A complete guide on hanging leg raises to start right away


Are you looking for a hands-down exercise to work out your abs? If you said yes, hanging leg raises are the perfect fit for you. This one is an isolation exercise that helps strengthen muscles and build well-toned abs. Thus, for anyone who is looking to acquire their dream body, this exercise is all they need. 

If you have never performed hanging leg raises before or don’t know about it, here’s a complete guide on it. Let us unleash all about this exercise and its benefits today!

Hanging leg raises benefits to remember 

Everybody has abs, but they need to be carved out in their body. If you are someone who loves ab muscles, hanging leg raises can turn out to be the game-changer for you. This exercise is not only great for building strong abs but also strengthening the core in your body. As a result, it largely contributes to the hip flexors and the external obliques as well. Among these hanging leg raises benefits, the fact that it engages diverse muscle groups in different tasks is another standout point. To sum up, the workout guides in identifying the right spots in the body and work them out in need.

How to do hanging leg raises?

If you are looking to acquire hanging leg raises benefits right away, you have to work out daily. All you have to do is follow the instructions as given and go with the flow. We promise; it will work like magic for you! 

1. Stand in the frame. Let your arms rest on the chair. 

 2. Make sure that the position in which your arm sits, is firm. Identify this by figuring out if you can lift your body weight off the ground conveniently. 

 3. As you engage your ab muscles to prepare for the leg lift, breathe in.

 4. Bend your knees and lift them upwards. Your quads must be parallel to the floor. 

 5. When you bring your legs down, exhale. Return to the start position.   

6. Repeat this exercise in 8 to 10 raises for quality impacts. 

How to perform hanging leg raises with twists?

If you are looking for a more advanced method of working out your abs, this exercise is the head-turner. Hanging leg raises with a twists is not only helpful for building strong ab muscles in the body but also the obliques. This is the reason why more people are switching to this potential workout than the ordinary hanging leg raise. With simple tips and tricks, the exercise helps in building unparalleled strength in the body. This isolation exercise is simple and easy to perform for everyone. 

1. Hang freely on a pull-up bar by holding it with both hands firmly. Your hands must be shoulder-width apart and legs extended. Once your body is straight. Your knees should be together. Then, you can begin this exercise. 

 2. Start by flexing your hips and knees. Then, try to draw up your legs. Raise your knees to the right side, go beyond 90 degrees at your hip. Squeeze your obliques and abs at the top of the movement. 

 3. Gradually, bring your hips down and return to the start position. Repeat the movement on your left side.   4. Perform the hanging leg raises with a twists a few times to get the desired results.

How to perform weighted hanging leg raises?

The weighted hanging leg raises are useful in targetting the front abs and make them stronger. It is also incredible for lower abs and frontal oblique. Don’t worry as this exercise is comparatively easy to perform. If you remain consistent and practice this one daily, you can receive lump sum benefits in no time. Follow the instructions and continue to gain your dream body.

1. Put an ankle weight on both your ankles and squeeze a dumbbell on your feet. Hold a chin-up bar with an overhand grip. This is your initial position. 

 2. Now, gradually, breathe out. Bend your knees and bring your legs towards the stomach. Hold for contraction. 

 3. Now, as you inhale, return to the start position.   

4. Repeat the weighted hanging leg raises for instant benefits. 

Hanging leg raises alternatives for you

Although performing the hanging leg raise is not daunting at all, you might face some issues. If you do not want to practice the exercise, don’t worry. We have something in store for you that will help you to acquire the benefits without practicing the exercise. Let us check out some hanging leg raises alternatives for you. 

1. V-sit 

 If you are looking to activate the rectus abdominis and the iliopsoas, V-sit is perfect for you. Start by lying on your back with your arms extended overhead. Your legs should belong. Crunch up from your hips by raising your legs straight up. Raise your upper body and arms at the same time. At this point, don’t round your back or bring your knees down as it can cause injuries. Try to touch your toes with your hands. Return to the start position, press your back on the ground and repeat the exercise. 

2. Lying hip raises 

 If you are looking to build hanging leg raise abs, this alternative can help a lot. Press your hands on the ground and bring your hips, legs to control. Remember not to swing them as you may injure yourself. Once you have done that, lie with your head at the high end.  Hold the grips at the top of the bench and press your back into the padding. Press your legs together as you lift them. Lower your body with control and repeat the exercise.

The takeaway 

These were some of the most crucial details on hanging leg raises that you needed to know. If you follow the guide accurately, it is bound to help you gain the fitness benefits on time. You will also begin to standout like no other. That is why we hope that this article helps you in gaining your dream body and strong abs soon. Try it now! 


1. Are hanging leg raise abs helpful?

 Yes. The hanging leg raise abs are strong. 

2. Is this exercise useful?  

Yes. When you follow the instructions carefully, this exercise can provide numerous far-reaching results.

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