Face pull exercise that will improve your fitness levels daily


Hitting the gym all day long is not going to make any difference in your body until you implement workouts that can change the game. Face pull exercise is one of them. 

Also known as the rear delt pull and rope pull, this exercise aims at working out the upper back, core muscles and rhomboids. Rare deltoids are the primary muscles in the body that are worked out by this exercise. If you hook yourself to performing this exercise daily, you can acquire many benefits. Shoulder injuries, bad posture and muscle imbalances are some of the problems that you can combat.

If you want to incorporate this exercise into your daily fitness routine, here’s how to do it!

An exercise that will change the game for you

There is a reason why numerous people today rely on face pull exercises to work out their muscles properly. The massive range of muscles, that are worked during this exercise is a primary reason for the same. Advantages like better performance, activation of muscles and better chest work are the cherry on top. Stability and flexibility are some of the major perks that top the list. 

For so many reasons, it is almost daunting to avoid this potential exercise. The best part is that the face pulls workout provides several variations as well. Dumbbell face pull is one of the best variations for this exercise that is sure to bring instant results to you.

How to perform the face pull exercise?

As an intermediate-level workout, the face pull exercise is a total standout. You do not have to worry about purchasing a cable machine for this one, as you can perform this exercise without it as well. A resistance band is all that you need to work it out. Make sure that before you start working out, your resistance band is secured well. Such a thing will help prevent ay severe injuries. 

1. Hang or anchor the band to a fixed attachment point. 

2. Grab the ends of the band on each hand. Your palms must be facing inwards. 

3. Now, squeeze your shoulder blades together. Gradually, pull the band towards your shoulders. 

4. Rest for a few seconds and return to the initial position. The focus is on the form and squeezing the shoulder blades. 

5. Repeat the face pull exercise for the best benefits.

How to perform cable face pull?

When you do the face pull on a cable machine, it is called the cable face pull. Using a rope for this exercise is the ultimate way to work out your body correctly. Such a thing also allows a perfect range of motion. The steps of this exercise are convenient for people to perform. If you are a gym freak who loves working out, this exercise is going to be a lot of fun for you. 

1. Secure a rope attachment with dual handles to a rotating, high pulley. It should be about head-height or gradually above. 

2. Select the right resistance in the weight stack. Go as light as you can. Focus on both form and function. 

3. Stand facing the pulley with your feet about hip-width apart. 

4. Raise and hold the handles with both your hands. Stand in a neutral position. Your palms should be facing inwards.

5. Take a few steps back and make sure your arms are extended. Knees must be slightly bent. At this point, raise your chest, roll your shoulders back and engage your core muscles. 

6. Pull the handles back towards your forehead. Now, your hands must be in front of your shoulders. Once you are all set then, rest in this position for a few seconds. 

7. Now, gradually straighten your arms and return to the first position. Do not allow the weight to rest on the stack until you are over with one set.

8. Repeat the cable face pull exercise for the best benefits.

How to perform the dumbbell face pull exercise?

The dumbbell face pull is a strength exercise that aims at working out the abs and traps. All you have to do is follow the instructions to perform the exercise correctly. So, are you ready for the workout? 

1. Take a pair of dumbbells with an overhand grip and lie on an inclined seat, the shoulders on the padding. Extend your arms in front of you so that the dumbbells hang straight down. 

2. Close the shoulder blades and row the weights. Now, your elbow point should be at a right angle from the hands. Your knuckles should be facing the floor. 

3. Bend at the elbows and bring your forearms parallel with your shoulders. Hold for a one-count, then reverse the motions. Return to the first position. 

4. Repeat the dumbbell face pull exercise for the desired effects. 

The conclusion

These were some of the best face pull exercises for you to try out at home. Do not forget to tell us how you like it!


1. Can you give me some face pull exercise alternatives to try at home?

 Dumbbell row, Lat pulldown and pull-ups are some of the best alternatives for this one. 

2. What are the primary muscles that are exercised in the dumbbell face pull?  

Abs and traps are the primary muscles.

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