Food as Medicine: Healing through Nutrition

Food has always been one of the cornerstones of medicine ever since the dawn of civilization. Eating and proper nutrition, especially when the person is not feeling well, is a key to having good health. Understanding the importance of food in overall wellbeing and in the process of healing is an essential skill as a caregiver and as a person.

Before treating minor ailments with medicines or going through all the motions of a doctor’s visit, especially if healing, taking care of others, or food preparation are any of your skills, and then consider using food as medicine.

Understand What Everyone Needs, but Cater to Your Own Body

All humans need some of the same basic vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in order to survive. This is common knowledge; however, you should also know that your own body has unique needs when compared to the whole population as well. For instance, women and older individuals are more likely to require more calcium than men and younger people.

With this in mind, you can use your unique dietary options in order to help you use food as a source of nutrition and prevent disease as well as propagate wellness. When you take the time to understand and cater to your body, it will take the time to cater to you and ensure that you are always healthy.

When Coupled with Exercise, It Can Help Ease Some Chronic Pains

Chronic Pains

For those individuals with chronic illnesses and chronic pain, diet is already a major part of your life and you probably think about it every day. There may be some exercises that can help ease some of the pain that you feel every day.

If you have muscle issues in your back, then certain stretches, as well as lightweights exercises, may help improve some of the muscle pain that you feel. That said, consult a professional before you add or detract anything from your current plan and understand that exercise doesn’t always help you, especially if you’re not eating as you should.

Study Food Medicine Professionally

Study Food Medicine Professionally
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If you feel a calling to studying the art of healing with medicine, then consider starting a career as a professional nutritionist or endocrinologist. The recommendations that you make can save and improve hundreds of lives and you can conduct research that will help make you a pioneer in your field.

Further, you can start searching even without your proper licenses just to see what the job outlook are like if you are seriously considering making this your career. You can work almost everywhere and with a multitude of people from children to athletes to geriatric patients.

Use Food Preparation to Heal, Too

Food Preparation
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Food preparation and the rituals of food can also serve as healing.

  • Recipes from different parts of the world focus on different elements of food and can help incorporate variety into your life
  • Food prep can be calming
  • Learning new recipes is a good way to bond with friends and family
  • Learn how to be versatile in the way you prepare some of the same foods, just in different ways.

Use the ritual behind the food to propel the healing power of food forward. Manifest within it the positive and healing energy you need not just in daily life, but especially during times that you need to heal in. Utilizing every aspect of food, from gathering to preparation to consumption, will help you reap the full benefits of using food as medicine.

Using Food as Medicine Will Change the Healthcare World

Be a part of the revolution that uses food rather than reliance on prescriptions to fight against disease and to start disease once it has set in. Through proper nutrition, feeding, and exercise, you can protect against a lot of diseases that typically plague the general population. You can be a part of the revolution either by taking care of yourself and feeding yourself properly or by entering a profession where people advise others on how to eat and what they also need to not just survive, but thrive.

The healthcare industry will soon have a food revolution on its hands and you can start by spearheading the movement.