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Welcome to our blog, here you can show your writing skills and host your
portfolio by writing guest articles based on Health, Fitness, Workouts, Exercises,
Diet plan, and Fitness Biography, etc.

You do not need to provide any separate set of keywords data on your own. Here,
we will only keep a focus on writing the guest articles based on how we planned,
and it will be based on our researched keywords and also we will outline the
content of the guest articles, etc. Guest articles sponsored or full guest articles will
be beneficial for you as it will save you lots of time.

However, if you wish to suggest a viral topic that we have been missing, you may
write us a separate mail at [email protected]

If you have any doubt regarding our terms and conditions, or if you want to know more about our blog, you are free to contact us or you can send your doubts and
questions through email to [email protected]

Here, we value passion and if you want to share your passion for camping tips
with our community, you are always welcome. We will help you to publish your
ideas and/or conceptions on our blog.

Never hesitate to share your ideas and suggestions, if any, for the development of
our blogs and sites and we will try our best to ensure that your ideas do not go in
vain. We will surely respond to you and execute your ideas for our mutual​

Also, if you wish to stay updated with our work on our site, just create your
content according to the guidelines given below and send via email on
[email protected]

If you are ready to create and submit your content, follow these two easy steps:

1) Write an article according to the given guidelines :


a) Your guest articles should be limited between 800-1500 words (including image captions and titles).

b) Zero grammatical errors.

c) Zero plagiarism. Nothing should be copied from anywhere else. We only accept
genuine guest articles and not a plagiarised one.

d) Your guest articles must consist of at least three high-quality images related to
your content and you must mention the sources of your images if you collect
them from the internet.Images Formats & Size Allowed:
.  Format: JPG
.  Size: 640×474 pixels
.  Please submit caption and image credit

2) Include links with the guest articles

 . Maximum of 2 links can be included in your guest articles.  . The links in the guest articles should always be advantageous for the readers and also it should add importance to the readers. The links must fit in the context and also should provide useful and valid information.

Only Health, Fitness, Workouts, Weight loss, Beauty, Lifestyle, Fitness Trending
News, Promotional Health Content guest articles are accepted on our site.

Send your guest articles/blogs: [email protected]


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