The most potential Hip raises variations to maintain fitness

If you work in the office for long hours, back pain might be a common problem for you. This happens due to the inability of the muscle movements that causes the back to become stiff. Due to this reason, it is vital to exercise the body muscles properly so that they continue to function without any hindrance. 

 For this purpose, Hip raises is a potential exercise that activates glutes and builds more muscles all over. It also helps in burning body fat that can aid weight loss. 

Let us take a look at the potential variations for this exercise to maintain fitness! 

Hip raises benefits, variations to take away 

Before we discuss the variations of hip raises, we must discuss the several benefits it offers. 

  1. Improved flexibility- Since leg exercises demand the movement of the hip joint, it is integral to improve strength, agility and the flexibility of the hip joint flexors. Hip raise helps it all. Thus, hip raises benefits, variations can be useful for you in many ways. 
  2. Quick results- Experts have discovered several exercises to benefit the muscles of mankind but only a few have proven to be effective. Hip raise belongs to this list of effective exercises that guide people to improve their health in little time. This is the main reason why hip raise is in such high demand. 
  3. Lessens the pressure on the lower back- As dumbbell hip thrust, hip raise exercises allow the core to stengthen it supports the lower back. As a result, the lower back receives a decreased amount of strain and workload. 
  4. Improves balance- When the hips are lifted off the ground, the core muscles are engaged and activated. This is the reason why hip raises are said to improve balance considerably. Thus, hip raises benefits, variations are effective. 

Hip raises has several variations that you can perform for the utmost comfort and convenience. 

  1. If knees are lined up over your hips in a start position you can place your knees in any way. Many people have reported that crossing their ankles while performing the exercise renders them more comfortable. 
  2. The main goal is to make sure that your legs don’t get involved in the lifting motion. Thus, if you face any discomfort while performing the exercise, squeeze your legs. Remember that the isolation of abs and other body parts can be a challenging job and only squeezing your legs can help. Thus, hip raises benefits, variationsare quite convenient. 

How to do hip raises?


 If you have been thinking, how to do hip raises then, read the full instruction given below. Follow the steps given below to perform hip raises correctly. 

  1. Pull your navel inside the stomach and breathe in. 
  2. Now, once you start to lift your hips, exhale. Make sure your legs are lifted above. 
  3. When the lift is made, pull in your lower abs. 
  4. Gradually, bring your hips to touch the ground. Make sure you breathe in when you do this step. Your legs can be either kneeling or bent. 
  5. Repeat 10 to 12 per set. 
  6. When each set is done return your legs to the ground. So, for anyone who has been asking, “How to do hip raises?” this is the answer! 

How to do Lying hip raises? 

 If you are looking for a way to strengthen the glute and hamstrings, the lying hip raises is the best exercise to perform. This is one includes hip raise benefits, variations that can be very useful in various ways. Follow the instructions carefully to do the exercise. 

 Instructions to do the lying hip raises

  1. Lie flat on the ground with your hands also lying on the sides. Face the horizon while your back is facing the ground. This is the start position. 
  2. Make your legs rest on your knees as you are lying there. Once you do that, lift your hips immediately by only raising your upper body. 
  3. Once you perform the lift, return to the start position slowly.
  4. Keep repeating this a few times to get the desired effect. 

How to do Hip raises ab exercise?

If you are wondering how to do hip raises ab exercise, you have come to the right place. Follow the instructions carefully to do this exercise. 

  1. Lie on the ground with your spine facing the floor. Rest your hands on the sides. 
  2. Now, extend both the legs so that they are a little further from the floor. Bring your lower abs in and press your leg back to the floor. 
  3. Bend the knees into the chest, press the hips up and bring your hips to the floor. 
  4. You will complete one rep with the exercise. So, for everyone asking how to do hip raises ab exercise, this is it! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What safety precautions should I take while performing hip raises exercise?

If you feel a sharp pain in your abdomen while performing the exercise, consult a doctor immediately. 

2. Can I combine this workout with any other?

 Yes. You can combine hip raises with leg raise and leg extension if you may please. 

3. Should I lift my head while performing the exercise?

No. Keep both your neck and head still. Don’t lift them at any time. 

These were some of the best hip raises exercises that you could try out right now. Don’t forget to try these out to see the desired effect for yourself.