How to do a freestyle handstand?


The handstand is a movement forming one of the foundations of gymnastics skill. Handstand is a fast movement involving a lot of balance and stability. It has other physical benefits that include strengthening your upper body, arms and shoulders in particular. The move is not just an exercise but also great fun. 

Doing a handstand is simple. All you need to have is patience and practice. Here we have made it rather simpler by breaking the whole movement into steps. 

For learning a handstand, you should prefer a softer ground like a garden to avoid intense injuries. Start practising the steps given below slowly one by one.

Steps To do a handstand

  1. Stretch out the arms and legs.

 A hand Stand is a quick movement involving instant stretching of arms and legs. Stretching and warming up the body is necessary to avoid injuries in muscles, joints and limbs. 

Warm up the following muscles: Wrist, Shoulders, Belly.

2. Stand in a relaxed way with feet shoulder-width apart

Stand in a comfortable position and relax

3. Step in front with your dominant leg.

 Don’t bend any of the legs while you step your dominant leg in front. This step should have enough power to kick the body up in the air.

4. Bend and place hands.

Simultaneously lift the body and place the palms on the floor. Keep the arms straight and bring them at 90 degrees while bringing the body up at the same time.

5. Straighten and balance.

Bring the body straight without bending the hands or the legs. Balance the whole body on your hands and lower palms. Try to keep the body as stable as possible. Stability is only possible once the body is entirely straight.

6. Hold.

 Hold the body up on your hands at 90 degrees for as much time as you can.

7. Come down.

Split the dominant leg at the back and slowly bring the body down with your hands still straight. Next, drop the dominant leg on the floor and drop the other leg by simultaneously taking the hands up. Again, keep the hands straight until you come into a relaxed posture. 

8. Practice.

Practice is the only way to success. This move is simple but needs a lot of practice to perform it like a pro. So practice it whenever you get time on a soft surface to avoid injuries.

Easy Variation of Handstand

This variation is simple as you use a wall to stand up straight. Practice balancing on your hands using this variation and later switch to a traditional handstand. This will make the traditional handstand simpler. 

Follow the steps.

  1. Get in the pushup position with the feet facing the wall. 
  2. Slowly, start climbing the wall one feet at a time and gradually shift the placement of the hands back one by one as you climb up more.
  3. Climb with hands straight.
  4. Reach the maximum height and kick the toes against the wall to bring the legs to 90 degrees.
  5. Balance and hold the posture until you can.
  6. When you’re done, touch the toes to the wall.
  7. Land softly to the ground.

Be patient with the move to avoid any harsh injuries. 

The Takeaway

Handstand is a fun move that has other physical benefits. It’s not that hard to perform a handstand. We have broken the whole movement into easy steps. All you need to carry is patience, and all you need to do is practice until you do a handstand like a pro.

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