How to do a cartwheel most simply?


The cartwheel is a movement forming a foundation of gymnastics skill. Cartwheel is a fast movement involving a lot of balance and stability. In addition, it has other physical benefits that include strengthening your upper body and shoulders and helps to increase stability and balance. 

For learning cartwheel, you should prefer a softer ground like a garden to avoid intense injuries. Start practising the steps slowly, one by one.

We have simplified the move by breaking it into short steps and thus making it easy. 

Follow the steps carefully.

  1. Start with a lunge.

Step the dominant leg in front and bend it slightly. Your other leg should be straight at the back. Take the arms up, keeping them straight above your head with shoulders near your ears.

2. Put your hands on the ground one after one.

Place the palm that is on the same side as your dominant leg on the floor. Next, give a body an upwards push. After you raise the body a little more, place your right palm as well. 

3. Kick to make a ‘Y’ with your legs

Kick with your forward leg and bring both of the legs up without bending the knees.

4. Landing

Land the forward leg on the floor first. Then, keep that leg straight and land the other leg on the floor in a lunge posture with the second leg a little bent. 

And it’s done, simple!

The Takeaway

If you are a gymnast lover or not, it’s still your thing. It’s not as hard as it seems to be. Follow the steps given each day chronologically. Perform on soft grounds to avoid injuries as a beginner.