These 10 Fitness Records Are Hard To Believe

Fitness Records Are Hard To Believe

People who go beyond the limit to prove their excellence often end up setting certain records. These fitness records are quite unbelievable and are the perfect example of skill and dedication of a particular person. So many records are being broken every day but these fitness records are one of their kind. You can break these and become the next champion only if you are ready to go that extra mile.

Amazing Fitness Records:

1. Longest Time in an Abdominal Plank

Planks are the most common exercises done but can you do them for 8 hours 1 minutes? Yes, my friends, this is the world fitness record of the longest time put into an abdominal plank. This record has been made by Mao Weidong (China) in an event organized in Beijing on 14 May 2016. This record has set new bars and well has increased the importance of fitness.

2. Greatest Distance Travelled on a Treadmill


Now, treadmill is something that you must be using every day. Who could think that you can make a fitness record out of that normal exercise machine? The world fitness record of the greatest distance traveled in one week is 827.16 km. The record has been made by Marico Villar (Brazil) from 28 June to 4 July 2015. Marico can be rightfully called an ultra marathon runner.

3. Biggest Bench Press

This is an exercise of the bodybuilders. Well, the record of biggest bench press has been set by Ryan Kennelly. He undertook the challenge and pressed almost 1075 lbs (487.6 kg) on November 8, 2008, without a bench shirt. For further reference, you can see the video. It shows that if you are determined nothing is impossible.

4. Most Push-Ups Using Back of Hands in One Hour


Paddy Doyle on 8 November 2007 did a total of 1940 pushups using backhand in one hour. This is the highest limit of pushups that can be done within such a short span of time. Anyone there who can break this record? Well, I agree that this is actually a tough one to break. Still, you can always try.

5. One Finger Push Ups

This variation of push-ups also has a record that is quite challenging. The record of highest push up done within 30 seconds has been made by Xie Guizhong (China). He did a total of 41 push-ups on just one finger that too with his single hand. To have this kind of control over your body is truly great and uncommon. You can see in the video his expertise and dedication.

6. 90 Degree Push Ups

The record of most consecutive 90-degree push up or we can say handstand pushup was bagged by Christian Bázan (Spain) on the set of Guinness book of world record. He did a total of 12 pushups on 16 January 2009. The video which shows his performance is truly extraordinary. The way he does the push-up without any support exhibits his talent. The pushup is a common exercise but to do this exercise with your half body in the air is something which might get your name registered in the book of world record. He is an ideal for the fitness freaks and deserves all the respect. !!

7. Pinky Pull-Ups Fitness Record

After seeing this man doing the pull ups on his pinky fingers is the strangest thing that I have seen today. With the help of even both hands, I was unable to do a single pull up for quite a long period. Even many of you might be able to do it after building up strength and developing the core. I do not know that how this man made his baby fingers so strong. He did consecutive 16 pullups in 30 seconds. Buddy, does this challenge you to do something extraordinary? If Yes, then go forward and break some records.

8. Deadlift World Record

Zydrunas Savickas in 2014 lifted a total of 1155 pounds and broke the world record of the deadlift. Lifting this heavyweight by a single person deserves some respect and appraisal by everyone. To lift such a heavy weight you will have to train your body to be hard. Proper training forms records.

9. Four Finger Balance

The world record of Four finger balance for the longest period of time was set by Wang Wei Bao in China. He remarkably stood on his four fingers, upside down for 19.23 second(s) on 09 November 2008. This is the highest period for which any person has stood this longer upside down. Now, one can imagine the amount of effort and dedication required to stand upside down for such a long period. You can be the next. Just keep practicing.

10. Most Deep Squats In 24 Hours

Andre T. Is the person who did the deepest squats within 24 hours. He did a total of 15,939 deep squats from May 28 to May 29, 2011, at Memorial Day street festival in Liberty, New York. His dedication again is commendable. Make him your idea and get inspired to break some records.

Over here you saw some commendable examples of fitness records. You can be the next one if you desire so. You will need to train for years to be strong enough to form a record. Stay motivated and train hard. All the best.