Exercises in Home to Lose Weight Efficiently

We are so much occupied in our lives that we often ignore our health. Our lifestyle has changed eating outside, less workout, excessive use of gadgets and more reliance on technology made us vulnerable and exposed us to many diseases. Nowadays, no one is getting time to pay attention to their health in mid of a busy and chaotic lifestyle. Health is wealth this is a very popular saying and very much true. If we are not healthy then how come we will be able to work it is pertinent to look after our health. This is true that we are so occupied that we cannot go out of the house and do exercise but there are some exercises that we can do at home and lose weight. 

Sometimes you may not eat unhealthily but still, gain weight because sitting in one place can make man obese so you must do some exercises to lose weight and stay fit. There are some exercises which can help you in losing weight.

Can you lose weight at home by doing exercise?

Yes, you can lose weight by doing simple exercises at home. You can simply start by walking and taking stairs instead of a lift. A brisk walk is a kind of exercise in which you need to walk swiftly in the morning. This is very effective. When gyms were shut during the lockdown fitness enthusiast kept them fit by exercising at home. A healthy diet along with 45 minutes of exercise can do wonders for you. So, first of all, what is required is that to lose weight at the home by exercise is a stiff mindset which helps in motivating a person for doing exercise. The key to losing weight is continuation without skipping exercise for a day.

Kind of exercises to lose weight at home

Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises

This is an exercise which helps in maintaining the breathing intake and strengthening the gut. This is the most effective exercise which is preferred by people of all ages to maintain their body and lose weight. Jogging and running are the two major exercises that help in losing weight. You can simply walk after dinner which is also beneficial. The most effective walk to lose weight is a brisk walk which is like walking swiftly in the morning and is highly effective in burning calories.

How to do

You can simply jog during the morning for 30 minutes and then reduce the pace and walk for another 30 min. this way it will not make you tired and help in losing weight.



This is the exercise that helps strengthen the core and abdominal strength. This is the best exercise for people who want to tone their muscles and get a perfect shape. If you are not getting time to go to the gym planks will help you in building strength.

How to do with types

Standard plank

This is the exercise which is normally done by people to lose weight and maintain the core strength and help get a toned body. 

Mountain climbers

This starts with a normal standard plank but in this, you need to bend your right leg first and take it to the chest and then hold it for 10 seconds and finally come back to a normal push up position after that you need to bend your left leg and take it to the chest and then bring it back to the normal position. This is the exercise that you need to repeat 10 times in the beginning and then increase it to 30.

Skipping and Jumping

Skipping and Jumping

It does not take much space and time. All you need is rope and a willingness to lose weight. This helps in easing the distress and calming the mind. When you jump it increases your heart rate which in turn helps in the pumping of blood at a faster rate that increases blood flow. If you do not have a rope you can simply jump on one stair and come back to the ground and repeat this thing at least 30 times.

How to do

 you have to look for a non-slippery surface it could be your terrace, garden or even your room. You need to take a rope of medium size and ensure that it should not be slippery. Now, you need to jump and ensure that the rope passes through your feet and makes a full circle. You need to repeat this at least 50 times and increase the speed slowly. This is extremely helpful in losing weight. This is the simplest thing which you can do at your home to lose weight.

Push-ups and Pull-ups

push ups and pull ups

 These are strength-building exercises that one can easily do at home meanwhile they also help in losing weight. These exercises are good for metabolism and reducing abdominal fat. These exercises however require strength as if you lose the continuation you might not be able to do it.

Push-ups and pull-ups are highly effective in toning the muscles. The core can be strengthened by doing these exercises at home. You do not need any extra equipment for doing these exercises.

How to do

Push-ups require intensive energy so basically what you have to do is to lie on the floor and then just put your palms and toes on the ground and lift your whole body in the air and then put pressure on your shoulder and try to touch the ground not exactly touching it. When you do this it is exertion by pushing your body to the maximum and it helps in strengthening the chest, arms and wrists.

Pull-ups are basically like hanging in the air so you need to find a place where the bar is set up then you need to hold the bar with both the hands and lift your body upwards to the chest and then come back and repeat this action again and again it will help in toning the arms and make you lose weight.



This is one of the very effective exercises to lose weight at home. This helps in reducing the lower body fat and toning the muscles of the leg. It even helps in maintaining the figure as it shapes the body. Squats however if done in the morning with an empty stomach improve the metabolism and digestion. You can start with 10 squats at one go and then repeat it 3 times in 2 sets.

How to do:- you need to stand straight and make your legs bit apart then you need to bend down till your news ensuring that your upper body remains straight it looks like a position of a chair. You need to exactly imitate the chair and then again rise to the previous position. 

What are the other ways to lose weight at home?

The other ways could be right postures using stairs instead of the lift and doing some domestic chores would help in losing weight. Apart from this yoga is extremely helpful in losing weight. Yoga unlike exercise helps in stretching the body and thus relaxes the muscles. There are different asanas which are extremely helpful in getting rid of extra kilos.

Is exercise enough to lose weight at home?

There is no doubt that exercise is effective but along with exercise dieting is required because if you are doing exercise and taking extra calories then it would not help in losing weight at home. To lose weight at home along with exercise, a good diet plan is needed to be followed. 

Diet plan to lose weight at home

 your day must start with oatmeal or fruit juice. Beverages like tea and coffee are strictly prohibited. If you love coffee you can drink black coffee with honey then followed by a lunch with a lot of green vegetables and salad. For snacks, roasted, dry fruits and a seasonal fruit would suffice. Dinner should be light it could be any light soup with salad avoid juices at night.

Pro tip:– Reduce the consumption of sugar instead of it using jaggery and natural sweeteners.