Up your fitness game with the best Dumbbell shoulder workout


As shoulders are responsible for each movement that occurs on our upper body, it is essential to ensure that they remain fit. For this purpose, a dumbbell shoulder workout can help immensely. This type of exercise not only promises to work out the entire upper body muscle group but also promotes improved performance. As a result, exhaustion, body injuries and upper-body stiffness can be eliminated instantly.  If you are wondering how to practice the dumbbell shoulder workout, learn it as you scroll through!

Warm-up before you begin!

We are going to list a host of best dumbbell shoulder workouts for you to perform. But before you begin, you need a full-body warm-up to activate your shoulders and prep them for the exercise. Now you may ask why this is vital Imagine pouring oil into a pan and immediately starting to fry your fish. Will it cook properly? No, right? Similarly, warm-up helps the body to get prepped up for the exhausting workout and prevents body injuries as well. This way, you inch closer to your fitness goals and burn fat without any hindrance. 

How to do it?

 There are a few simple exercises, to begin with. These are going to help you warm up your body instantly for the main dumbbell shoulder workout at home

1. Knee raises- This exercise gives a boost to your strength and helps the muscles to get activated. All you have to do is stand tall and lift one knee above the hip. Keep alternating in a running format for about 15 reps. 

2. Lateral Lunge- This exercise helps warm-up the muscles in the body for the primary workout routine. Begin with your legs together and take a step back on the left side. Reach hips back and drop down as if you are sitting on a chair. Practice this dumbbell shoulder workout at home at least 15 times.  3. Wall push- If you are looking for an excellent stretch, this workout will help a lot. Start by placing your hands against the wall in a slightly downward position. Push with all your strength for around 15 seconds. 

The best dumbbell shoulder workouts you need

 The dumbbell shoulder workouts for mass that we are going to show you now can be performed both at the gym and at home. Follow the instructions carefully for each exercise so you can gain your dream body in no time. Also, remember to top it off with a yoga session.

1. Alternating Deltoid Raise

 The alternating deltoid raise is a magical workout that promotes well-built shoulders in no time. When performed with light weights, it works wonders for people. If you are looking for strong shoulders and a well-maintained posture, this exercise is all you need. This is one of the best dumbbell shoulder workouts for a reason. Make sure to perform the workout for the recommended number of reps. 

How to do it- Stand upright and hold dumbbells in both your hands. The arms should be extended and palms facing the body. With slightly bent elbows, raise the weights to the front. Return to the starting position and move your arms to the side. Hold for some time and return to your first position. Perform this dumbbell shoulder workout for mass regularly.

2. Dumbbell one-arm shoulder press

The single-arm shoulder press with dumbbells is a useful exercise that promotes a well-toned body in numerous ways. It not only provides stability in the body but also offers excellent strength. This dumbbell shoulder workout for mass can be slightly daunting for people initially but if you follow instructions, you won’t be too far from your goal. Perform this exercise with one arm at a time and gain unmatchable benefits. 

How to do it- Pick up a dumbbell and bring it at the shoulder-level. Use an overhand grip to do it. Your elbow should be pointing out at 45degree from the center-line of your body. Now, bend your knees a bit. Extend your legs and press the dumbbell up with all your strength. Rotate your arms so that your palms face forward. Since you want to maintain balance and avoid injuries, lean your torso towards the other end. Once the lifting is over, lower the dumbbell gradually on the same path that you lifted it. Repeat the dumbbell shoulder workout at home regularly.

3. Push Press

The push press is another incredible dumbbell shoulder workout for mass that can help enormously. It is performed with a variety of equipment like dumbbell, barbell and kettlebells. This exercise is helpful for all athletes as well. 

How to do it- Start in a squat with the barbell on the pins at chest level. Grasp the power in front of you with an overhand grip. Bring your body close to the bar and hoist it off the pins and step back so you can have enough room to lift. Lower your body by bending on the knees, hips and ankles. Extend your legs and begin the press. Lift your heels off from the floor. Get under the bar once this is done. Extend your arms until locked out. Lower the weight. Don’t bend your knees until the barbell is lowered. 

Work hard, play hard

These dumbbell shoulder workouts for you are the ultimate ways to improve your body in no time and gain the well-toned body of your dreams.


1. Can you name some more best dumbbell shoulder workout to try now?

Reverse Fly, Upright row and Lateral to front raise are some of the best dumbbell shoulder workouts to try now.

2. Is this workout helpful?

 Yes. For all those people who follow the instructions carefully, this workout works like magic. 

3. How many reps should I do for lateral to front raise?  A total of 8 reps is sufficient for the lateral to front raise.

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