Fat Burning Water Activities That You Must Adopt To Get Fit

If you are not a gym person but love water and the sports that are related to it, you need to worry not because you can burn fat just as effectively with the help for some water activities. Below we have written down some water sports that you can try to work out.

Best Fat Burning Water Activities

#1. Swimming

No matter which style of swimming is your favorite, swimming is one of the best ways you can build and preserve your muscle mass, optimize your body’s cholesterol levels, and lose fat. In other words, swimming is the best water workout for you, and you can hope to improve your cardiovascular ability. Just swimming around is not enough, you have to work hard for it. Swimming is best for building muscle, lowering cholesterol, and working upper and lower parts of the body.

#2. Kayaking

If you need that upper-body component, kayaking is the way to go!  You cannot always get that upper-body component in the traditional cardiovascular workouts, and kayaking helps with that. The Paddling works on your triceps, biceps, shoulders, and upper back. Keep your muscles loose and go backward to mix it. It hammers your core, and even though your legs are not really moving, they are used in balancing the kayak. This way, you get an isometric exercise, which improves your strength over time. Kayaking works your core with each paddle stroke and legs as you maintain balance.

#3. Stand-Up Paddleboarding

This sport is as effective as kayaking, and in some ways more demanding because it stretches your lower body muscles as well. Even your feet muscles have to work hard because you will have to grip the surface of the board. Your body will get a complete cardio workout in standup paddleboarding. According to some experts, 30 minutes of standup paddleboarding is the same as running six miles, which is awesome and tiresome both.

#4. Surfing

Surfing is as physically demanding as riding back into the sand. When you are paddling out, it gives you an upper back and shoulder workout. As you are riding a wave, your core, lower body and shoulders take the weight and your muscles contract as a wave hits the board. The instability of the water strengthens your core muscles, and they get a major workout.

#5. Water Skiing

Water skiing is no easy feat, and on your first time, you are going to be really scared. If you are a little more experienced, it will be a great lower and upper-body workout for you. The workout will also involve your core. It takes you will need to use a good degree of your arm and shoulder strength so that you can pull your body onto the water. When you are on the water, your legs and core will be engaged throughout the entire ride. With your lower and upper body, water skiing can build your arm muscles, legs, and core muscles.

Your body will be toned in no time if you regularly take part in these water activities.