How Long Should You Use a Foot Massager?

Foot Massager

Ah! My leg!!- Here it goes again. My granny just can’t sleep properly at night for the foot pain. Nowadays, I also get some weird feeling in my leg when I go to bed. My friends have suggested a foot massager to get a relaxing foot. But how long should you use a foot massager? 

Firstly, it depends on the condition and secondly, the maximum massage’s ideal time of usage is 20 to 30 minutes. But still, this timing is an assumption as more factors are required while using a foot massager. You have to bear in mind that not all feet come with the same absorbing sensation. Confused already? Well, don’t be! Let’s find out together about the timing and the usage of the foot massager from this article.

How to use a foot massager

Before knowing the time of usage of the foot massager, you have to see the foot massager’s work and use.

It is our feet that work continuously without complaining and make us go for a long time. It is our fault that we do not pay heed to take care of the leg health and the result is a tired and restless leg at night.

That is when we think about getting a foot massager to give the leg some relaxation. Now you have to know which type will work for your leg as there are two types – the open one and the closed one. Some massager comes with numerous functionalities and you have to keep sound knowledge to operate them.

You can use manual ones like roller, shiatsu and reflexology, etc. you can also think of getting the electric one as it works with vibration, heat and intensity level.  Are electric foot massagers good for you? Massager House says, yes, it is entirely harmless without any side effects.

While using the foot massager to get the utmost benefit, you have to follow the instruction properly. With the manual one, you have to use the roller or take a massage from a therapist until a certain time. The electric one is the easiest one to operate and also the effective one. Make the desired setting in the massager and put your feet on it. Now relax and wait until the massage is finished.

What are the foot massager benefits?

To keep your feet relaxed, there is no alternative to a foot massage. After taking a massage, your blood circulation will get a boost and you will always be in a happy mood. There is research that says that if one takes a foot massage for 10 minutes regularly, his body will stay healthy for a long time as the blood circulation gets improved.

How long should you use a foot massager?
  • Increase blood movement

When your feet feel the vibration, the blood circulation gets increased in the body. All the nerves stay connected in our feet, so the stimulation boosts blood circulation.

  • Fights with depression

Believe it or not, after taking a foot massage, your depression will go away surprisingly. Because while taking massage, the happy go hormone endorphins get released and you will feel satisfied.

  • Heals injury

If you have problems like muscle cramps, soreness and pain, the foot massage helps to heal these problems. The foot massage reaches in the deep tissue and works to heal the injuries.

  •   Pain relief

We all tend to take pain killer medicine to get relief from the pain. But the foot massager is the best option to get relief from the pain. By taking the foot massage, your chronic pain will get healed gradually.

  •   Good night sleep

For tiring feet, we can’t sleep well at night. After taking a foot massage, the relaxation and smoothness help to take a good night’s sleep.

How long should you use a foot massager?

How long should you use a foot massager?

As there is no certain timing of taking a massage, so you have to take it per your condition. Different complications require different massage duration. Let’s find out which condition requires how much time:

Neuropathy and circulation

The most delicate and sensitive part is our feet. While taking a massage, measure the time until you feel relaxed and comfortable. This measured time is the duration of the foot massage you require to get the proper blood circulation and nerve intensity gets stronger. The estimated timing is 20 to 30 minutes.

Gout and arthritis

By taking foot massage, chronic pain like arthritis gets relief. Because the massage stimulates the blood circulation, so the patient gets quick relief. Note down the time when you relax. You may need to take a massage three times a week.


Though this disease is a genetic disease, the pain gets less and you will feel relaxed for the foot massage. Check how long it requires to reach the relaxing moment while taking a massage. You may need to take a foot massage for 3-4 weeks.

Plantar Fasciitis

Most senior persons suffer from this complication in the bone. The foot massage is the best medicine for this pain. When you are taking a massage, note down the duration of the point when the pain gets less. You may need a massage weekly.

Flat feet

For the flat feet condition, imbalance, pain and stress make your life miserable. No worries, the foot massager gives you relief from this problem. Check the timing when you feel your pain stress is quieter than before. Take massages 2 to 3 times weekly.


If you have a frequent headache, then foot massage works as the healer. It helps to reduce the pain after taking a massage. You can note down the time duration that heals your headache. You may require three times massage to get rid of the pain.

Back pain

Nowadays, it is a common condition in every age. To heal this pain, you can take a foot massage as it stimulates the lymph nodes to release the pain. Know the duration while taking the massage. You may need to take a 60 to the 90-minute session to feel good.

Pale feet

Sometimes your feet will get pale for improper blood circulation. The foot massage helps to make the circulation flow normal. Make sure you know the duration of the massage that makes the circulation regular. The session may require 30-60 minutes.


Before getting a foot massager, you have to know how long you should use a foot massager because you have to schedule your lifestyle according to it. It is now beyond impossible to take time from our busy lives to go to a therapy center for massage. Thanks to the technology, they have invented a foot massager that can be used anytime you want. You can enjoy the benefits of foot massage before bed by taking a foot oil massage. You will stay relaxed and you can have a good night’s sleep for sure.

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