Hair Smoothening: Permanent saviour to frizzy and tangled hair

Does frizzy and unmanageable hair seem too familiar? Do you struggle daily with kinky flyaway or dream of that straight and lustrous hair? Then treatments such as Hair Smoothening and Hair Straightening must have surely crossed your mind. These hair treatments tame the waves in your hair, creating it as sleek and glossy as an elegant glass. But which one should you choose? Which one is healthier for your hair and lasts longer? Read on to understand and answer these questions to help take that decision and know more about what hair smoothening is, how it is different from hair smoothening and what are its different techniques.

What is Hair Smoothening?

Hair smoothening is considered to be a temporary hair treatment that improves the structure of your hair and makes it effortless and manageable. It involves treating hair with a certain formaldehyde solution, drying that out and setting it by using a flat iron.

Formaldehyde is a harmful compound and it needs a hair specialist’s oversight. The immediate symptoms could incorporate aggravation of eyes, skin and upper respiratory tract. In the long haul, different authorities have grouped it as a presumed human cancer-causing agent as it has been connected to nasal disease and leukaemia. But following the necessary steps and guaranteeing that the procedure is conducted in a well-ventilated area supplied with the necessary items to perform the same.

The effect of smoothening is mostly positive. The changes not only don’t look false but also the chemicals used are not as dangerous as compared to the ones used in straightening. So, there are lesser chances of hair damage. Overall, it is a gentler and smarter way to deal with your locks.

What is Hair Straightening?


Permanent hair straightening is a procedure by which the structure of your hair is modified to give you pin-straight hair. The synthetic relaxers used in this procedure permanently break the bonds in your hair shaft. Heat is applied to rebuild your hair, and more synthetic substances are used to seal the recently formed bonds. The alkaline agent in the compound relaxer breaks the keratin bonds in curly/wavy hair to extend and smoothen them.

While this method causes additional harm than hair smoothing, it will straighten even the curliest of hair and is permanent. Thus, the treated hair remains straight until your natural hair grows out. It is additionally called ‘Japanese straightening.’

Hair Smoothening VS Hair Straightening

Hair Smoothening and Hair Straightening are extremely similar however not fully. Hair smoothening is an easier method than straightening. Also, straightening involves a high rate of chemical usage which can hurt the hair in the long-term and it renders the hair dull after 6-7 months. Whereas, smoothening stays longer than straightening.

The most prominent distinction between the two is that straightening offers you poker-straight hair, therefore if you would like that sort of sleek straight look, you might opt for straightening. However, if you would prefer a more natural look with frizz-free and shiny hair, smoothening can do the trick.

What are the different types of Hair Smoothing treatments?

Understanding your hair type is most crucial when choosing a suitable smoothening treatment for your hair.

Out of all the different in-saloons and at-home methods for Hair Smoothening, Keratin treatment and the Brazilian Blowout are considered the most effective and safe.

In-salon Treatments

Keratin treatment:

A naturally occurring protein, Keratin is a part of our body, found in our hair, teeth and nails, and adds shine and lustre. Often, due to internal as well as external factors, the amount of keratin in our hair is often reduced and thus makes it frizzy and rough in texture. A keratin smoothening treatment makes the hair smooth, shiny and manageable by replacing this lost keratin. While the result won’t be “poker-straight hair”, it will be frizz-free and will have a more natural look. However, since it is a comparatively mild treatment, the results last only for six months but don’t require additional investment inexpensive hair care shampoos and other products.

Brazilian Blowout:

A boon for colour-treated strands, this treatment is safe on all hair types, and actually helps to improve shine as well as moisture levels. This treatment has a more mild formula which can be easily customised to your hair type and requires much less hair care. Unlike a keratin treatment where you can’t tie up your hair in a ponytail or style it for the following week of the treatment, once you’re done with the Brazilian Blowout and you rinse it out, you can simply go back to your normal routine.


At-home Treatments

Hot Oil Treatment:

An age-old method, this treatment involves heating a small amount of Coconut, Castor and Olive or Jojoba oil and massage it on your scalp and roots. This would ensure good blood circulation on the scalp, and help make your hair smoother and shinier.

Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment:

Apple cider vinegar treatment entails rinsing your hair thoroughly with it. Not only would this help in maintaining the right pH balance but also remove any other dirt accumulated in your tresses thus giving you gorgeous, shiny and smooth hair.

Things to keep in mind before and after the Hair Smoothening treatment:

Before the session:

  1. Adequate research about the salon for your session is necessary.
  2. Your hair type, whether thin or dense, whether curly or wavy, is an important factor about choosing the type of treatment you opt for.
  3. While discounted deals may be tempting, beware of low-quality materials which may be used in that case.
  4. Understanding the products to be used is very important. The brands of certain products that salons use for hair smoothening say a lot about their credibility and certifications.
  5. If you have overly sensitive skin, it is best to first have a test with your salon.
  6. If you’ve already had a smoothing treatment before, prior information should be given to your stylist.


  1. Silicone-based products and sulfate-free shampoos should be used that protect your hair shaft.
  2. Hair should not be tied in tight ponytails for at least two days to stay away from damaging results.
  3. Scalp and Hair should be massaged with coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil. Coconut oil is considered to replenish lost protein in damaged hair.
  4. Hair masks should be applied once a while to hydrate and strengthen your hair.
  5. Use of hair styling tools should be limited to prevent heat damage caused to the hair.


So, that was all about Hair Smoothening. However, remember before you go for it, make sure that you don’t regret the decision it later on. Make sure you do your homework before getting started and have a thorough hair examination and an opinion from a hair expert. Do consider and question about the pros and cons of the treatment and be regular with the care of your hair to avoid any kind of side effects. Find more hair solutions at hair replacement systems online for hair pieces, human hair wigs and hair replacements