You Must Do Exercises During Menstrual Period

Fight Those Cramps with These Exercises During Menstrual Period

Being in your periods can be the reason for gaps in your workout routine. A few people will recommend you not to do the exercises during menstrual period. But it is you who has to decide. Don’t listen to the myths. According to the gynecologists, you should not skip your workout even when you are in your periods. Any gap will not give you positive results and the hard work of months will vanish. Those cramps and mood swings might keep you away from the gym but still, you will have to work out. There are a few exercises which will make you sweat and help in reducing the pain also. If still, you don’t feel like working out, try to incorporate these exercises into your normal life stay determined to get into shape.

Cardio- Exercises During Menstrual Period

Cardio includes exercises like walking, running, etc. The pain and muscle might make you feel that you are not in a position to work out. But the hidden truth is that working out will ease your back pain. Do not go for hard exercises. Do the exercises slowly. To be precise, do the Light cardio workout. You don’t have to focus on burning calories. Take good care to hydrate yourself properly. If you don’t wish to go for the proper workout, just incorporate the cardio exercises into your daily routine.

HIIT- Exercises During Menstrual Period


HIIT is said to be quite effective for getting rid of the unwanted fat during this time of the month. The hormone shift makes you work harder. During the menstrual period, the estrogens and progesterone level drops which help in accessing glycogen easily. The Exercises during  menstrual period make you sweat which balances your body temperature. You might not be able to perform all the exercises but you might consider doing a few of them.

Stretching- Exercises During Menstrual Period


Stretching has always been used as the prime method to increase flexibility. It helps in lengthening those muscles which reduce cramps. Take deep breaths while you stretch as it will make you feel more relaxed. Increase the timing of the stretches if you start feeling better. Stretching can be followed by a few exercises according to your mood. If not, stretching is even self-sufficient in itself.

Yoga- Exercises During Menstrual Period


Yoga will not only control the cramps, it will also hit on the mood swings. Early morning yoga will freshen you up for the whole day. Meditation can be useful for controlling your mind and body. It is the most natural way to make your body relax. Certain poses will stretch your back and help you with the abdomen pain too. You need to pick the poses which will make you feel better and relaxed.

Dancing- Exercises During Period


Dancing will help you in burning off extra flab. It is the kind of exercise that one enjoys doing. So, basically, you will enjoy yourself while you get into shape. Go to a Zumba class or turn the music up at your home and start dancing. Movements will increase your flexibility and make the pain go away. If you are having severe pain, start dance lightly. Soon you will forget the pain and start enjoying yourself.

Swimming- Exercises During Menstrual Period


Getting into the water might take all your pain away and help you in feeling more relaxed. It will increase blood flow. Swimming can specifically be one of the useful exercises during the menstrual period. Start slowly and soon you will start enjoying yourself. This mood booster form of exercise only requires a bathing suit. Splash in water and convert the bad days into good ones.

Benefits of Exercises During Menstrual Period

Exercise might be the last thing that you would wish to do during that time of the month but it definitely has many benefits. The physical activity will help your body in relaxing. It will also take your mind off from the cramps. You might also get relieved from medicines but exercises during menstrual period will affect you mentally also. Developing the habit of exercising during that time of the month will also prove to be beneficial in the long term. It will act as a defense mechanism against your period symptoms. Also, it will keep the regularity that your workout plans actually requires.



In the end, your health comes first. Choose the exercise according to the pain you are having. If you are going through severe cramps, it will be better to stay in bed and wait for the cramps to get over. Don’t overstrain your muscles as it might result in injuries. Also, it is alright to take a break if it makes you feel better. Consult a gynecologist if you are facing severe pain. It may be because of any disorder. Get up, make an effort to rise from the world of sadness and pain. You will soon start feeling good and confident.