Essential oils for sunburn

A summer sun can be dangerous for your skin causing skin cancer, sunburn, painful blisters, allergic reactions which can turn your skin red etc. Moreover, the UV radiation can be harmful to death which can cause serious health and skin issues.  In order to protect your skin and to shield your skin you need the support of various essential oils on a regular basis. Going out in summer seasons without a proper care from essential oils would be to expose it to a greater risk so let’s dive and look into various information about different essential oils for sunburn and their diverse benefits.


vitamin-E- oil

It is not only effective in enriching the dry skin by moisturizing it but also in healing sunburns. It is a very health antioxidant which can be applied directly to the skin. It is in fact one the cheapest of all the essential oils you can use in to cure sunburn. It is mainly used in majorly all the cosmetics. It helps in healing allergic reaction and itching. It is also a kind of a sunburn treatment. 

It also increases immune system if you prefer taking capsules; is effective in promoting good eye sight and also lowers the risk of cancer. It can be applied on wounds and fire burn. It is a good option when it comes to yellow nail syndrome.

It is very beneficial in controlling acne and scares and prevent ageing problems. It also promotes nail health. It prevents wrinkles by moisturizing your skin.

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It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antimicrobial properties. It is beneficial in healing wounds and is perfect for every skin type. It is extracted from lavender plant and is very effective in aromatherapy and is effective in providing a soothing effect to the mind, skin and to the whole body.  It is essential and effective in sunburn relief.

It is also used as an anti-aging essential oil which can reduce your wrinkles as well as it is light for every skin type. It has the ability to improve skin texture and provide glowing skin. It can be used in curing acne and kill bacteria which are clogging the skin pores. It helps in keeping your digestion perfect and improves the quality of your hair.

Always apply or mix lavender essential oil with a carrier oil such as coconut oil to cure acne. It can also be used as a toner and for that mix it some witch hazel. Wash your face and then rub it all over your face and let it dry for 1-2 minutes. But if you have an acne prone skin then mix it with argan oil and rub it on your face gently. Do this twice a day for a month to see better results.

It is effective in treating psoriasis and it is observed that it has beneficial effects in healing eczema. It also resolves the issue for people who have dry skin and always feel itchiness through the day because of allergic reactions.

It has antifungal properties too which helps in healing red skin due to certain kinds of irritations. You can mix it with tea tree oil or coconut oil or together and apply on your face gently.

Lavender oil can help in lightening of the skin and can reduce dark spots or other marks on face and also discolouration. It aids in decreasing blotchiness and wrinkles. For better results use it with coconut oil on the side as a carrier oil and apply it once or twice in a day.

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Rose hip

It is well known for its moisturizing properties as sunscreen can make your skin dry so if you are using them on regular basis then it is advisable that you should always use rosehip essential oil at night to provide a required amount of oil to maintain your ever-glowing skin. It is thicker as compared to any other essential oils recommended.

It is extracted from rosacanina rose bush which are commonly found in Chile. It comes not from rose petals as in the case of rose oil but from seeds and fruit of rose plant. It has antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties and also contains omega fatty acids which provides healing of the damaged skin which were destroyed by UV rays.

It has various skin and health benefits as it hydrates our skin and keeps it moisturizing. It also lightens the skin tone and as Vitamin A and C is high in rosehip oil it encourages fresh skin and increases the radiance in the skin. It also prevents acne and also heals acne as it blocks the skin pores from producing excessive oil in order to prevent it from producing more acne.

The presence of Vitamin A and C acts as anti-aging agents and reduces the possibility of having wrinkles. With such Vitamins, it also contains anthocyanin and polyphenols which helps in reduces inflammation. Another effective antioxidant is also present which is Vitamin E. It reduces the effect UV rays do on our skin and nourishes a healthy skin.

It is effective in hormonal changes which occur during menopause, mensuration or during pregnancy. It also reduces the number of dark spots in the skin or patches in the skin. It reduces scares, marks and fine lines. It is also appreciated for it property which increases immunity.

It can be use even without a carrier oil as it is already very thick. Observe the signs of irritation or any other allergic reactions.



It is commonly found in parts of Europe, Asia and North America. It is extracted from peppermint plant and is regarded as a natural analgesic.It heals us from sunburns which causes tan. 

 It provides a cooling effect to the skin and helps in healing burns. It is because it restores or energizes the cold receptors present on our skin. As it is considered painkiller, it is applied in headaches. It also has menthol in a reasonable amount which is used in muscle pains.

It is essentially used in making cosmetics, perfumes and add flavour to food. It has medicinal uses as it helps in indigestion. It helps in healing stomach pain, constipation and diarrhoea.

It also has some side effects and can cause heartburn so it is better to consult your dermatologist or your doctor before applying it on skin or consuming it.



It is extracted from Pelargonium Graveolens which originates in South Africa as well as parts of Europe and Asia. It is mainly used in making perfumes and cosmetics because of its ever-soothing smell. It is very effective in healing sunburns and is equally good for your skin as it prevents aging and has antibacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory benefits.

 It is also used in holistic healing by way of treatment using natural geranium oil extract to nurture health. The essential oil has a requisite in aromatherapy as it heals and is recommended to provide relaxation to the mind, body and spirit. It is also believed to cleanse skin and proves effective on dry skin in tightening the pores.

 It is also beneficial in healing Edemawhich is the term used for swelling occurred in legs and feet due to fluid retention. It is thought to be beneficial in providing comfort in diabetes, nerve pain, stress, depression, menopause as well as perimenopause and certain allergic reactions.

It can have adverse effects on certain body type so it is always instructed to use it in small quantity first then observe the reaction as people might get rashes or burns. It is suggested that it should be used with a carries oil.

We can also make geranium oil on our own for which we need to gather certain ingredients such as:

  1. Rose Geranium, sesame oil or you can also use olive oil in its place,
  2. Put the Rose Geranium leaves in sesame oil
  3. Cover it and put it under the sun for a week
  4. Strain the leaves and then keep the oil under sunlight for the next four to five weeks
  5. After that you can store it and use it within the time being of one year


1. How should anyone use the essential oil for an effective healing from sunburn?

It should usually be used with a carrier oil and you can use it twice or once in a day. So, wash you face gently, then apply it using cotton and then gently rubit on your face and leave it overnight. It should be observed that you are having irritation or itching then you can consult a doctor if has gone out of control or you can stop using such a product.

2. What are the other things which I can apply instead or in place of essential oils?

The most effective of all would be aloe vera. You can grind the paste of aloe vera and them store it in fridge in form of cubes. Then whenever you come from outside and experience sunburn just apply these cubes on the affected parts and you will definitely feel reliving.

3. Can I get over from sunburn in a day or an hour or overnight?

For a day’s time you can apply aloe vera jell or cubes. You should immediately take bath after experiencing sunburn and put cold towels all over your body. Remember to drink a lot of water. You can also have a bath in lukewarm water to loosen the peeling skin.

4. Is it beneficial if I use honey instead of essential oils?

It is beneficial as honey is a natural moisturizer and has anti-bacterial which is good to provide your skin a soothing effect and to keep it ever-glowing.

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