All about the Henry Cavil workout routine that you need to know

henry cavil workout

Henry Cavil’s superman look was a shocker for all of us. However, we all did love the new look that made him appear better and more handsome than ever. The question is, how did he manage to gain that body? While most people were sitting on their couch, feeling envious of him, others are striving to understand how he got there.
Well, if you are interested in unleashing Henry Cavil’s superman workout routine, we are here at your rescue. Let us help you find out the best about his workout routine to help you get in shape.

Henry Cavil Workout routine

Before you move on to anything, you should at least know what you are getting into. The Henry Cavil Workout routine is highly disciplined and requires you to focus positively on your bodybuilding skills. The workout is over four days.

The most motivating factor about this routine is that it allows you to have three rest days. So, you can workout heavy for these three days to enjoy a relaxing time. If you follow this workout pattern correctly, you will acquire the benefits instantly. So, there is minimal work for you to do!

Monday (Upper body, strength)
· Incline dumbbell press – 4 sets/5 reps
· Flat dumbbell press – 4 sets/5 reps
· Weighted pull-ups – 4 sets/5 reps
· Dumbbell or barbell row – 4 sets/5 reps

Tuesday (Lower body, strength)
· Deadlift – 5 sets/ 5 reps
· Front squat – 5 sets/6-8 reps
· Front lunges – 4 sets/8 reps per leg
· Calf raises – 5 sets/12 reps

Wed (Rest)

Thursday (Chest and Back, hypertrophy)
· Incline dumbbell press – 4 sets/8-10 reps
· Cable crossover – 4 sets/10-12 reps
· Weighted chin-ups – 4 sets/8-10 reps
· Seated cable row – 4 sets/10-12 reps

Friday (Shoulders and arms, hypertrophy)
· Seated dumbbell press – 5 sets/8-10 reps
· Side lateral raise – 5 sets/10-12 reps
· Front Lateral raises – 5 sets/10-12 reps
· Any bicep curl variation – 6 sets/10-12 reps
· Any triceps extension variation – 6 sets/10-12 reps

Saturday and Sunday (Rest)
If you want, you can do some tissue work or light cardio exercises. However, try to give your body the maximum rest for these days.

What to do if you want to lose weight and gain no muscle?

Yes, many people want to focus on losing weight and gain no muscle. For that matter, the workout routine above needs specific modification. In the paragraph below, we have done the same for you.

As a result, if you follow the workout routine given below, you will succeed in your attempt to lose weight and gain no muscle. Here’s how you have to do it!
On Mondays, do one less set of each workout.
On Tuesday, do one less for each workout except for calf raises.
On Thursday, do one less set of each workout.
On Friday, do one less set of each workout except for biceps and triceps.

While you are on your diet, the only thing that changes are the calorie requirement.
Beginners will generally lose fat and gain body muscle.

Are supplements required for the routine?

Typically, there are no supplements to recommend for this routine. However, if you feel like you should take something additional to boost your strength, protein powder would be perfect for the purpose. You can also take some multivitamin to increase your stamina and work out better next time.

It will help you work like magic. Other than that, fish oil is also a potential recommendation as it helps combat inflammation. It is also useful for creating a balance between Omega6 and Omega3.

Does this workout routine work?

Well, if it worked for a superstar like Henry Cavil, why wouldn’t it do the same for you? All you have to do is work out as per the instructions. Make sure that you do not customise anything on your own. If you have to make changes, make sure you consult your gym trainer for the same. They will help you understand what to do.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How many reps should we do?
    Around 10 to 12 reps of the workouts are sufficient for you to perform.
  2. Can I practice dynamic stretching on the weekends?
    Yes. You can also try and do some walking. All you have to do is avoid high-density activities.
  3. How many calories should I aim to get from FAT?
    It would be best if you aimed to get at least 20% calories from fat.
The bottom line

Henry Cavil’s workout is sure to do its job for you if you hit the right buttons. Make sure to practice the workout routine until you look just as handsome as him. All the best!