Female-Led Relationships: Pros and Cons In 2021

female led relationship

A relationship where the female is more dominant than the male partner is known to be a female led relationship. In such a relationship, the female acts as the lead figure and has to take all the responsibility and make decisions for themselves, for the relationship as well as for their male partner. 

This is an entirely new concept that has broken all stigma of society. Women in this relationship are eligible to do whatever they want to do in life while being together with some man. They have all the privilege to raise their opinions, be a part of any decision, work anywhere they want and do everything else without being answerable to anyone. 

What Are The Types Of Female-Led Relationships?

  1. Type 1 

This is the lowest level of a female-led relationship. In this type of FLR, the woman does not even have much third date idea about what it is. However, the man in the relationship suggests trying out this new concept. Here, the woman allows the man to take over some share of her tasks. However, the woman cannot decide everything on her own. They have to consult their male partner before finalizing anything. 

  1. Type 2 

This type of relationship has a moderate intensity and is a bit more advanced than the first type. Such a type of relationship is the result of the woman beginning to like and enjoy the authority which she might not have desired before. This allows the woman to take responsibility and be the decision-maker on certain aspects of the relationship. However, it does not make her have complete control of the relationship. In most areas, she still has to discuss with her male partner before making any important decisions.  

  1. Type 3 

This is a much higher level of a female-led relationship where the woman is almost in complete charge of the relationship. They feel more confident and do not bow down to the patriarchal society. This usually is a result of their progressiveness, education, and strong outlook. She has complete authority and is entirely responsible for making decisions, earning finances to run the household, and many other things. The man in this relationship remains happy being in charge of looking after the children and the home chores. 

  1. Type 4

This is an extreme type of relationship where the woman acts as a master, while the man is literally treated as a servant. This is a very unhealthy type of relationship where the man has absolutely no authority, and his decisions are also being taken by the woman. The woman acts as a dictator. However, the sexual intimacy in such a relationship can be on another level. 

What Are The Pros Of A Female-Led Relationship?

  1. Better Communication 

Women are often more communicative than men. They can talk about anything, such as their thoughts, problems, their life plans, goals, and so much more. Hence, they also want their partner to be as communicative as them. In a loving female-led relationship, the women believe in open and honest communication. 

  1. Supports Equality

A proper female-led relationship is more about an equal distribution of responsibilities and power between both the male and the female partner. It is not at all about taking away all your man’s rights. It basically supports the thought that women should not be lagging behind when it concerns taking responsibilities and charges. 

  1. Improved Organisation and Efficiency

There is no doubt about the fact that women are more organized than men. Whether at home or somewhere else, women are more efficient in managing everything, keeping track of things, and being supportive. Thus, a female-led relationship is bound to be more organized. 

What Are The Cons Of A Female-Led Relationship?

  1. Over Dominance

Over dominance in a female-led relationship can be extremely harmful. It is known to be toxic when a woman is entirely in charge of the relationship and does not even let the man make any decisions. It leads men to lose their self-respect and feel very low about themselves.

  1. Social Stigma

A female-led relationship is viewed very differently in the eyes of society. It is considered to be a stigma. People view it as a dominant relationship where the woman is disregarded for keeping the man under her control and not being able to look after their home and children. 

  1. Imbalanced Relationship

Lack of basic mutual communication can lead to a very dysfunctional relationship. It is fine until both partners have equal power in decision-making. However, if the woman starts beginning to be dominant, she might lose balance in certain aspects. This leads to a high imbalance in the relationship.  

Final Thoughts

Now you have a proper overview of a female-led relationship. It is a great concept that provides women with equal rights and responsibilities to handle in a relationship. It gives them freedom from male dominance and makes them even more strong. 

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