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Guest Post Term & Conditions:

To ensure the quality of articles on our blog, we only accept Health, Fitness, Workouts, Exercises, Diet Plan, Fitness Biography etc. content written by us. You don’t have to provide us with ideas for sponsored posts or full articles written by you. It’ll save you a ton of time. We’ll write a new article base on our plan, research keywords, outline the content of the article etc. Articles without previous keyword analysis get almost no traffic and have little or no effect on SEO for you and my site.

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Should you have any suggestions about our blog or our site, please feel free to let us know! Whenever possible, we’ll do our best to respond and implement your ideas in a timely manner.

If you’d like to see your work posted on our site, create your content following our guidelines below and send it through via mail. Follow the instructions below

Ready to create and submit your content? Follow these 2 easy steps:

Health, Fitness, Workouts, Weight loss, Beauty, Lifestyle, Fitness Trending News, Promotional Health Content… All are acceptable!

1# Create an article/blog post that meets the guidelines.


    • Please keep your article between 800 to 1,500 words (including image captions and title).
    • Pass Copyscape and must be 100% genuine, no grammatical errors.
    • Must have at least three high-quality images related to the content and should have sources if you get them on the Internet.


  • Format: JPG.
  • Size: 640 x 474 pixels
  • List image sources (to avoid copyright infringement). Please submit caption and image credit.

#2. Include links within the article/post:

  • The article or blog post should contain a maximum of 2 links.
  • The links should always benefit or add value for readers. They should fit into context and provide with relevant/useful information.

Send your articles/blogs:

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