6 Easiest Way To Easy Morning Workout

Every morning is more or less a battlefield where you have to fight with laziness and get up. The alarm clock is the blow horn. If laziness wins the alarm clock is silenced and the person goes back to sleep. We have all been there at some point in our life, haven’t we? The wise people (or trainers) suggest that easy morning workout is the best. Let’s talk today about the morning routine.

Easy Morning Workout

When you get up in the morning what is the first thing that you do? Some might say a prayer and get out of bed while some might just roll back and sleep again. If you wish to have a fresh start every morning, you must go for a splash first. Wash your face with cold water and you will feel fresh and energized. It will last only for some time after you wipe your face with the towel. To make it last longer, you have to take the help of a few easy morning workout or stretches.

Starting the exercise routine with a warm-up or a few stretches is quite compulsory. After getting out of bed, if you would directly lift the dumbbell and start doing the dumbbell curls, you might get injured. At first, you need to focus on waking up all the muscles of your body. The question that now arises is what are the simple morning exercises that are suitable for a warm-up session in the morning. A Light jog can also be enough to activate all those muscles. It can be followed by a few stretching exercises also.

Easy Morning Workout To Start Your Day With:

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#1. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is the easy morning workout that you might have done numerous times in your childhood. This early morning exercise tops the list because it has the potential to make all your muscles active. You can call it a wake-up exercise too. You can start slowly and then increase your pace accordingly. To do the exercise, you simply need to stand with some distance between your feet. Keep your hands by your side in the initial position. Jump by moving your hand in semicircular position upwards and get on your heels while you jump. Bring the hands back in semicircular position and bring your legs closed.

#2. Power Pushup

Pushups target your chest, shoulders, arms and upper back. Starting the day with pushups can do good to your body. Get in the pushup position and do the traditional pushup. It will wake up all the upper body muscles and prepare you also for the upcoming hardcore exercises. It is an important exercise among simple morning exercises.

#3. Crunch

Early morning crunches can help you in waking up your abdominal muscles. To do this morning fitness exercise you simply need to lie down on your back. Put your hands behind your head and move your upper body to get into a sitting position. Focus on your abdominal muscles while doing the exercise. Lie down on your back and repeat the early morning workouts a number of times.

#4. Double Leg Lift

Double leg lift is an early morning exercise meant for the legs obviously but it affects your whole body in some manner. Lie on your back and keep your palm flat on the ground. Lift both legs at the same time in the air as high as you can. Bring the legs back on the ground in the same semicircular motion. Keep your upper body firm and do not move it. It will strengthen your core and work on your abs too.

#5. Squat

Basic squat is enough to activate all the muscles of the body. Stand with shoulder width distance between your feet. Bend your knees and move down until your knees are in a parallel position with the floor. Keep your hands straight in the front. Maintain the proper position while doing the squats.

#6. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are an excellent option to get your heart pumping up in the morning. You can start slowly and then gradually increase your speed. Get into the pushup position and bend your knee and move it forward. Bring it back to the original position and do the same with the other leg. Keep on repeating the easy morning workout till you feel that you are ready for some weights.

Follow your heart and understand what your body speaks. Morning is a crucial time for all the fitness freaks. If this time is utilized properly then you can avail its numerous benefits. To know about the Benefits of early morning exercises keep on reading further. We will soon come up with the benefits in details for you.

If you wish to share your easy morning workout write with us and we will include it in our article. What works for you might help others also. Stay happy, Stay Fit.