Try To Get ‘6 Pack’ Abs in 22 Days Plan with This Home Workout

Get 6 Pack Abs in 22 Days with This Home Workout

During these months of lockdown all over the world, it is a great opportunity for people to improve their abs. Let’s look into an expert advice or 6 pack abs home workout plan.

If you want to develop an impressive 6 pack abs, you can do it right from the comfort of your home. The truth is you don’t need any gym equipment for improving your abs. Several home exercises or 6 pack abs home workout plans are available to perfect your abs.

You can utilize your bodyweight to build your midsection. To get perfect results, you won’t find any better resources than Jeff Cavaliere. He always purposes the best ways to gain maximum benefits out of a workout plan and this time, he has purposes 6 pack abs home workout 22 days plan.

Jeff Cavaliere posted a video where he is doing abs workout. The video has earned significant traffic and praise from fitness enthusiasts. This video is a gift to anyone looking to build his/her abs.

In his video, Jeff explained that it is not possible to get clear 6 pack abs in 22 days for people with high body fat. However, people with body fat between 13% to 19% could get visible 6 pack abs in 22 days. In his video, he also emphasized the importance of nutrition for losing your body fat. Changing your nutritional habits is more important than anything to lose significant body fat. Moreover, the current situation is perfect for us to change our habits because we don’t have other significant things to focus on.

According to, Changing habits is a difficult thing, but it is widely believed that doing something regularly for 22 days eventually becomes a habit. When it comes to adopting a workout plan, it is even more difficult and demands a strong commitment from you. Sticking to a 6 pack abs home workout plan for 22 days is difficult too. However, all those looking to get 6 pack abs should focus on this plan because it is been suggested from one of the best.

If your goals are clear and you are dedicated enough to get 6 pack abs, then make sure you stick to this plan for the next 3 weeks. The only prerequisite for this 6 pack abs home workout plan is ‘nothing.’ You only need your own body weight. Even if you are a beginner, there is nothing to be worried about. Jeff Cavaliere has proposed this workout plan for everyone irrespective of his or her experience level.

The Workout

The Workout

This 6 pack abs home workout plan is based on extinction training. You’ll perform a certain number of reps with small breaks between each set. You’ll keep doing rounds of each exercise until you fail.

For example, the first exercise is W raise, and you’ll do five reps in the first round and then take a 10 seconds rest. Then, you’ll perform the second round of five reps. Repeat as many rounds as possible. At the start, you’ll find it difficult but you’ll improve quickly and become better at each exercise. Even the most difficult exercise will become an easy one within the first week.

Below, the exercises are given that are suggested by Jeff Cavaliere. In case you don’t know how to perform a particular exercise, you can search the tutorial from YouTube or watch Jeff Cavaliere’s video. To get the best results, you’ll need to do this 6 pack abs home workout plan for 22 days.

1. Exercise: “W” raise x 5 (as many rounds as possible)

W raise

2. Exercise: Black widow knee slides x 45 seconds (as many rounds as possible)

3. Exercise: Butterfly sit-ups x 10 (as many rounds as possible)

4. Exercise: Seated corkscrew x 45 seconds (as many rounds as possible)

5. Exercise: Levitation crunches x 10 (as many rounds as possible)

6. Exercise: Sit-up elbow thrusts x 5 each direction (as many rounds as possible)

You can only expect the best results when you perform these exercises consistently. Jeff Cavaliere has also said that consistency is the key in this 6 pack abs home workout plan. You’ll get the best results after completing the 22 days. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build muscular abs without training equipment?

The only prerequisite to getting muscular abs is your bodyweight. You can build your 6 pack abs without having any fancy equipment. The 6 pack mentioned above abs home workout plan is a great way to get muscular abs at home in 22 days.

What is the best bodyweight ab exercise?

Jeff Cavaliere’s 6 pack abs home workout plan is a great 22-days workout plan to get muscular abs.

How can I get 6 pack abs fast?

Making noticeable physical changes to your body takes time and dedication. However, doing abs exercises each day, focusing on heavy compound exercises for core, burning fat, and eating proteins can help you get abs quickly.

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