The most spectacular way of doing a good morning exercise daily


A lot of people hardly know what a good morning exercise is. That is because this workout is ignored for its technical lift that is highly daunting to perform. Naturally, there is a solution to this. For those who perform this exercise correctly, they might not face this problem. However, you have to be very particular about every move you make. Once you do that, the magic begins to happen. 

good morning exercise helps improve squats and also the deadlift numbers. It also leaves a massive impact on your lower back, glutes and hamstrings that leaves you looking like a fit model wherever you go. 

Good morning exercise benefits to grab away

The good-morning exercise is not a recent discovery. It dates back to several years ago and is named after someone who bowed down to say ‘good morning.’ Although many people think it’s a useless exercise, it can work like magic in no moment. The good-morning exercise benefits your glutes, hamstrings, and upper back by making them stronger and more efficient to perform workouts. 

It also has a massive impact on your lower body strength by helping you hit squats and deadlift numbers the right way. A good morning exercise also enables you to prevent muscle imbalances that may cause severe injuries. It also helps strengthen the posterior muscles that can encourage you to maintain fitness as an expert. With all these good morning exercise benefits, this exercise turns out to be a dream come true for people who want a fantastic physique.

How to perform a good morning exercise with dumbbells?

Since we have already mentioned how detrimental this good morning exercise with dumbbells can be, you must maintain caution when you practice this workout. Make sure that the good morning exercise brings all the benefits right to your doorstep without any hindrance. For this, all you have to do is ensure that you are following each step accurately. Overall, you are good to go. 

1. Hold the dumbbell correctly. You either hold it in front of your chest or behind the neck. 

2. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart. If you want hamstring activation, then make sure the shoulder-width is wider. Then, place the dumbbell on your chest and your leg slightly bent. 

3. Now, keep your back straight, your legs slightly bent. Once you do that, bend over your hips. 

4. As soon as your upper body is parallel to the ground, use your posterior muscles to extend your back to the starting position. 

5. Perform the good morning exercise with dumbbells regularly to acquire its benefits instantly.

The best good morning exercise alternative

Many people are afraid to perform good morning exercise due to its technical lift. They also fear the risk of injuries that keeps them away from practicing this exercise. If you are one of them, do not worry. We have found you the perfect way to acquire the same benefits without risking your life for this workout. Let us take a look at the best good morning exercise alternatives that will change the game for you.

1. Reverse Hyperextensions 

If you are looking to build strength in your hips and hamstrings, then reverse hyperextensions are the perfect fit for you. With this variation, you can conveniently perform a good exercise; it is also safer for you to practice. So, when you want to do a safe exercise with minimal hindrances, reverse hyperextensions can be your perfect go-to.

2. Glute hamstring raises

If you are looking to perform higher reps to increase glutes, hamstrings and other muscles, this is the perfect exercise for you. Since this exercise is useful for everyone, you must perform this exercise daily to acquire the best benefits. Such a thing is one of the best good morning exercise alternatives for you to practice.

3. Reverse Chinese Plank 

In a reverse Chinese plank, you have to use two benches or boxes for the best experience. The bench is positioned under your shoulders and the other is placed under your heels. So, do not miss this exercise for the best experiences. It is going to be the best-ever good morning exercise alternatives for you.

The takeaway

These are some of the best good morning exercises for you to perform. If you like them, do give them a try and see how it helps you. We promise; it works.


1. Is a good morning exercise alternative useful?

 Yes, the good morning exercise alternative is useful. 

2. Are good morning exercise with dumbbells useful?  

Yes, the good morning exercise with dumbbells is useful.