Everything You Need to Know About Bicep Tendonitis In Joint Pain

Bicep Tendonitis

Have you ever felt a sudden jolt of pain strike on your biceps while you are doing your usual activities like working out or playing sports?

When an instance like this happens, it might be because of bicep tendonitis, which might require you to seek treatment and do extra precautions like wearing a bicep tendonitis brace. But if you are not aware of what this injury is and how you can properly treat it, here is everything you need to know:

What is bicep tendonitis?

Bicep tendonitis is an inflammation in your tendons connecting the biceps to your muscles. The tendons in your bicep connect your bicep muscles to two bones in your shoulder and one bone in your elbow, both of which are vulnerable to tendonitis and can cause extreme pain.

Tendonitis usually comes with a series of symptoms such as pain, weakness, tenderness, aching, and redness in the bicep area. Most people who experience this opt to wear a brace to help them heal, while extreme cases usually need medical treatment to improve correctly.

What causes bicep tendonitis?

causes bicep tendonitis

Although the most common finding for bicep tendon injuries is bicipital groove point tenderness, there are a lot of things that could cause bicep tendonitis, such as the following:

  • A direct injury or hit such as a fall where you land on your elbow or shoulder, causing your tendons to tear.
  • Repetitive shoulder and elbow motions from activities like sports and work-out routines. It is especially the case for movements that require the elbow to bend repeatedly, or with a repetitive extension of your elbow. In cases like this, you can easily prevent the problem with the usage of bicep tendonitis brace, which helps protect the muscles during activities.
  • A sudden increase in the amount or intensity of activities that strains the biceps and its tendons can also injure your muscles.
  • The practice of heavy labor, such as construction work or heavy lifting, can also cause injuries.

How to prevent bicep tendonitis? 

prevent bicep tendonitis

If you feel that you are prone to getting bicep tendonitis, here are a few preventive measures that you can do to protect yourself from getting injured:

  • Take your time to warm up and stretch before starting any physical activity such as work or exercise.
  • Create and commit to a regular work-out schedule so that you can strengthen your muscles properly and increase flexibility. Also, be sure that you practice the correct techniques and stances when working out to prevent further injuries.
  • Wear protective gear. There are a lot of protective garments sold in the market, such as a bicep tendonitis brace, which can help you tone your muscles while protecting them from injuries such as tendonitis.
  • Avoid doing plenty of work or extraneous activities in an extended period. As much as possible, take a few minutes to rest and recover before starting a new exercise so that you can give your muscles and tendons a break.
  • Avoid doing repetitive movements and motions, especially on the bicep and elbow areas, as it may cause problems like tears in the tendon.

What to do when you get bicep tendonitis?

Depending on the extremity of your pain and injury, there are two main treatments that you could do to heal your tendons:

  • Wear gears, exercise, and rest. You can quickly resolve bicep tendonitis by wearing a brace as it can relieve pain by compressing the muscles. Accompany this with proper exercise and rest, and your tendons should heal in a few weeks.
  • Medical treatment. For cases of extreme injuries, tendonitis might require professional help such as surgery. If your injury still has not healed for a long time or you are experiencing extreme and unbearable pain, you should go to your doctor and ask for help.

Overall, it would be best if you take precautions while doing your daily activities and ensure that you are wearing proper gear while working. If you do experience bicep tendonitis, ensure that you take action right away so that you can heal faster.

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