Female Fitness Models: Inspiration for your fitness journey ahead

Female fitness models

There has been a rise in the number of women wanting to compete as fitness models. Females embraced the weight-lifting culture that was once dominated by men. In fact, now there are female fitness models, whom most girls look up to.

Well, to make your body fit and free from your past unhealthy and unfit habits is no joke. It takes loads of resilience and perseverance to just act upon that thought. And in between that the journey of getting in shape, the urge to quit midway is common but to over some that urge needs tons of guts.  Most women don’t know how to achieve the figure capable of placing in a fitness show. Training to look like a female fitness models takes time and dedication. On the journey of getting in shape, you might feel like quitting in between. But you need to get out of this negativity and motivate yourself. Here we have listed a few female fitness models we’re squashing on (in no specific request) and think you’ll need to follow, as well. on the basis of their Instagram followers. Their lives have not been easy and choosing them as your source of motivation will help you in putting more effort at the gym. Stay motivated, Stay healthy. Follow this amazing female fitness models to get amazing tips for free and your daily dose of inspiration in times of giving up.

Instagram Based Female Fitness Models:

    1. Disha Patani

@dishapatani rose to fame in the Indian modelling world and cinemas within a very short time. She is regarded as one of the best fitness models because of her workout regime. She inspires women’s fitness dreams and encourages proper diet and exercise to stay healthy.

2. Urvashi Rautela

@urvashirautela is another fitness inspiration for the young generation girls who want to stay fit and enter the modelling world. Through her Instagram handle, she posts training videos, write-ups, and educates females about fitness. She also stays fit by having a healthy diet, and taking dietary supplements of vitamin and calcium as told by her health consultant.

3. Somer Ray

Instagram fitness model @somerray is known for her exercise regime and followers. She is considered one of the female fitness trainers by her followers. She believes that it is not hard to achieve a particular shape like the female fitness models on Instagram but yes it is harder to maintain it. Her body inspires and motivates thousands of people across the US and the UK.

4. Sophie Guidoline

@sophie_guidoline is an Australian born fitness trainer and influencer. She pursued modelling and is a well-known model today. She influences her Instagram followers with a healthy diet, recipes, and healthy dietary supplements.

5. Lauren Drain

@laurendrainfit is a fitness enthusiast and transformation coach for female fitness models on Instagram. She has an incredible body and abs and she is a personal trainer to many. Her fitness tips ideal and people follow her for her expertise.

                                             6. Khole Kardashian

@khloekardashian is one of the fitness enthusiasts from the Kardashian clan. She has an admirable physique and competed in shows around the world. She was sometimes invited to judge fitness competitions and endorse apparels from sportswear companies.

7. Jamie Eason

@jamieeasonmiddleton has good experience in training and nutrition and grew up to be a perfect trainer. Her patience, inspiration, workouts, and healthcare regime have made her people’s favourite. She recommends full-body training around 3-4 times a week to achieve bodybuilding results.

                                            8. Jenifer Nicole Lee

Apart from being a female fitness model on Instagram@jenifernicolelee is a good fitness trainer and influencer for her Instagram followers. She is considered to be a fitness guru and a fitness motivational speaker. She is known to share fitness and physique secrets with her followers through her Instagram handle or her fitness book.

                                            9. Eva Andressa

@eva_andressa has a story about her through which she inspires females to go for weights and build up physique. She is a very successful fitness model and associated with fitness magazines. With her extraordinary health routine, she turned from a skinny girl to a fitness icon and now is one of the top female fitness models on Instagram.

                                            10. Brooke Ence

@eva_andressa has a story about her through which she inspires females to go for weights and build up physique. She is a very successful fitness model and associated with fitness magazines. With her extraordinary health routine, she turned from a skinny girl to a fitness icon and now is one of the top female fitness models on Instagram

11. Kayla Itsines

The author of numerous fitness books Kayla Itsines @kayla_itsines is an Australian author, personal trainer, and entrepreneur. People widely appreciated her e-books bikini body guides and her app Sweat with Kayla. She has a lot of followers on Facebook and Instagram. Her 3 day split workout was mostly non-machine based and were therefore loved by the people. She has managed to make it to the top of the list because of her large fan following.

12. Paige Hathway

Paige Hathaway @paigehathaway is a small-town girl who became a fitness icon. She is an online sensation because of her passion for fitness. Born and raised in the USA she has worked hard to keep herself fit. Her childhood was quite unstable. Still, she made her way up and became the top female fitness models on Instagram. She has won several awards in modeling. She gives us the inspiration to make our way through the hardships and achieve our goal.

13. Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee is a Canadian fitness model who has won several hearts on Instagram @amandaeliselee because of her exercise regime. She built her career in the fitness industry and became Instagram fame. Amanda also got the lead on the cover page of various magazines. Her lower body workouts are the most important part of her fitness schedule. She achieved heights because of a tag on Instagram and yes, she also worked hard throughout. Amanda is the best example of the positive effects of the online platform.

14. Bella Falconi

Bella Falconi rightly is called an Instagram sensation, a hot fitness model, l, and a fitness trainer. Her workout videos have attracted millions of fan. She basically focuses her workout around slow moves, more reps and more weight. Bella believes in eating clean and staying positive. She was out of shape in her youth and ate quite poorly but soon she worked her way up and became a fitness inspiration for many.

15. Katya Elise Henry

Female fitness models

Katya Elise Henry born in Minnesota, Katya became a fitness inspiration by dedicating herself to a fitness lifestyle and working for years to create an awesome physique. In her youth, she was not able to build the muscular body that she desired. So she formulated a workout plan and followed @katyaelisehenry it seriously which brought serious changes in her appearance. Soon she attracted a huge fan following on social media. She also became a personal trainer too.

16. Lyzabeth Lopez

Lyzabeth Lopez is a nutritionist, fitness instructor, and a TV host as well. On the social media platforms, she has a huge fan following @lyzabethlopez. She has coached over more than 3000 people. Lopez not only trains people but also educates them on how they can reshape their body and mind by bringing changes into their lifestyle.  She has received many awards and is a successful entrepreneur as well.

17. Massy Arias

Massy Arias @massy.arias is a certified personal trainer who believes in changing people’s lives. Rising from the depth of the depression, she has set a perfect example of how one can transform his/her body by changing their lifestyle. Her training style involves various techniques including resistance training. Apart from being a fitness icon, she inspires women to be strong.

18. Tana Cogan

Top Hot Female fitness models

Tana Cogan @tanaashleee started at the age of 13 years and now at 26, she is one of the top female fitness models and a certified trainer and a fitness icon for many people out there. Motivated by her mother, she developed a healthier relationship with food which helped her a lot. Now she believes in helping out people so that they may achieve their desired shape.

19. Emily Skye

Emily Skye @emilyskyefit was once underweight, depressed and unhealthy girl because of poor diet and excess cardio. With the help of her boyfriend and fitness guru Declan Redmond she got into shape and became a top female fitness model and then a trainer. Being from the top Female fitness models also brought positivity for her and soon she became a source of motivation for many people out there.

20. Cassey Ho

Cassey Ho @blogilates is a rising fitness entrepreneur who has been known for her internet personality. She started her online fitness business in college and managed to get many followers within no time. She has won the award for her blog and also got 2nd rank as an online influencer. Her designs have been featured in many fitness magazines.

Her favorite fitness mantras are “train insane or remain the same” and “train like a beast to look like a beauty.

So here we concluded the details of top female fitness models 2020. We trust that with us you got your objective to accomplish the best shape and fitness plans. So, What are you sitting tight for? Proceed to follow these female fitness models to achieve your perfect shape.


Fitness Routine

female fitness workout

Single-Leg Deadlift

single leg deadlift

Deadlifts are one of the best exercises when it comes to female fitness model diet and workout plan for the back of your body, your glutes, hamstrings, etc. Statistics given by scientists after research show that dead-lifts work many muscles at once. They save you a considerable time performing single isolation moves.

When female fitness models on Instagram perform this exercise on one leg it adds a bonus balance challenge for them. To do this, grab a pair of dumbbells and stand straight on your left foot. Engage your core and keep the chest up during the entire movement. Raise your right foot behind you, bend your knee to keep your right lower leg parallel to the floor. Lean forward at your hips, and gradually lower your body as far as you can. Then bring your body back to the origin position.

Sets and Reps

Do 10 reps per side.

Side Plank

Planks are the most suited exercises for abs for female fitness models on Instagram. They work the deep inner core muscles and stabilizes your spine and power your workouts. This workout is an oblique-targeting variation to work your abs in areas crunches often miss. You need to lie to your left with your knees straight. Place your upper body on your left elbow and forearm. Elevate your hips and waist until your body forms a straight line with your ankles and your shoulders. Turn around and do the same lying on your right side.

Sets and Reps

Hold for 30 seconds each side.

Ball rollout

Ball rollouts are great for developing the core muscles.

For intensity and stabilization from head to toe like female fitness models on Instagram, take a large Swiss ball and try this workout. Sit on your knees and place your forearms on top of the ball. Place your knees away enough from the ball so that your shoulders, hips, and knees are in a straight line. Gradually roll the elbows forward a few inches on the ball and return to the start. Once you’ve seasoned this movement, complete the same exercise with your knees off the ground.

Chest press

chest press

Female fitness models on Instagram try these exercises that build muscle where it’s needed. Grasp a pair of dumbbells and lay down on your back on an exercise bench, or on the ground with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Boost both dumbbells above your chest so they reach above you. Squeeze your shoulders down and apart from your ears, and lock them in position. Once you’re ready, bend at your elbows and open your hands until your forearms are at right angles to the floor. Your elbows will remain just underneath your shoulders with your upper arms freed at a 45-degree angle from your sides. Press the dumbbells back up to the place where you have started.


female push up

A typical push-up challenges the whole body especially your chest. This is one of the best exercises chosen by female fitness models on Instagram to include in workouts for women because it trains your body in a useful movement pattern. It aids to improve your endurance in other exercises at the gym and in daily life.

Start on all fours and put your hands on the floor making sure they’re slightly wider and in line with your shoulders. Close your feet together.

Keep your waist lifted and core bolstered the entire time. Slowly drop your body so that your chest touches the floor. Push yourself back to the starting position.

Sets and Reps

Do 15 reps with 5 sets

Diet Plan

female fitness model diet plan

We mentioned this before that female fitness model diet and workout plan consists of a clean diet plan which is equally as important as sweating in the gym.

For instance, you can jog for hours in the gym, but if you consume excess calories, then you won’t lose body fat.

This is exactly why almost everyone should follow the female fitness model diet and workout plan we have given.


  • 4-5 egg whites
  • around ⅓ cup instant oatmeal
  • 10 almond or nuts

Sum: 240 calories, 20g protein, 22g carbs, 8g fat.


  • 4 oz chicken breast.
  • 3 oz boiled or baked sweet potato.
  • ½ oz shelled walnuts.

Sum: 258 calories, 26g protein, 17g carbs, 11g fat


  • 4 boneless chicken breast
  • ½ cup of brown rice
  • 1 cup boiled or steamed broccoli

Sum: 263 calories, 29g protein, 34g carbs, 3g fat

Afternoon Snack

  • 1 scoop whey protein isolate
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter

Sum: 271 calories, 29g protein, 19g carbs, 9g fat


  • 5 oz cod
  • 1 white corn tortilla
  • 1 cup boiled zucchini

Salad with dinner

  • 2 cups of mixed greens
  • 10 crushed almonds
  • 10 cherry tomatoes
  • 1 red onion
  • 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

Sum: 328 calories, 32g protein, 32g carbs, 9g fat

Evening Snack

  • Whey protein isolate

Sum: 158 calories, 38g protein, 0g carbs, 1g fat

Daily Result: 1,518 calories, 174g protein, 124g carbs, 40g fat.