Expert Tips for Improving Your Exercise Regime While On Keto Diet

People get into the keto diet for a variety of reasons. For instance; some want to lose weight. Others want to prevent diabetes and other heart-related diseases. These are all common reasons for getting into ketosis.

If your goal is to lose weight, then you should combine ketosis with frequent physical exercises for better results. One of the main advantages of getting into ketosis is that you will become more physically active.

Ketones are a more efficient source of energy compared to glucose. Furthermore, ketones will increase the number of mitochondria in your body. These mitochondria will serve as the energy drivers of your body system.

However, during the first few weeks of ketosis, you may become fatigued instead. This is quite understandable; since by then, your body is not yet fat-adaptive. After you get into deep ketosis, you will become more physically active as asserted by BioMed Central. Here are nine expert tips for improving your exercise regime while on keto diet;

Increase Your Fat Intake Levels

Of course, your keto diet plan will have a high-fat content. However, you should increase your fat intake more.

An increase in your fat intake will make your body to be fat-adaptive faster. Also, more mitochondria and ketones will be produced; which will give you major significant bursts of energy. This will ultimately improve your exercise regime.

Take Your Electrolytes Frequently

Due to the loss of water weight, you can quickly run out of electrolytes when you are in ketosis. This is why electrolyte supplements are essential to keto dieters. You should take electrolyte ketogenic supplements more frequently if you intend to combine the keto diet with exercising.

Electrolytes help in the contraction of muscles, functioning of the heart, balancing of the intracellular fluid and the regulation of nerve impulses. Generally, electrolytes assist in the overall proper functioning of your body system thus helping you to exercise comfortably. Therefore, you should buy plenty of ketogenic supplements of sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

Increase Your Protein Intake Levels

Protein Intake
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A standard keto diet plan is composed of high fat, low carb, and average protein content. However, if you intend to combine both exercise and ketosis; then you should increase your protein intake levels.

If you are a professional athlete, your protein intake levels should be around 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of lean body mass. A high protein intake level will assist in the strengthening of your muscles.

Also, proteins can help to supply the much-needed glucose to your body system when you are in a vigorous physical exercise. This is done through a process called gluconeogenesis as asserted by the Human Kinetics Journal.

So, if you are keto dieting and exercising at the same time; you should eat more meat, fish, eggs and high-fat milk. You should also consider buying some ketogenic supplements such as fish oil and protein powder which have a high protein content.

Take Creatine

When you take creatine, it will definitely increase your muscles’ phosphocreatine levels. Phosphocreatine will act as a direct source of energy to your muscles. In fact, phosphocreatine will boost the strength and speed of your muscles. This will enable you to partake in more vigorous physical exercises.

Take Carbs When Necessary

When you are on a keto diet, you usually limit the amount of your carb intake. However, to improve on your workouts, you must frequently practise carb cycling.

After an intense work out session, most of the glycogen in your muscles will be depleted. Therefore, you will have a glycogen debt in your muscles. To replace the lost glycogen, you must take carbs immediately after a vigorous physical exercise.

Some keto dieters normally practise carb cycling the wrong way. If you practise carb cycling incorrectly, you might lose out on all the benefits of ketosis.

You should limit yourself to only 20 – 40 grams of carbs immediately after an intense work out session. You should also take carbs for the right reasons. For instance; you should not indulge in carb cycling simply because you miss french fries and you would like to take them more frequently.

Increase Your Calories Intake

To improve your exercise regime, you should consume more calories. However, you must be careful while increasing your calories intake. You should mostly obtain your calories from meals rich in fats and proteins. Avoid looking for calories from meals with a high carb content.

Take More Caffeine

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Caffeine is a well-known stimulant. If you take caffeine more frequently, your exercise regime will have a significant boost. Caffeine will make you more physically active. So, you should always incorporate unsweetened coffee to your keto diet plan.

Use Keto Pre Workout and Post Work Out Ketogenic Supplements

If you are in ketosis, then you should consider to use keto pre work out and post work out supplements to improve your exercise regime.

Typically, keto pre work out ketogenic supplements contain some special ingredients such as medium chain triglycerides (MCTs)  which can immediately boost your physical exercise performance. On the other hand, keto post work out supplements are mainly made of proteins.

It is advisable to have meals rich in proteins immediately after work out when you are in a keto diet. However, you can consume keto post work supplements instead which also have high protein content.

Take Taurine

Taurine is an organic acid which works in the same way as a stimulant. In fact, taurine surpasses caffeine in improving exercise performance. Taurine will boost your energy levels and make you more physically active. Moreover, taurine helps in the prevention of fatigue.

Therefore, you should incorporate taurine supplements to your keto diet plan. If you usually indulge in vigorous physical exercises; you should take about 50 mg of taurine per kilogram of body weight each day.


If you follow these tips consistently, you will undoubtedly improve your exercise regime. Moreover, you will not have compromised to stay in ketosis and you will reap all the rewards that this diet plan offers. What’s more – you will achieve all your physical performance and weight loss goals!