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Our appearances should matter for us if it is portraying an unhealthy lifestyle. Due to our busy work culture there can be instances where we have to stick to a cabin job for an entire day which tends to affect our body severely in our old age. It immensely affects our spine as we sit in uncomfortable positions and forget to maintain a perfect body position. Our unhealthy food drags us deep into this misery where our hips suffer the most leading to full time bed rest and to avoid such a condition Hip extension exercises should become a form of our lifestyle to avoid mishappening.

Hip extension would generally mean an upward movement towards the rear of the body with the help of thighbone, hind leg or upper bone of the leg occurring in a longitudinal plane. A good example of sagittal or longitudinal plane would be sit-ups or biceps curls as the body is moving a forward and backward motion. Whereas flexion means the bending movement which diminishes the space or angle between bones of a limb at a particular joint.

Hip Extension exercises majorly involves hamstrings and Gluteus maximus. They both work together to encourage a backward quad movement.

In simple words, gluteus maximus is the strongest muscle in our body and is duly situated in the buttocks. It helps in the smooth movement of human thigh and hips. It is also refereed to as glutes. It is also the largest amongst all the gluteal muscles.

Hamstrings are also a group of muscles in our thighs. It helps in the movement of knee joint and helps our thighs in reaching even the back side of our body. It is one among the three posterior thigh muscles which helps in the movement or all the other physical activities.

Both of them are essential as they provide strength and more flexibility to sports person which helps them to decrease the chances of getting severe injuries. It monitors extensive movement of quads while swimming or running. Hip extension exercises also provides balance, tone and shapes up your quads and glutes. 



  • Place you hand on the ground and maintain a spine position.
  • Keep your spine straight and in a brace position.
  • Then slowly lift up you one leg in a straight horizontal position for 2-3 seconds.
  • Then return it in the rest or spine position
  • Repeat it for around 2-3 times with the same leg then perform the same with the other side of the leg
  • Remember to keep your neck straight and avoid bending it down



This type of exercise might be a little difficult for beginners and might also require help from personal or gym trainers as it may prove to be a difficult task to keep your spine in a required swimming position.

  • To maintain the position your upper body as well as lower body will be fully extended and for that you need to sleep on your stomach with your body completely straight.
  • Then lift both your arms and legs at the same time keeping them straight
  • Raise your head and chest too
  • Then flap your legs and arms together just like we do while we are swimming
  • Moreover, you need to take a note of your breathing and should avoid breathing heavily
  • Then you should return to the rest position after 4-5 seconds and repeat the same for around 12-15 minutes.



If you chose gym over working-out at home for your hip extension then there are various hip extension machines which will help you lose weight too.


  • Sit comfortably on the seat maintaining a straight posture but a slight arch at the back and join your hands in at front of your chest at a distance
  • Take the squats or thigh pads in the machine and place them to your thighs (as there are different hip abduction machines, in some the thigh pads might be placed outside so follow accordingly)
  • Place them in such a way that your knees are wide apart
  • Then start driving your knee closer and then away from each other


Kickbacks Hip Extension

  • To follow up this exercise maintain a brace spine position
  • Keep your neck straight
  • Then lift your only half making a V shape.


Such a kind of exercise is beneficial in the long run and are feasible as you can do them at any time and at any where

  • Grab a chair or any stable object and place your hands on the chair to maintain a balance.
  • Keep your body straight
  • Then extend your one leg backward slight in air (think about walking backward with an exception that your legs shouldn’t be on the ground but instead lifted a little up)
  • Remember not to extend it so much that your back tilts; your back should be straight in any circumstance while performing this exercise.



  • Tie a resistance band to one of your legs
  • Pull your leg in a way that you are walking (don’t place your leg on ground and them walk, lift it a little in the same way as we did in standing Hip Extension exercise)
  • Grab a chair to maintain balance.

Hip extension exercises are essential to regenerate the energy in dysfunctional muscles. The stress is then dispensed amongst different musculoskeletal system which might lead onto tissue damage because of excessive stress. To redesign your lifestyle choices, hip extension exercises are must to develop a perfect posture, for numerous physical activities, preventing or decreasing the chances of getting injured and above all to perform daily functionary activities without any glitch. 


1. Why is it important to include hip extension exercises?

It is duly important as it helps your glutes as well as hamstrings to work effectively. Moreover, as they are muscles which regulates our movement and provides support to our spine so it is equally important to focus on hip extension exercise as on any other kind of exercise. 

2. Are squats beneficial in helping hip flexors?

Yes, they are as they strength the hip muscles by engaging legs muscles at the same time.

3. What can cause hip muscles to become weak

There are various injuries which can cause a problem such as pes anserine bursitis or patellofemoral stress syndrome etc.

4. How would you know that you need to start taking hip extension exercise seriously?

You can know when hip extension exercise is in dire need is when your back starts hurting, or your slouching all the time or having problem in walking or facing problem in performing any sort of physical activity. 

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