A healthy lifestyle is appreciated, admired and desired by every person but in such a busy schedule where we have to stick to our works 24/7, we hardly get much time to exercise and follow a proper diet routine

Gluten-free diet is majorly adopted by people who have coeliac disease. A coeliac disease is a long-suffering immune disorder that leads on to affect parts of small intestine. This disease is cannot be diagnosed and the only stop solution to this is to follow a gluten-free diet. There are various symptoms of this disease which includes chronic diarrhoea, loss of appetite malabsorption and can also cause height issues in a child witnessing failure to grow normally at a regular rate. This disease genuinely is related to majorly all the gastrointestinal problem and people suffering from such a disease is caused due to reaction to gluten on their body. Gluten is found in a various group of protein such as in wheat, barley and rye. A person suffering from Coeliac disease can take them in a moderate quantity which are free from the contamination with grains containing gluten.

A gluten-free diet is the only and very effective solution to this disease and the treatment lies in maintaining a diet which is gluten-free. Some people might feel that the food options have decreased and it will be hard for a person to find gluten-free food in the market which should also supports his overall growth, then you no longer need to worry as the present food industry has taken enough care of your needs and have made gluten- free substitute food which is healthy yet delicious too.



There are various substitute foods you can consume in order to gain required amount of nutrients to enhance your overall growth of the body such as meat, vegetables, potatoes, fish, rice, fruits etc. Except this you can also consume processed food which does not contain gluten such as pre-prepared or ready meals which we get in packets like chips, biscuits, cakes etc and soups. There can be times that you get confused as to which food contains gluten or not and there are foods which might be made up of wheat but the final product will be glute-free such as glucose syrups, so it is better to research about them thoroughly before its consumption.

Some people might be allergic to avenin which is a type of protein found in oats so if you are processing forward with the intake of oats, it is advisable to go through a well-researched article online. Moreover, the market is filled with gluten-free products which ranges from breads to pastas, biscuits, cakes and even flour, etc. In fact, now you can find a whole section labelled just for gluten-free food material.



You are open to consume ample numbers of juices and soft drinks which does not contain gluten. So, there is no need to worry as there are numerous numbers of both soft and alcoholic drinks available in the market to cater to your needs.

A list to such includes fizzy drinks, wine, port, fruit juices, cider, floured water and even sherry. Apart from these there are large number of drinks you can prefer to drink while maintaining your health and curing coeliac disease. But there is also a not-to-do-list which you should pay attention to as it includes drinks not suitable for people suffering from such a disease. It includes ales, beer, stout, barley squashes, etc




This kind of cereal is famous with every child group as it a healthy and delicious diet plan which will include gluten-free cereals as they are sweet, crunchy and satisfying food material. This in-take will also make your stomach full and you will not carve for more food after a meal which is essential as it will restrict you to not consume glutenous food.

Also, when a child will find his food tastier, he will tend to stick to it and there can nothing be better than cereal as they are immensely healthy and all-time favourite. They contain 130 calories and 2 grams of fiber which is extremely healthy and filled with nutrients.



They are unique in the market as they contain honey with rice which has proven to an extremely delicious combination. These crunchy puffins are meant for all ages and are absolutely gluten -free. Following a gluten-free diet can be hard at times but it will no longer be as honey rice puffins are delicious and healthy at the same time. One packet of this glute-free cereals will contain 120 calories and approximately 3 grams of fiber



This product contains has around 160 calories with approximately 1 gram of fiber which is a healthy choice to stick to a gluten-free diet and experience an in-take of tasty meal. Moreover, if you are looking for frosted flakes cereals which are gluten-free then there is no other-stop solution to choose Nature’s path corn flakes. There can be occasions that you might not find this product in the market easily but you can always find it online. This is an extremely healthy cereal choice which is delicious too as its frosty flakes gives it a fine crunchy flavour.



This product contains around 100 calories and approximately 3 grams of fiber and just by removing rye, barley and wheat this oat supply has given us a new product which is gluten-free cereals with toasted grain oat cereals. This product is famous and the most preferred as it comes in various different flavours. This product serves honey nut and even chocolate oats cereals.


There is a huge demand of organic in the market by the people as now everyone wants to eat healthy to avoid different diseases. Also, due to various adulteration in the food materials people prefer organic to support their busy lifestyle in which they all need to maintain their health.

Organic food is becoming famous as various diseases are attracted by unhealthy food diet and it very important for a coeliac diseased patient to maintain a proper gluten-free diet and cereals are the major hit in this market as they provide required number of nutrients as well as take care of the diet.

It is also healthy to go for organic products as in the old -age our body’s immune system starts lagging as we consumed alternated food throughout our life-time and did not pay enough attention to our diet. Moreover, it is all the more important for a coeliac diseased patient to take care of his body by consuming only gluten-free diet strictly. Organic cereals are healthy and delicious will help you follow your strict routine in an impressive way.


This is a one-stop solution for all your organic products whether it is gluten-free or not and provides a huge number of cereals in various flavours which are 100% organic and you should always try to include organic as much as possible. It has a wide range of products starting from organic breads, flour, cereals, etc with flavors such as chocolate, chia pudding with vanilla, love grass white Teff etc. This will make your gluten-free routine absolutely delicious with enormous range of flavors and food materials to consume.



It is made up of three simple ingredients yet this product is healthy and delicious. It is also a nice food substitute for gluten-free diet and is low in sugar to support a healthy lifestyle. The sugar in-take added in this product is one the most impressive properties lagging in most of the breakfast gluten-free cereals available in the market. It also contains protein in a little quantity just to boost your body system and provide it with energy to survive the whole day.

One serving of such a product contains around 150 calories with approximately 1 gram of fat, 34 gram of carbohydrates, 1.5 grams of sugar, 97 milligrams of sodium, 1-1.5 grams of fiber and up to 2-3 grams of protein


Always check the label of the market bought food as they will have a clear cautious labelling suggesting that whether it is gluten-free or not. Check with your doctor regular and consult him about your diet plan and the foods you can or cannot eat. Things can be confusing at a point as which food material contains gluten or not. So, it is better to research about them online if you cannot contact your doctor at all times.

Consult other people who are going through such a disease for a time-being and them everything about precautions and diet to follow. You need to be very cautious about even little error. Observe your body and whether you are relived after following gluten-free diet and a major focus should be given to the adopting a habit to consume gluten-free cereals which are immensely healthy for your body and also to cure the coeliac disease.


1. Are pringles meant for people following a gluten-free diet?

This might be a disappointing answer as you cannot consume pringles as it contains gluten and it will be harmful for people with coeliac disease to even think of consuming it. Most of the people over the internet might claim that pringles are gluten-free and are healthy for consumption but you should not fall for such fake information as they contain gluten and are unhealthy for a coeliac diseased patient.

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