Here’s all about the ultimate hex bar deadlift for your benefits


If there is one workout I have to do for the rest of my life, I would pick deadlifts. If you may ask why this is because deadlifts are a life-transforming workout that engages the entire body muscles. As a result, this intense workout exercises the muscles, glutes, quads, core and even the lower back in the best manner. The best part is that deadlifts offer a host of variations for a more effective workout. Hex bar deadlift is one of them.  Since many people are not aware of this exercise, today we are going to discuss the hex bar deadlift in detail!

What is hex bar deadlift?

The hex bar deadlift is an incredible exercise that promises to work out the core, upper body and lower body. This intense workout is quite similar to a straight bar deadlift. However, there is a single difference that makes it a whole new workout on its own. Unlike the straight bar deadlift where the weights are in front of your body, in the hex bar deadlift people perform this workout in the centre of the bar. The hex bar deadlift muscles worked to make people look like a celebrity. Thus, this workout is highly recommended to everyone.

Hex bar deadlift benefits

 For those who perform the hex bar deadlift regularly, a host of benefits await them. To acquire these potential hex bar benefits people must follow the instructions carefully and workout accordingly. 

1. An incredible exercise for beginners 

 Most deadlift exercises are daunting for beginners. Since the steps are difficult, they are more prone to risks of injury than ever. However, hex bar deadlift benefits are an easy reward for all beginners who perform this exercise regularly. As the steps to perform the workout are easy, beginners can do this exercise without any hindrance. 

2. Decreased back stress 

 In a hex bar deadlift, the body is in alignment with the bar because it is standing right next to it. This is why there is a lesser risk of injury and decreased back stress. As a result, hex bar deadlift muscles worked are strong and more powerful than any other. 

3. An excellent alternative for deadlifts   As already discussed above, hex bar deadlifts are better than deadlift in a number of ways. Not only are these more convenient to perform but also provide a lesser risk of injury. More so, the hex bar deadlift benefits are better than the latter. This is why they make an excellent alternative to the deadlifts.

How to gain benefits from hex bar deadlift muscles worked?

The hex bar deadlift focuses more on the quads and upper trapezius. Thus, for those people who suffer from constant lower back problems, this exercise is a life savour. Full body strength and other benefits are also other impacts of the hex bar deadlift muscles worked.  How to do it- Stand in the middle of a weighted hex bar and squat to hold the handles. Your thighs should be just above parallel to the ground. The torso should be bent forward at a 45-degree angle. This is the start position. Drive your heels through the floor as you extend the knees and hips to reach a fully upright position. Once that is done, gradually lower the bar to the start position. Perform this exercise daily to get your hex bar deadlift muscles worked right away.

Hex bar deadlift VS barbell deadlift- which is better?

There are several reasons why the hex bar deadlift VS barbell deadlift debate is still ongoing. The primary reason for this is the fact that both these exercises are effective in so many ways to people. However, let us find out the difference between them. 

Those who perform hex bar deadlift will know that 1 repetition max for the deadlift is higher than the hex bar deadlift. 

When compared to the deadlift, hex bar deadlift is a safer exercise for beginners as it reduces the risk of injuries. More so, the deadlift is a very complex exercise that is difficult to get right in one take. But hex bar deadlift is quite the contrary.  Another comparison between the hex bar deadlift VS barbell deadlift is that the barbell deadlift is a better option when wanting to focus on the muscles directly. This is because the hex bar deadlift is similar to a squat exercise that cannot give benefits here.

The bottom line 

This ultimate guide on hex bar deadlift is going to help you build strong muscles in your body instantly. Do not miss out on this article to look like your favourite celebrity in no time.


1. Which is better among the Hex bar deadlift VS squat?

Since hex bar deadlift is a fusion of deadlift and squats it is a better option for you. 

2. Is this workout helpful?  

Yes. If you follow the instructions carefully, this workout can provide several benefits instantly.