10 Best Hair Growing Tips For Healthier Hair

Have you been finding strands, sometimes even clumps of hair everywhere you go? Has it been stressing you out? Worry not, you are not alone. Also because worrying causes hair fall too. Or are you just someone who is trying to get their hair to look longer and healthier? Fret not, we have all the solutions you need. Read on for some of the most effective hair growing tips.

Massage your scalp

massage your scalp

Massaging your scalp twice a week with a nice hair oil will get your roots stronger and get the blood flowing. You will not only get increased hair growth, but you will also have thicker and stronger hair.

This is something that you should start as soon as possible, and continue all the time. 

Get it trimmed

get it trimmed

When your hair reaches the split-ends stage, your hair stops growing as effectively. One of the most important hair growing tips is that you schedule a trimming every month, and get rid of all split ends and dead hair. This will make your hair look good and also keep it growing. With gradual trimming, the damaged ends will return with lesser frequency. 

Pair this with massaging your scalp and you are already on your way to getting stronger hair. 

Improve your shampoo routine

improve your shampoo routine

Pick a mild shampoo, and use it on your hair twice-thrice a week only. When you are picking a shampoo, make sure it is sulphate-free. 

Your roots collect dirt and grime over a while and this makes your scalp oily and weakens the follicles. You need to keep your scalp clean so that dandruff, weak roots and other similar issues are at bay. 

Another important hair growing tip is that avoid washing your hair in extremely hot water. The best-preferred water would be when it is lukewarm. Do not excessively rinse your hair either as it harms your hair follicles. 

If you have coloured your hair, make sure you are using a shampoo that is suitable for such hair, or else you will end up with frizzy hair that you will keep losing by the hour. Coloured hair needs extra treatment and care, so you need to be ready for that as well. 

Have a good diet 

have a good diet

Eating well is extremely important for your overall health. Make sure your diet includes enough Vitamin A and C, and has iron and also omega -3. All of these are good for your hair. Eat green vegetables, milk, eggs and also your lentils. 

If you have no idea how to fulfil the requirement of your body, consult a doctor and get them to plan a diet for you or prescribe you some vitamins to take on daily.

Use Aloe Vera 

use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera on its own is a really good product to have. You can apply it on its own and protect your hair from the harsh sunlight while also getting your roots nourished. This is a hair growing tip that has been there for years in a lot of cultures. Regular use of aloe vera will make your hair shinier, softer and rid of dandruff. 

Use an egg mask for your hair 

use an egg mask for your hair

An egg is highly beneficial for your hair. While the smell might be off-putting to some, it is guaranteed to make your hair get better. 

You need to take the egg yolk, mix it with cinnamon and honey and apply it as a hair mask on your hair at least once a week. Since eggs are rich in iron and sodium, you will see your hair growing real soon. It also works on your hair in other ways, making the brittleness and dullness go away, and also making your hair shinier. 

We recommend that you put on this egg mask and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo, in lukewarm water. After that, use a nice leave-in conditioner or serum and go about your day.

Use onion juice

use onion juice

Onion is rich in sulphur, which promotes hair growth. You can use raw onion juice on your scalp at least twice a week for effective hair growth. 

Use essential oils for hair growth

use essential oils for hair growth

Another unconventional hair growing tip is using essential oil. Some of the most common ones that help promote hair growth include lemongrass, peppermint, lavender and rosemary.

It is important to remember that you have to use essential oils in moderation. The suggested method is dropping a couple of drops in other oils such as coconut, almond or jojoba and applying to your roots about 10-15 minutes before shampooing your hair. 

It is important to point out that this method on its own is not going to be all too effective, you need to also indulge in other things such as hair masks and massages. 

Use rice water

use rice water

This method is something that the Chinese women from Huangluo province swear by. Soak rice in water overnight, strain it and use it on your hair after shampooing. Using lukewarm water will help get rid of the smell. You can also add a little extra water when you are washing your rice for cooking and use it on your hair as a mask about an hour before washing your hair. 

This hair growing tip works, and you will see results in around three months. 

Oil your hair regularly

use rice water

There is no lie in the good old trick in our grandmother’s books. You can oil the length of your hair with any good hair oil from the drugstore about a couple of hours before shampooing, and you will get soft hair that is also strong. Doing this frequently will reduce the damage that your surroundings inflict on your hair and also make your hair grow. 

Hair Growth Is a Slow Process

You should remember that applying one hair mask and leaving it overnight will not help you this easily. You need to be consistent with your methods and be patient as well. For any practice to show you good results, you need to wait for at least 4-6 weeks. 

While it is believed that half an inch of hair growth occurs every month, it is not true in everybody’s case. You can make sure your hair sticks to this speed by following the hair growth tips that we have mentioned above. If you are regular and do not discontinue the routine in between, you will see effective results in a couple of months. 

While hair fall is an increasingly common problem, there are various reasons for it. You might need to assess why you are having hair fall before you try any of the solutions we have mentioned. While homemade remedies are usually safe, if they are unable to get you good results, it is time you consult a doctor. There can be some underlying issues related to hormones, thyroid, stress etc that can be factors that make your hair fall. We recommend that you try these methods but also see an expert if you see a pattern in your hair fall.