Hammer Curls: The Most Effective Fitness Workout

hammer curls

Hammer curl is a variation of the biceps curl, which targets the muscles of the biceps curl, which target the muscles of the upper and the lower arm. This exercise is most effective when performed with dumbbells, and cables or bands can also be used as an alternative for dumbbells. Hammer curl is a great exercise for building up the strength of the upper body. It is also known as natural grip biceps curl, which is to be performed at an intermediate level. 

Hammer curls are strengthening exercises that help in training the biceps and forearms. It varies from the traditional bicep curl as the palms face each other while performing this exercise. With a proper posture, Hammer curl can help build up the stability and strength of the upper body and forearms.

Benefits Of Hammer Curl

There are several benefits of Hammer curl. If a person regularly does Hammer curl, they can be benefited from the development of the upper body and forearms. Some of the prime advantages of hammer curl are as follows:

1. They Work On Multiple Muscles Of Your Arm

Unlike conventional bicep curls, Hammer curls target the short head of the biceps brachii. Furthermore, Hammer curl is an exercise that helps in comprehensive arm movement, and it activates the long head of the biceps brachii and elbow flexor muscles.

2. They Help In Developing The Gripping Strength

Brachioradialis gets activated in the forearm when the Hammer curls are performed. They help in improvising the gripping strength. Good gripping strength is very crucial for performing exercises like deadlifts and pull-ups. 

3. Creates Less Pressure On The Wrist

Unlike conventional biceps curls, Hammer curls keep the wrist neutral throughout the entire movement, which helps emphasise the arms rather than creating pressure on the wrist. While performing Hammer curls, the muscles of the arms get activated due to the pressure of the dumbbells. 

Steps To Do Hammer Curls

To begin with Hammer curls, one must use comfortable weights, using which they can do 2 to 3 sets with 8 to 12 repetitions. It is advisable to select those weights, which can help maintain a good technique during all the sets and repetitions. The steps involved in this workout are as follows:

1.Take two dumbbells and stand with hip feet width apart. Slightly bend on the knees before starting. The position should be tall with shoulders right over the shoulder and a neutral neck and head position. The chon should be kept tucked during the entire workout to feel like there is an egg beneath the chin. Make an even distribution of your weight on the feet and make a good grip to have a stable feet position while working out.

2. Grab the dumbbells slightly above the shoulders with the palms facing forward of the body. The upper arm of the body should be very close to the ribcage. Elbows should point towards the floor. This is an ideal posture, to begin with, when doing Hammer curls. Pretend the shoulders and hips of your body during engagement with the core.

3. Keep the arms still, squeeze the biceps and start bending elbows. 

4. Keep bending the elbows until the lower arms contact the upper arms. The dumbbells should be closed to the shoulders without staying in proper contact with them.

5. Squeeze the biceps and pause at the top of the exercise movement for a second. 

6. Straighten the elbows to return to the original position. Come to a complete stop at the bottom before commencing another repetition. 

Variations Of Hammer Curl

Once Hammer curl is incorporated into the daily exercise regimen for bodybuilding, it is suggested to consider Hammer curl variations. These variations shall help in providing optimal results as desired by the individual. 

1. Alternative Hammer Curls

This variation is performed by lifting one arm at a time. It allows the trainee to focus on the lifting form as the movement is unilateral. While doing alternate arms, make sure to maintain the form. 

2. Incline Hammer Curls

Incline Hammer curls are to be performed on an inclined bench. This particular variation of Hammer curl stretches the muscles of the biceps, allowing a greater range of movement on the forearms of the trainee.

3. Kettlebell Hammer curls

A trainee can perform this Hammer curl variation by using one or two kettlebells. Typically any trainee uses 12-pound weights. If you need to drop down the weight, make sure you do not lean backward during the move. Under such circumstances, it is advisable to switch to 10-pound weights because it adds stress to the forearms. 

4. Rope Cable Hammer Curls

It is another advanced variation of Hammer curls where the trainee uses a cable machine to maintain constant tension on the biceps. This pressure on the bicep muscles is put throughout the entire range of motion. 

How To Workout Safely And Avoid Injury

If you have any existing health condition, it is advisable to consult your doctor once before starting this particular kind of workout. Using proper exercise techniques is very important to avoid any kind of injury. Since Hammer curls are an advanced form of the bicep curl, taking the help of certified personal trainers is very important. Each individual has their own needs. 

Paying close attention to the body while working out is essential. If you want accurate results and continual progress of the body strength, try implementing proper warmups, rest and nutrition in your exercise regimen. It is essential to rest for about 24 to 48 hours before you start to train the same muscle groups, and it allows them to have sufficient time for recovery. If you experience any kind of pain or discomfort, you should immediately stop performing the exercise. 

The Bottom Line

Hammer curl is appropriate for exercisers who want to develop their forearm and biceps muscles. Common mistakes that a trainee makes while performing Hammer curls can be corrected under the guidance of a professional trainer. Curling too fast and floating curls can also lead to serious injuries while performing this exercise. 

Apart from the variations mentioned above, one can also perform preacher Hammer curls and Hammer curls power squat. Hammer curl is the best way to build stronger bicep muscles and increase strength. Apart from these, the exercisers also benefit from improvised gripping strength and stability of the wrist.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. Why is it important to choose the proper weight before starting the exercise?

One should always choose a weight that enables the individual to fully control their body throughout the workout procedure.

2. What are different types of equipment that can be used instead of dumbbells?

The different types of equipment that can be used apart from dumbbells include kettlebells, cables and bands, incline bench.

3. What are the other things that should be kept in mind while performing Hammer curls?

The other things that be kept in mind while performing Hammer curls include proper warmups, healthy nutrition and good technique.