating your elbows while keeping them tight. The dumbbells should be lowered to the outside of your ears.

You should start with a set of 12-15 reps and aim to complete 3 sets. Performing this exercise while you’re lying on a bench helps you take more weight than when performing this while you’re sitting, or standing. The exercise also allows you to perfectly activate the tricep muscles.

You should move your hands beside your head so as to be at an angle with the body and not perpendicular. This position will increase the torque in the elbow and help the triceps bear more load. Also, try not to move your elbows when you’re flexing or activating, and try to keep them in the same place.

Benefits Of This Potential Workout- Dumbbell French Press 

These steps to this exercise are as easy as a pie to get through and if that hasn’t been able to convince you to incorporate this workout into your daily regime then here are all the benefits of the Dumbbell French Press.

  • Greater Tricep Muscles

Did you spend so much time making your biceps stronger, that you now urgently need to focus on your triceps? The Dumbbell French Press is the perfect exercise for that since it helps you build stronger tricep muscle and finally helps form a strong upper arm. They specifically focus on the muscles on the back of your arm, especially on the long head of the triceps muscle.

  • Better Stabilization

The Dumbbell French Press activates muscles throughout your upper and lower body to stabilize its movements. It activates your core, glutes, lower back muscles, pecs, and deltoids. All these muscles being activated and increasing body stabilization shows how important this particular exercise is.

  • Improves your Performance in Other Exercises

Not only does the French Press target your triceps and the whole of your upper and lower body muscles, it also improves your performance in other exercises. The Dumbbell French Press can help you better other body-building exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, deadlifts, and close-grip bench presses.

These benefits and the simplicity of the steps to the Dumbbell French Press must have convinced you to add the exercise to your daily exercise routine.

Here are some of the variations to the Dumbbell French Press that you can try out once you have mastered the exercise.

  • French Press While Sitting

In this variation of the Dumbbell French Press, your body is at an angle of 90 degrees with the floor and the range of your hand movement is far greater than if the exercise was being performed lying down. To do this exercise perform the same steps as when you’re lying on the bench, except you are sitting in this version. You should lift the dumbbells up to arm’s length and lower them behind the head as far as possible and then gradually lift them back up. This makes up a rep. You will be able to take the lesser weight, compared to on the bench but you will also load your muscles more strongly because of the higher amplitude.

  • Skull Crushers

This exercise can be performed on the bench, or the ground and needs an E-Z bar. In this exercise you move the weight up and down directly above your face, making it a slightly precarious exercise, and thus the name Skull Crusher came. As long as the exercise is performed in a perfect form, it is not dangerous at all. In this exercise, you should lie on the bench, with your feet flat on the bench and back not arched. You keep your arms perpendicular to your torso and then push the bar above your head pushing your shoulders into the bench aggressively. While lowering the weight, you should note to keep your elbows tucked in and at shoulder width length just like the hands. Try not to let your upper arms roll as you lower but let your elbow joint do the work. This exercise will also maximize the works that the triceps have to perform just like the Dumbbell French Press.

  • French Press With The E-Z Bar

The French Press can also be performed with an EZ bar. You can choose an angled EZ curl bar for the exercise and with an overhand grip, lift it vertically above your body. Then you have to bend your elbows and gradually lower the bar behind your head. This is one rep. You should continue the motion for the required number of reps.  These reps also target your triceps primarily and focus on the whole lower and upper body to activate them throughout the exercise. It is an excellent variation to the Dumbbell French Press since it gives the same benefits while bringing some change into a routine.

  • Kettlebell French Press

This exercise can be performed if there is no bench available for a Dumbbell French Press. It can be performed with a Kettlebell on the floor only, so can be performed in a gym or at home. To perform this exercise you take the kettlebell, press it to your chest, and lay down on the floor. Your legs will be bent at your knees. After getting into the position you should press your head and your lower back to the floor. You can take this weight by its body or by its handle, and then try to push them above your chest. You should try to maintain your elbow position and bend your arms at your elbow joints and lower your forearms with the weight. After lowering the weight back to the original position, you finish a rep. This exercise also targets the scales that the dumbbell variation is supposed to, making it a great variation.

Winding Up!
With the variations, the benefits, and the step-by-step guide, you now know everything there is to know about the Dumbbell French Press and understand its importance in developing your triceps and intimately helping with your arm strength.