Top 10 female Powerlifter to follow on Instagram at the earliest


In the contemporary age, women are setting a unique benchmark for themselves. Among these solid, strong and enigmatic women, we are going to mention some potential female powerlifters who have taken the internet by storm. Whether you are looking for serious fitness inspiration or women empowerment, this list is going to quench your desire anyway. 

Let us take a look at the top 10 female powerlifters to follow on Instagram right away! 

Top 10 female powerlifters you just can’t miss out on

1. Kelly Reece

If you haven’t heard of a woman who performs various sports together, here’s a little sneak peek. Kelly Reece is an Instagram based female powerlifter who is not only into Cross fitting but also into Olympic Weight lifting. Although she does not have a vast following, she is exceptionally talented at what she does. Follow her and you’ll know why she is so praised. 

2. Bonica Lough 

Bonica is a woman who is never tired enough of working out. This genius can surprisingly carry up to 1400 pounds at a time. A world champion as she is, Bonica is famous on Instagram for her top-notch weightlifting skills. This Instagram based female powerlifter is the best at squats and will make you stoop down in despair when you compete with her. 

3. Cassaundra

 The new young talent, Cassaundra is a squat expert who loves to work out. Her hot body is the result of constant weight lifting that has made her land in Instagram based female powerlifter list today. With more than 3000 followers, she is all set to be the next inspiring fitness freak across the globe. She has also tried some strongman events that make her an exception in the world of beauty bloggers. 

4. Sandy Pants 

 Another Instagram based female powerlifter who is getting stronger by the day, Pants has more than 5000 followers on her Instagram account. Although she is not very popular as yet, she manages to stand out like no other. Pants are an athlete in Feed Me Fight Me which is an amazing fitness company. The best part is that she gets all the fitness guidance from Lilli Bridges. If you’re motivated, you have to scroll down for more! 

5. Heather Connor

 If you are still scrolling to know of an Instagram based female powerlifter, we have got another fabulous woman for you. Heather Connor is not only an incredibly fit woman but she can do deadlifts thrice her weight. Can you believe that? But wait, there’s more! Connor is also sponsored by SBD which is sure to make half of you jealous. The question is, how awesome can one get?

 6. Renae

 Among the best Instagram based female powerlifters, Renae surely tops the list. This woman can hold two plates on one bench. With more than 6000 followers in no time, Renae is getting more famous by the day for her excellent efforts in fitness and weight lifting. For all those who are looking to stay entertained along with inspiration, Renae has to be your go-to following next. 

7. Kaitlyn Harlan

Harlan is not only a powerful inspiration but also an impeccable weightlifter who can hold up to 1200 pounds at a time? Are you feeling giddy yet, because I am! Not only is she an Instagram based female powerlifter but also a wonderfully athletic woman. Recently, she lost nearly 84 pounds and became a massive influencer for fitness enthusiasts. She is sure to go a long way!

8. Jen Thompson

One of the most popular Instagram based female powerlifters, Jen Thompson is not only a potential fitness enthusiast but also a strong mother. She is an IPF World champion which is a big thumbs up for those who follow her. Jen also boasts a massive following on Instagram of about 78thousand followers. No wonder she is so popular. I wonder how many boys flock around her like bees for her sexy body!

9. Jessica Buettner 

Another IPF Raw World Champion, Jessica is the talk of the town. With more than one lakh followers on her Instagram handles, she has managed to become a leading Instagram based female powerlifter in no time. Her hard work relating to fitness and sincerity in maintaining her stunning body have together enabled her to reach the position that she leads today. No wonder we love her a lot! 

10. Leeann Hewitt

We did save the last spot for the best! Leeann is one hell of an Instagram based female powerlifter who manages to squat 597 pounds in knee sleeves. To make you feel worse, she is a teenager. We are stunned so hard right now! 

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Light accessory squats and a heavy squad.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

 1. Can I also try powerlifting?

 Ans:- If you are an expert at the gym, you can give it a try. But if you are a beginner, you have a long way to go for now. Make sure you try powerlifting only after consulting your gym trainer to avoid any injuries. 

2. Do these female powerlifters maintain a healthy diet?

 And:- Of course. Every female powerlifter needs to maintain a healthy diet to gain an incredible body like these women listed above in the article. 

The final cry

 These top 10 female powerlifters are ecstatic women you will ever meet. If you want to be just as amazing as them, do not forget to follow them on Instagram for daily inspiration. You will surely be as good as them one day!