Best Home Fitness Training–Build Muscle Simply Gear And No Gym

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has taken away most of our outdoor luxuries, including that energetic stop at your favorite gym. Given that we now have to stay indoors, the occasional morning jog is not happening anytime soon. All that notwithstanding, you still need to think about your physical and mental well being.

An effective home workout plan is sure to bail you out during these unprecedented times. These plans are not restricted only to gym enthusiasts. Anyone who wants to improve their fitness during the lockdown will set aside a few hours of their day to workout.

Read on to learn some simple workouts that will help you remain in good shape throughout this whole period. You won’t need any gym equipment to get things going.

Basic Home Workout

Basic Home Workout

If you’ve not tried working out before, then you’ll need to start small and ease into more complex workouts. This approach allows your body to adapt to your new way of life. With time, you’ll have an easier time performing the tougher exercises.

Launch your home workout sessions with any of these exercises.

  • Push-Ups.

Simple as they are, these exercises work wonders on your upper body strength. Try three rounds of 10-12 push-ups for a start. Then push yourself to a point where you can do the push-ups without shaking unsteadily. Push-ups will work your shoulders, triceps along with your chest muscles. Work with a mat if the floor feels uncomfortable.

  • Squats.

For your lower body strength, squats will work fine. Regular squats will leave you with firmer thighs and buttocks. You’ll also have a better balance in your lower body and legs. Keep your feet hip-distance apart and your shoulders in position throughout this exercise. You want only to move your lower body as you build a solid strength foundation. 2 sets of 20 repetitions each should get you the desired result.

  • Lunges.

These exercises are ideal for improving your range of motion and overall posture. Besides the extra strength, you also get to build the tone of your core, legs, and glutes. Keep your back and chin up while your shoulders remain relaxed. Position your front knee above your ankle to ensure that the other knee doesn’t touch the floor when you lean forward. Let your heels support your body throughout.

  • The Bridge.

Strengthen your hamstrings and core with this at-home workout. Focus more on your hips and lower back as you work through the motions of this exercise. Lie on a yoga mat facing upwards and extend your arms while your feet remain flat. Widen your hips as you raise your bottoms and get back to your starting position slowly.

Intermediate Home Workout

Intermediate Home Workout

Once your body gets accustomed to your exercise routine, you can add additional exercises to build your muscles. You can choose to focus on your overall body, lower body, core, or upper body, depending on what you hope to achieve once this period is over. For a start, incorporate one or two exercises to your routine.

  • Bicep Curls.

You’ll need a pair of dumbbells to pull off this exercise, which aims at strengthening and building your biceps. Work to maintain a steady posture as you work with the lightweights. Work each arm independently to make the most of this exercise regime. Try to figure out any point of weaknesses on your less-dominant arm and work to improve its overall strength. Once you get comfortable, consider finding heavier weights for this exercise.

  • Tricep Kickbacks.

For firmer and shapely, toned arms, this set of exercises will make a difference. Support your right foot on a platform as you bend into position with a lightweight of your forearm. More than 80% of your arm muscles are activated as you extend your forearm backward and get it back to your starting position. Stabilize the upper arm with your shoulders as you work out the forearm.

  • Split Squats.

Build more strength in your core muscles and legs with the Bulgarian split squat. You’ll need to improvise a bench for this exercise. Rest one foot on the counter and place the other foot in front of your bench to get into the squatting position. You’ll then lean forward towards your front leg as you bend the rear knee. Hold your front thigh parallel to the ground for a few seconds before getting back to the starting position. Switch legs after 10 – 12 repetitions.

  • Crunches.

Strengthen your body core and exercise your abs with this slightly rigorous home exercise. Rest on your back and bend your knees while your feet remain on the floor. With your hands behind your head, try lifting your chest and feet simultaneously. Hold the position for a few seconds before getting back to the starting position. Fifteen repetitions of this exercise are enough to work your abs adequately.

Ultimate Home Workout

  • At this point, you’re trying to consolidate your muscle strength and overall body stability. A set of resistance bands, to go with the dumbbells and exercise balls, can come in handy for this set of exercises.
  • The Lateral Band Walk.

Increase the stability of your knee joint and improve hip firmness with this technical exercise. Wrap the resistance band around your legs slightly above your ankles. Spread out your legs till the band gets tight then move into a half-squat position as you bend your knees. Take a sideways step with one leg as your weight shifts to the other leg. Switch legs after 8 to 10 side steps. With this exercise, you are sure to improve your movement efficiency and overall body mechanics.

  • Resistance Band Row.

Strengthen your upper back muscles as you work your arms with the rowing exercise. From a standing position, wrap the resistance band around steady support and hold the handles on each arm. Keep your abs tight and extend your arms out in front of you. Pull the handles towards your back until your elbows get behind you. Release slowly as your arms get back to your starting position.

  • Lat pulldowns.

Lats form part of your back muscles that make up the muscles of the core. Building these large muscles of the back provides a reliable and sturdy base for your body. Hitch the resistance band on a handle of a closed door and seat facing away from the door. With a handle in each hand, pull the band downwards until you get your elbows on your side. Release the handle slowly to the starting position. You’ll need high endurance to get through this exercise regime.

  • Decline Push-ups.

Place your feet slightly higher than your hands as you significantly increase the difficulty of the basic push-up. Customize the intensity of this exercise with an adjusted height for your feet for each repeat. Once you have your feet in position, adjust your body to ensure that it is in a straight line from shoulders to toes. Bend your elbows to your chest while maintaining an aligned body position. Push up to get your elbows back straight up, then perform steady repetitions as you keep your form stable. Take your upper body strength training routine a notch higher with the advanced push-up. Be sure to warm up your elbows and shoulders with a few basic push-ups.

In Conclusion

Ensure you workout four to five times per week to achieve a balanced exercise program. Increase the duration and intensity of your workout regimes progressively as your body responds in kind. You’ll get the body you always dreamed about while staying healthy throughout this period. Your success will be a combination of the pounds you gain and the way you look and feel about your rejuvenated body.

Don’t allow yourself to get unhealthy and lethargic during the COVID-19 lockdown. Find a routine that works well for you and stick to it. You can always choose to carry on with these workouts when things eventually get back to normal. Remember to watch your diet as you take up these simple home workout plans.

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