Dumbbell front raise made easy with these steps 

Dumbbell front raise is one of the essential exercises when it comes to building your shoulders, but if you are doing it wrong, you are not only gaining anything, but you are also jeopardizing your body and hard work.

To do it right, you should first know more about it and decide how to include it in your workout routine so that it suits your body and goals the best. 

The dumbbell front raise, also known as front raise or shoulder front raise targets your shoulder and upper chest. All you need for it are dumbbells. Even if you are just beginning your gym journey, if you give it some time, you will be able to perfect this exercise and reap the benefits soon.

What are the benefits of a Dumbbell Front Raise? 

This exercise has numerous benefits which make it an important one that you should be aware of. 

  1. The dumbbell front raise exercises the upper chest in addition to the shoulder muscles (deltoids). You can foster strength and definition toward the front and sides of your shoulders with the assistance of this single activity for shoulder flexion.
  2. To move goods securely in daily life, you need strong shoulders. This makes the dumbbell front raise useful for developing the strength required to carry out daily tasks like setting products on a shelf at shoulder height or placing grocery bags on the counter.
  3. When recovering from a shoulder injury or surgery, this exercise is frequently suggested for use during physical therapy.
  4. It could even lessen neck pain if you incorporate it into your fitness routine.

How to do the dumbbell front raise 

To do the front raise, you need to follow the following steps –

  1. Stand with your feet wide apart, about the distance of your shoulders. 
  2. Let your arms hand freely with the weight but make sure your posture is erect. 
  3. Inhale and raise the weights upward. Your arms are outstretched, palms facing down, and your elbows are just slightly bent to lessen the strain on your joints.
  4. When your arms are parallel to the ground, pause momentarily.
  5. Exhaling, slowly and steadily lower the weights to the beginning position (at the thighs).

When it comes to the weights, it is recommended that women use 5-pound dumbbells to begin, whereas men can use 10 pounds. Ultimately, it also depends on your strength and what your trainer thinks is best for you. The only thing you should keep in mind is that if you start with heavy weights at the beginning itself, you will not be able to work on your form and end up getting injured. 

Other variations

You can also try doing these different versions of dumbbell front raise if you want to switch it up.

The sitting dumbbell front raise

If standing is difficult for you, you can carry out this exercise while seated on a bench or chair. When performing this variant, make an effort to keep your back straight and engage your abdominals. Increase the weight gradually if you can lift the weights without trouble or strain.

Use one arm at a time for maximum impact 

Like in many other exercises, if you use one arm at a time, you will be able to understand what parts you need to work on. 

By raising and lowering your arms alternately, one at a time, you can perform concentrated dumbbell front raises. Greater strength increases have been linked to unilateral training, which works only one side of the body at once.

Use a hammer grip for more variation

It is possible to use a hammer grip, much like a hammer curl. Instead of being flat against the thighs, the dumbbells are held in this position with the palms facing each other. 

Common mistakes that people make while doing the dumbbell front raise

It is natural to not get the hang of things at once, and you will need to practice until you perfect your form. Here are some mistakes that you should be aware of so that you can keep yourself in check while doing the dumbbell front raise.

Do not rock back and forth

Keep a solid, stationary torso during the lift; do not waver or rock. Use a smaller weight if you sway or observe why you are rocking back on your heels to complete the lift.

Do not use bigger weights

As mentioned above, this is not a lifting exercise, it is to gain strength. You shouldn’t use weights for this exercise that will lead you to utterly fail at the end of a set. Excessive shoulder load can put a strain on the joint and cause damage.

Work on your form

This advice applies to every exercise and not just the dumbbell front raise. You need to perfect your form and then only move on to increasing the weights or doing other tougher tasks. 

Straighten your back and tighten your abdominals – no rounded back or slouched position. This improves your ability to target the desired muscles while also shielding you from harm.

The wrist position is important too!

Your wrists should be in a neutral position and not bent either way. If you are unable to achieve this, then the weights you are using are too heavy for you.

Take breaks

A lot of people get swayed by the adrenaline and decide to see through the exercise without any break. This will tire you out and tire your muscles out as well. You will also end up injuring yourself, no matter how seasoned you are at the gym. Another thing is, that your body needs to rest up to perform well in all the exercises, so you are doing your body a disservice and straying away from your dream body by overworking yourself.



Before doing the dumbbell front raise, ask your doctor or physical therapist whether you should perform this exercise if you have a past or present shoulder injury.

If you have a tendency for tendinitis in your joint, the rotation in this action may cause shoulder discomfort, and you may experience pain. If you experience any pain, stop lifting immediately.

The ideal time to spend on this exercise is to do 10 to 12 repetitions for one to three sets. You can add more to it later on, only after you have perfected your form. 

The dumbbell front raise is one of the most important exercises when it comes to increasing strength in your shoulders. Perfecting your form and being diligent will help you gain in the right direction.