Four Easy Ways to Manage Menopause at Work

Julia, 51, sits uncomfortably in a meeting with sweat trickling down her back. Her team is almost done with their presentation, but it seems like everything went by in a blur. She asks her assistant to crank up the AC because she feels so hot. Everyone gives her a weird look because it is already freezing in the conference room.

If you are like Julia and you feel that your career is taking a back seat because of menopause, don’t fret. Here are some ways to manage this inevitable event in your life with a natural menopause solution and some lifestyle changes. You can still enjoy the peak of your career while keeping the symptoms at bay.

1.Make Light Layers a Part of Your Get-up


Most corporations have a dress code policy that everyone needs to follow. You can keep within the policy and manage your hot flashes by dressing in layers. Choose light clothing made from a breathable material, such as cotton. Veer away from synthetic fibers, twee, and wool since they hold in heat. When the weather gets freezing, wear a base layer made from a wicking material such as Alpaca fiber. These fibers draw moisture away from the body while keeping you comfortable during hot flashes.

2.Stay Hydrated while in Menopause

Women quickly get dehydrated during menopause due to hot flashes and night sweats.Keep a water bottle readily available on your desk to ensure that you take in the recommended eight glasses per day. Also, make sure you have a bottle in your bag to keep you hydrated during drives or errands. Your water intake will replace what you have lost and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

3.Choose Natural Methods to deal Menopause

With the onset of menopause, most doctors prescribe hormone replacement therapy to manage the symptoms. But more and more women are choosing a natural menopause solution that is as effective in alleviating the resulting discomfort and stress. Natural means are better for the organs and overall health.

This method includes eating food rich in phytoestrogens, such as soy, oats, and wheatberries. It also entails a regular exercise routine to speed up metabolism and boost your energy to face challenging tasks at work. Relaxation and meditation techniques also help in reducing symptoms and keeping anxiety away.

4.Cut Down on Caffeine

Coffee is often a part of any working woman’s day. Some even claim that they cannot function without their daily caffeine fix. But with the onset of menopause, you need to cut back on your cup of coffee. Research shows that there is a link between caffeine and vasomotor symptoms. Vasomotor refers to the body’s regulation of the blood vessel diameter. Symptoms include hot flashes and night sweating.

If going cold turkey seems like a daunting task for a coffee lover like you, just cut back on the number of cups and see if it alleviates the symptoms. Then try eliminating caffeine from your diet to reap the maximum results.

Trying to maintain peak performance while on the job during menopause is a challenging feat for most women. But with some tweaks in your lifestyle and diet, comfort is within your reach. Going natural is the best way to go because the body heals best with what nature has to offer. You can enjoy your career while giving your body the best treatment it deserves.

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