Best At Home Full Body Workout with no equipment

home workouts

Working out at home has many benefits and is no less effective than gym workouts. All you need is a combination of effective exercises. Hence, we created a set of exercises that will work out the whole body with no equipment.

Here are ten home workout exercises that will burn every muscle in your body and keep your body in shape without going to the gym or lifting those heavy weights leading to injuries. 

Follow the regime with a 30 seconds gap between each set.


Major Part Engaged: Legs

Position: Stand with legs together. Rest your hands on the side of the thighs. 

The Move: 

1. Bend the knees slightly. 

2. Jump and bring the legs out on the sides with that, pull the hands upwards up to shoulder level like airplane wings.

3.Jump back to close legs and hands resting on the sides.

Reps: 15-20

Sets: 2


Major Part Engaged: Full Body

Position: Stand with legs open up to shoulders’ width.

The Move: 

  1. Bend the knees to a full squat and place your hands on the floor with elbows between the knees. We better call it a frog posture.

2. Push the legs at the back with feet parallel with your ankles and acquire a plank posture with ankles straight. 

Tip: Squeeze the core and contract the glutes, which remains the most important point for doing the burpee in the right way.

Caution: To avoid any lower back injuries, avoid bending the back while performing planks.

3.Bring your legs in front by jumping and swinging your feet until the knees are between the elbows again and you are back to the frog posture.

4.Now, swing the whole body up in the air by stretching the hands straight up.

Tip: Jump with engaging the whole of your body to make each burpee you do much more effectively.

With this, we complete one burpee. 

Reps: continue for 1 minute

Sets: 2


Major Part Engaged: lower body and core


1. Stand shoulder-width apart, and feet pointed about 15 degrees outwards.

2.Look straight and bend the knees. Keep the core tight. 

The Move: Slowly bend the knees and come down into a chair sitting posture. Hold for a couple of seconds. And come up back to the posture.

Reps: 12-15

Sets: 2


Major Part Engaged: Full body

Position: 1. Stand shoulder-width apart.

2.Lock the palms in front of the chest and bend the knees slightly. 

The Move: Jump in the air with an extra push. Go as high as possible. 

Reps: 12-15

Sets: 2


Major Part Engaged: arms and shoulders

Position: Acquire push-up position with palms a little wider than the shoulder width. Rest the knees on the floor

The Move: 1. Bend the elbows and drop the upper body down without bending any joint on the upper body until your chest is about to touch the floor. Keep the core tight.

2.Push up until straight elbows. 

Reps: 8-9

Sets: 2


Major Part Engaged: Glutes

Position: 1. Lie down on the left side of your body.

2. Straighten your legs one on the other. Rest your head on your left hand or a pillow. 

The move: Lift the right leg in the air up to 45 degrees and bring it down. This is one rep.

Reps: 15-15 on both sides

Sets: 2


Major Part Engaged: Core and Arms

Position: 1. Lie down on the chest.

2. Rest the upper body on forearms and palms touching the floor. 

3.Raise the whole body and rest the upper body on the toes. Keep the whole body straight and the core engaged. 

The move: Hold the posture with the core tight and the core engaged.

Reps: 30 seconds to 1 minute

Sets: 2


Major Part Engaged: Shoulders and core

Position: Get in the plank posture on your elbows.

The Move:

1. Place the palm of one hand on the floor and push up, following with the other arm until you’re in a push-up position. 

2. Now, place one elbow on the floor following the other until you reach the plank position. With this, you complete one rep.

Tip: Don’t bend the spine throughout the exercise. Keep the core engaged in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the exercise. 

Reps: 8-10

Sets: 2


Major Part Engaged: Shoulders

Position: Lie down completely on the floor with chest to toe touching the floor. Keep the arms extended on the sides, making a ‘T’ with the body and arms altogether.

The Move: Lift your arms accompanied with the chest and head little in the air and hold for a couple of seconds until you feel the burn in your shoulders.

Tip: Take rest if you feel the strain of the neck.

Reps: 15-20

Sets: 2


Major Part Engaged: Core


1. Lie down completely on the floor.

2. Bend the knees and place the feet hip-width apart on the floor. Cross the hands on the chest.  

The Move: 

1. Contract the abs, inhale and lift the upper body towards the knees up to 45 degrees. 

2. Come down to the posture

Tip: relax the neck throughout 

Reps: 20-22

Sets: 2