Hip abduction is a physical therapy that is going famous across the corners of the world. It is the movement of your leg away from your body such as in the case of a ballet dancer when they pull their legs away at a barre or maybe a person kicking their legs to the away from the body out to any of the sides. This can also be observed in our daily lives when we are doing work involving usual routines such as walking, running, cycling, getting off our bed, or any such activity which might involve the extension of the leg away from your body.

Hip muscles include tensor fascia lata, gluteus minimus, and gluteus medius which help our body to do all such activities involving the movement of our legs and hips. It is highly important as they provide us with the capability to stand, sit, walk all perform any exercise that would involve the rotation of legs with any sort of difficulty. We can do any such activities without any trouble because we have hip abduction which regulates each and every normal day-to-day activity in our lives.

But trouble can be caused if this hip abduction machine is not functioning properly and make our lives harder by making things or the activities of our day-to-day lives hard. Many functions in our life will face lag due to such incapacity and can make our lives hard and every work painful. But there are various exercises which you can perform in order to make it function fully without any difficulty and with ease.



There can be many causes of hip abduction with can range from partially inactive to completely unfunctional which can make even our sitting harder as it involves the hip abduction muscles to crossing your legs or standing again. Simple activities of our lives can be affected by resulting in inactivity.


It is majorly caused due to wear down of the muscles over the course of time and lack of workout routine and busy schedules which allows us to sit for 24/7 at the same place. Also, while sitting we do not take care of our position and our backbone suffers a lot. It is not the result of a quick trauma or something which happened over a span of seconds but it happens over a span of a life-time when we become negligent and stop paying attention to all the sign our body is showing us so that it is not too late but we fail to observe them which lead to total disfunction of this area. These things are bad for your old age as you might end up inactive and other people have to face problems because of you. Moreover, it overall bad for your health, and people should give a major focus on maintaining a healthy diet with a workout routine every day.


You can prevent the pain by following a proper exercise schedule and following it every day. By following such exercises, it will also help your knees and hips and will provide strength to your muscles so that they do not have to face any further difficulty in handling day-to-day activities. It will also help prevent pain and if you are facing any concerns regarding your hips and knees, then exercises will treat the pain whoever hard or painful it may be. These movements are meant not only for the rotation of hips but also for the rotation of the muscles of the legs. All these muscles are important in regulating or stabilizing your everyday walk or any of the activities involving a one-legged movement.



Physical therapies are the most effective yet easy way to cure and treat pain. But these therapies are efficient in treating certain kinds of muscle pain very effectively. If you have severe pain in the knee and hip area then therapies are the one-stop solution to all your problems.

Physical therapies will provide you with a certain kind of exercise that you need to follow regularly. They include stretching and strengthening exercises for your muscles. It is a program where muscles are joints that are affected which are suffering from pain issues and need improvement. These exercises are effective in maintaining and rejuvenating the motion of legs and hips as they will also improve and promote the fine blood circulation in those parts by healing the affected area.

In order to adopt any kind of physical therapy, it will benefit your muscles and will activate the, and provide you better performance of the wide range of motions supported by it. It is also effective in reducing knee valgus which is when the knees cave inward due to muscle imbalance and following improper form of exercises or workout routine or training.

It will decrease your pain and will improve the effectiveness of your muscle so that you can perform usual activities without any sort of difficulty. And as there is a relationship between the knee and hip abduction it should be noted that you take care of them. Physical function is majorly related to and is due to hip muscle and therapies are effective in curing them over the time period of 2-6 weeks. There have been various surveys done on this basis and found positive results all the time



This is a simple exercise which you can perform anywhere even in your office. This exercise requires a chair.

1. Keep your hands at the back of the chair and stand straight.

2. Pull out one leg and lift it out as far as you can.

3. Remember that your legs should be horizontally straight while lifting the leg.

4. Repeat it for 3-4 minutes for around 5-6 months and you will find relief.


There are two types of lunges that you can perform:


1. You need to stretch your arms in a horizontal position while binding them together.

2. Extend your legs while keeping one leg behind and the other in the front.

3. Keep a bend in the front leg knee and keep the back-leg knee straight.

4. Exhale while spreading the arms in the front and inhale while bringing them closer to your chest.

5. Repeat this exercise for around 15-20 minutes every day for about 2 months and you can observe the effect.


1. Keep your arms on your waist and keep one leg behind and the other in the front.

2. Bend the front knee and tip-toe the leg behind while keeping it absolutely straight.

3. Exhale while bending and repeat it for around 12-15 minutes for 2-3 months to see change.


1. Lie on the ground with lying sideways and then keep one arm straight on the leg while the other under your heads to give a proper support.

2. Raise one side of the leg and repeat it for 2 to 3 seconds.

3. Then change side and do it with another side. Perform this for 15-20 minutes every day for the best results.


1. Are the machine used in hip abduction exercise is bad?

There is no certain answer as some researchers have found out that they are bad for our muscles. As they are meant to provide and strengthen your muscles and they are incredible in a way that they use a lot and weight and you can feel the strength while using them. Every exercise will give a fine blood circulation and improve it. But they can be dangerous if not performed with due and avoiding advice given by gym trainers.

2. Is hip abduction beneficial for gluten?

Yes, as the essential and the primary function of a gluten medius is to improve hip abduction and the muscles involved can also help in assisting the rotation and hip extension. All of them work together especially gluteus minimus and medius which are majorly involved in hip abduction.

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