How to perform Hatfield Squat like an expert?

hatfield squat

The Hatfield squat is a variation in which unlike the traditional back squat you require a safety squat bar. The safety squat bar is a different barbell that has neck and shoulder pads. The bar is placed on the back as you squat down. Here you hold the safety rack for proper balance throughout the motion. 

Different Types of squats help in burning calories in a fun way. Apart from burning calories, they also help you gain stronger muscles in the lower body. This avoids the risk of injuries and provides you with a toned body. 

Hatfield Squat is not common, however, it is unfair to underestimate its effectiveness. This exercise allows the performer to perform a painless squat.

Why do you need a Safety Squat Bar?

The safety squat bar is nothing but a different barbell that additionally has neck and shoulder pads. The motive of these pads is to perfectly hold the bar onto the performer’s back. If you let your hands be free. However, a classic barbell can roll off to the floor while you squat down.

Muscles Targeted by Hatfield Squat

The muscles targeted during the Hatfield squat are the following:

• Quadriceps

• Gluteals

• Adductor Magnus 

• Trunk muscles (front abs, side abs, lower back)

• Calves

How to do Hatfield Squat

Do not forget a quick lower body warmup before performing these squats

  1. The safety squat bar has to be fixed in the hooks such that the neck pad’s base is the same height as your armpits.
  2. When you are done setting up your Squat bar, set the safety arms slightly lower than the position where the bar will stop when you squat down. This step is important as it can save you from serious injuries in case of failure.
  3. Set the barbell on the back securely by dipping under the bar.
  4. Let your body lift the bar off the rack and place your hands on the rack
  5. Adjust your stance width by taking two short paces backwards 
  6. While maintaining the grip of your hands on the rack, squat down.
  7. A major tip is to maintain the vertical stance of the body while bending the knees forward.
  8. Reach down as long as you think you can handle it. Hold for a second.
  9. Now push up through your heels and come up with the bar into the initial position.
  10. Repeat until you accomplish the desired number of reps.
  11. Step Little forward and bend your knees a little. Put the bar onto the hooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I perform Hatfield Squat using a simple bar instead of a safety bar?

We never recommend doing Hatfield Squat using a simple bar because it is not safe at all. Such bars can roll off the back and might cause you serious injuries.

2. Can I hold the band pegs or handles for support instead of the rack?

Absolutely yes, You can also hold band pegs to balance your squat.

3. Why should I perform Hatfield Squat?

It’s an effective variation of squats. This helps you strengthen the muscles of your body. It also helps you to improve the balance. It can also help you with your lower back injuries.

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