Learn how to do dips at home in the simplest yet effective way


The development of strong muscles in the body is vital. Not only do Muscles combat cardiovascular diseases, problems of breathing and constipation but also the issue of hypertension. Although your gym trainer might provide certain workouts to build muscles, not all of them are most likely to benefit as much as dips.

So, if you’re interested in learning about how to do dips at home, you are in the right place!

Benefits- How to do dips at home

1.Builds stronger muscles in the body

Dips require immense muscle movement by compelling the full body weight to pull together for the exercises. As the entire body works together to do the dip workout, the muscles in the body get activated and build even better.

2.Fosters the pushing strength

In our daily lives, pushing movement plays a very important role. By performing dips regularly, helps us to boost our overall pushing strength, enabling us to perform several difficult tasks easily.

3.Helps improve bench press

Since dips help you to improve pushing strength, it is also simultaneously guiding you to boost your bench press. As the pushing movements while doing dips, stimulates your body to make gains, the dip performance indirectly also improves the bench press.

4.Works the upper body

Dips are most significantly performed to improve the triceps and chest muscles. Regular dip workouts can have a massive impact on your upper body thus making you look sharper than ever. If you’re the type who is worried about, “how to do dips at home for triceps?”, check out the various exercises below to work your upper body.

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How to do dips at home?

Since a number of people do not hit the gym regularly, the question, is “how to do dips at home?” Well, the answer, in this case, is simple- Using basic tools at home that can help you to perform dips without any hassle. Whether it is a chair, a table, stairs and even the kitchen counter, there is a variant of options that we can use for dips without facing any inconvenience. As most of these tools are readily available at every home, it will rid you of most of your problems.

1. Chair


A pair of strong chairs are great for this type of workout. Just know that it might take you some time to adjust with this workout but once you get the hang of it, there will be no tool better. This is the easiest equipment to find at home so make sure you use it to your advantage. All you have to do is a place both the chairs facing backwards of each other. Now, place your arms on the sides of both the chairs. Now, make sure your torso is forward. At this point, lift your feet and do the exercise. So, the next time you wonder “how to do dips at home for chest?”, remember this workout.

2. Bench/ Bar tool


Now, if you’ve got a bench or a bar tool, you can stop worrying about, “how to do dips at home for triceps?” Performing triceps can help you to improve your triceps muscles and make them stronger. It also helps to maintain a good upper body without facing much inconvenience. All you have to do is, sit on your chair and hold the edges tightly next to your hips. Make sure your fingers are facing your feet. Face the horizon. Now slowly, lift your body and slide a bit forward. At this point, your elbow should be bent at a right angle. Now gradually return to the start position and repeat the exercise you just did. Just make sure you perform it safely and do not risk yourself to injuries.

3. Any type of Parallel bars


Now, you might have a set of parallel bars at home. Whether it’s the grill of your staircase or a pair of clutches, anything will do. You can also use a set of rings for this purpose. For those who have been wondering, “how to do dips at home for triceps?”, this one is perfect yet a little complex. Thus, it is most recommended for fitness enthusiasts who are professionals or who are prone to many advanced exercises already. For this exercise you need to, hold the rails or the parallel bars tightly. Now, by contracting a little force the entire body weight on both your arms. Now bend both knees to lift yourself in the air. Now lower your body gradually. Now, pause in this position for a minute or so. After this, now return to the lifted position. Practice this exercise 10 to 12 times for improvement in your triceps.

4. The back of a straight couch


We have another incredible exercise, for your question, “how to do dips at home for chest?” The back of a straight couch is amazing for this purpose, as it allows a smoother surface for a workout without any risk of injuries. Put your hands on the couch. Now lower yourself a little and then raise yourself back again. By practicing this chest dip at least 10 to 12 times, you will be able to improve your chest muscles and work out your upper body without any hesitation. You should definitely try this if you are looking for quick results. Although it might sound a little too easy, it is one of the best workouts that you can do to help improve your chest.

5. Kitchen counter


If you’ve been wondering, “how to do dips at home for chest?”, this is another stunning workout that you can opt for. The kitchen counter is one of the safest places to perform an effective dip exercise. Opt for the V-shaped counter of your kitchen to perform this exercise without facing much hassle. Fit your body into the empty space between the V-shaped counter of your kitchen. Now, put your hands on either side of the counter. Make sure it isn’t slippery to avoid the risk of injuries. Now lift your body and gradually bring it down to the ground. Keep practicing this exercise regularly. For all those people who are wondering, “how to do dips at home for triceps?”, even you can make use of the kitchen counter using different positions for a workout.


If you’re wondering, “how to do dips at home without equipment?”, do check out the various exercises above. With minimal equipment and easy to find tools at home, these dip exercises are the easiest to perform. Don’t miss out on them!


Are dips effective?

Yes. They are very effective provided you remain consistent with the workout routine.

How to do dips at home for chest in other ways?

You can use a pair of saw horses or a workout in a playground to do the dips carefully for your chest. They work wonders.

Are dips challenging?

Yes. It is especially challenging for beginners who will be unable to perform it easily.