Home Workouts Without Equipment-The Best Way To Keep Fit At Home

The Best Way To Keep Fit At Home

Workouts in the form of physical exercise are essential for everyone, for people of both genders and for people of all age groups.  The main objective of physical workouts is to remain healthy, to live a disease free life. Many are also interested in bodybuilding, in doing workouts to develop muscles, to have a great physique for everyone else to see and appreciate. These segments of physical workouts are entirely different from the other segment of workouts, which are done to keep fit and healthy.

Now, these physical workouts need certain support systems. These exercises have to be executed in a gymnasium which is furnished with latest workout equipment. But there are some who cannot go to a gymnasium for certain reasons and have to do their workouts at home only. Every home may not have or can accommodate equipment for physical workouts. So certain sets of exercises at home workouts without equipment have also been designed for benefit of such people.

Workouts at Home without Equipment

For persons, who are hard pressed for time and cannot afford to spend time in commuting to gymnasiums, can definitely spend at least 15 to 20 minutes to do a short, equipment free workout at home.  These workouts can be adjusted while a person is getting ready for work, in the short breaks in doing daily chores, or becoming prepared for his/her evening activities.

These short exercises are best done in circuits. These workouts have designed by specialists and are all scientifically established exercises, which can be completed in 20 minutes circuit. Each set of workouts is targeted to a particular part of the body. These workouts are intense but one must over exert him/herself in exercising. Workouts must be intense enough to leave energy for one more repetition.

How To Start Properly?

Before one starts exercising, please make sure to warm up at first. The best ways to warm up is to move around a little, doing some sets in slow motion, to prepare the body for intense workouts. High knee jumping jacks and some stationary jogging will also be of immense help to warm up perfectly.

One must have a proper medical check-up to have his/her updated health profile. This is essential. Any health problem, such as high blood pressure, cardiac problems, Diabetes, any previous injuries causing damage to internal organs, any bone or muscle complication must be thoroughly discussed with a medical practitioner first. The doctor him/herself plays a decisive role to charter out a suitable workout plan for the person who is interested to do home workouts without equipment.

Best Home Workouts Without Equipment

Given below is a set of home workouts that can be done without any help of equipment. The complete circuit of sets would take about 20 minutes to complete. These exercises should be done, realizing fully well one’s physical limitations. One should go as fast as he/she conveniently can. Attention must be given to do each workout properly with full range of activities. One should have a target to complete the circuit of setups for at least five times.

1. Push Ups

Pushups should be done for at least 10 times in each set of the circuit. The push-up exercise should be easy and slow at first and increase speed as much as possible.

2. Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jack is jumping on a single spot. It is one of the best cardio exercises.  One must start slowly at first and increase speed and intensity as much as possible. This exercise must be done for at least one minute per circuit.

3. Spider Lunges

These sets of exercises are designed for upper and lower torso both. These sets should be done for at least 10 sets each circuit. Here also, one should start slowly first and increase speed and intensity as per convenience.

4. Jumping Jack- Turn Two

This exercise now should again be repeated for two minutes this time with greater intensity and speed. The exercising person must feel the heat this time.

5. Jumping Lunges

This workout is specially designed for whole body workout. Special attention has been given to lower limbs and chests and arms of the person. This set of workouts should be done for minimum 10 sets per circuit.

6. Jumping Jacks- Turn Three

This exercise now should again be repeated for three minutes this time with greater intensity and speed. The exercising person must feel more heat this time.

7. Walkouts

This is an exercise which consists of series of activities:

  1. Stand erect.
  2. Bend down from waist to touch the ground.
  3. Walk on your palms till you reach the optimum stretch.
  4. Go back on your palms in your initial bend waist ward position.
  5. Stand back erect again.

This complete turn should be counted as a single set. There should be minimum ten walkouts per circuit.

Exercise At Home Without Equipment

One should do these sets of equipment free home workouts regularly and meticulously. One should start the clock and start doing ten pushups in a perfect way. It should be followed with Jumping Jacks for full one minute. One must keep doing Jumping Jacks till the clock sets for One minute. Then without resting much, one should move to Spider Lunges for ten sets, each side. It should be followed by a repetition of Jumping Jacks again, this time for two minutes flat. Then, one must move to the next set of exercises, the Jumping Lunges. This workout must be repeated for ten sets each side. Again this has to be followed by Third Round of Jumping Jacks, this time for three minutes flat. This circuit of workout set should be finished with ten sets of walkouts, done perfectly.

When the person becomes perfect in these equipment-free home workouts, this entire circuit of workout sets should be finished within twenty minutes. But one must pay attention to how much his/her body is able to take and adjust accordingly.

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