The Perfect hot Crossfit girl to follow on Instagram right away


Are you looking for some fitness inspiration? Have you been trying hard to lose weight this season, all in vain? Well, if you just don’t seem to get motivated enough to work out, you aren’t exposing yourself to enough influence. So, what do you think you need to do? -Get yourself a strong fitness influence to make you jump off the couch and work that body out.  

Here’s a list of hot crossfit girl you need to follow on Instagram right away for this job! 

Hot Crossfit girl you just can’t get enough of

1. Zummer Pagan

With more than 40.5 thousand followers on Instagram, Zummer Pagan has made her way into the top fitness influencers in no time. This beautiful woman who hails from Puerto Rico is one of the Instagram hot CrossFit girl who never fails to amaze us. Titled as the “Fittest girl in Puerto Rico,” Zummer talks about fitness coaching and different ways that we can keep ourselves fit. She also preaches self-love through many of her Instagram posts which motivate us to take care of ourselves even better.

2. Heidi Somers 

Famous for her gym wear collection @buffbunny_collection, Somers believes in the mantra of fitness and preaches us the same through her hot Instagram handle. By posting hot photos of herself wearing clothes that reveal her fit body, she inspires every Instagrammer to get up and get fit immediately. With more than a million followers on her Instagram handle, Somers has also managed to top the list of Instagram hot Crossfit girl

3. Sarah Stage

A fabulous woman and an even more fabulous mother, Sarah Stage gives us fitness goals every day via her hot Instagram handle. The stage is not just a fitness influencer but also a trainer who trains people to maintain fitness. With more than 2 million followers, Sarah manages to stand out in the crowd as Instagram hot CrossFit girl who is a mother now. One look at her and you’ll know why we can’t get enough of her!

4. Julie Foucher

Another talented woman with a hot body, Julie Foucher is a 4x CrossFit Games athlete and a Family Physician. She uses the medium of her Instagram to talk about nutrition, fitness and positivity in general via her posts. This beauty with a brain has also managed to become an Instagram hot CrossFit girl in no time. Follow her on Instagram. You’ll know whom to stalk every day!

5. Carly Baker 

One of the hottest actresses, presenter and personal trainer, Baker is also into martial arts. Whenever her celebrity life takes a break, she slips into fitness training to keep her fans engaged. Her hot body will make you crave one for yourself. This Instagram hot CrossFit girl will surely make you want the same sexy body that she maintains.

6. Anna Hulda 

Among the rare woman who is beauty with brain, Anna is on top. Hulda is not only an Olympics winning weightlifter but also an Instagram hot CrossFit girl turned into mother. She has also worked as an assistant professor at the University of Iceland before. Hulda is the brand ambassador for Vivo Life and preaches the art of healthy eating. No wonder she is one of the hottest mothers you will ever come across

7. Stacie Tovar 

Creator of the Nutritional Lifestyle, Stacie Tovar is another Instagram hot CrossFit girl like the rest mentioned above in the article. She is not only changing lives by inspiring them to follow the mantra of fitness but also an active sportsperson in the CrossFit games.

8. Lauren Fisher 

One of the youngest Instagram hot CrossFit girl, Lauren Fisher is a dedicated fitness freak. The youngest games athlete has also managed to make three games appearances and five regionals during her working here. Indeed, she is a fitness inspiration for many girls out there.

9. Amanda Zaia

One of the most popular Instagram hot CrossFit girl, Amanda Zaia is another massive fitness freak we know. Her Instagram handle is going to make you want to crave a body like hers. Not only does she coach in Brazil but also represents Latin America. This woman is a beautiful inspiration to all her Instagram followers. All her Instagram followers look up to her as female fitness models

10. Kristen Graham

With an experience of multi-sport, this Instagram hot CrossFit girl has made a benchmark of her own. The model had been titled the top 60 in the US-North East. She continues to bear the title with pride and effort. Indeed, Graham deserves to be the gorgeous and talented woman that she is.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Does following Instagram hot CrossFit girls inspire you?

Yes. Once you start following Instagram hot CrossFit girls and come across their fitness posts, you will be motivated to gain a beautiful body like them and work hard for it. Try this out it works! 

2. Can you please name some more Instagram hot Crossfit girls to follow?

 Brooke Wells

 Kayli Phillips 

 Laura Hughes

 Becca Day 

 Chyna Cho

Make sure to gain your fitness inspiration from these hot CrossFit girls on the list we have shared above in the article. They will surely make your work out like never before! 

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