How To Do Burpee : Benefits & Variations


Burpee is a full-body workout exercise, but you should make sure you are doing burpee the right way before looking for results. The total number count should be of less relevance than the perfection of each step because every step counts. We shall focus on the little things such as the focus area of the muscle and some precautions for making each burpee more effective and safer.

Here is a guide to do a perfect burpee.

How To Do a Burpee – The Right Way

Position: Stand with legs open up to shoulders’ width.


  1. Bend the knees to a full squat and place your hands on the floor with elbows between the knees. We better call it a frog posture.

2. Push the legs at the back with feet parallel with your ankles and acquire a plank posture with ankles straight. 

 Tip: Squeeze the core and contract the glutes, which remains the most important point for doing the burpee in the right way.

 Caution: To avoid any lower back injuries, avoid bending the back while performing planks.

3. Bring your legs in front by jumping and swinging your feet until the knees are between the elbows again and you are back to the frog posture.

4. Now, swing the whole body up in the air by stretching the hands straight up.

 Tip: Jump with engaging the whole of your body to make each burpee you do much more effectively.

With this, we complete one burpee. 

Continue doing and decide the number of reps and sets you think is feasible to achieve as a beginner.

Benefits Of Doing Burpees

  • You must have wondered how every part of the body aches when you commence doing burpees.
  • Burpees burn your arms, shoulders, chest, core, glutes, and every part you name. Precisely it is a full-body exercise.
  • Burpees are a renowned exercise for muscle building, but it also proves much effective for fat burning. 
  • It works on your strength and mobility in the routine. Every part engaged is strengthened with time; all you require is consistency.
  • It also tests the body balance accompanied with stability, and performing it regularly improves the stability with time. 

In short, The burpee would be a tricky pick for keeping you in the ideal shape.

How To Add Burpees To Your Workout

Beginners are recommended to perform burpees for one minute with slow yet perfect moves after a rational full-body warmup. Later you may increase the number count or the time according to the efficiency of the body.

A pre-burpee warmup is highly recommended to avoid muscle injuries as burpees engage the whole body.


It’s okay if you are not able to perform burpee exercises effectively or not at all. It’s time for you to build the base for performing this high-intensity exercise.

Start exercises such as planks, squats, high jumps, arm workout individually as burpee is nothing but combining all these exercises with a swift transition between them.



This tip will make the burpee less tiring and easier for beginners.

While acquiring the plank position, take one leg and then another rather than taking and bringing both together.

Follow this while coming back to the front posture again.


  • Add a push-up after the plank. This will certainly make the burpee harder and more effective for the core and arms.
  • Intensify the burpees by replacing higher and difficult jumps in your burpee reps.
  • A tough but worth-performing version is a one-leg burpee. Perform the same moves with one leg in operation and the other in the air. It will challenge and improve the unilateral balance of the body.