How To Do The Bicep Cable Curl To Up Your Fitness Game.

Bicep cable curl

We all dream of having big biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but most don’t reach that level as we don’t focus on biceps properly. So today, we will share information about one of the easiest and the most effective biceps workouts.

The Bicep Cable Curl is the most effective exercise for increasing the biceps muscles of your arm. This exercise is usually performed by pulling a cable machine and is the perfect exercise for every beginner. This exercise can also be added to your list when you are in your gaining session.

Suppose you are the one who is interested in knowing all the interesting facts related to the biceps curl. In that case, this content is perfect for you, as we will share a few essential pieces of information that every person should know before they start performing Biceps cable curl. This workout is also known as cable curl, and it mainly targets the biceps. A cable machine is needed to complete this exercise. This exercise is performed primarily by the powerlifters and the working out for strength.

How To Perform Biceps Cable Curl.

Confident athletic girl preparing cable crossover machine for exercise, attaching short straight bar. Concept of weight training at gym

Adjust the machine in such a way so that the cable gets attached at the bottom on the sliding adjustment. The cable attached to the device should extend enough to hold it in your hand comfortably while you stretch your hand in the outside direction, and your palm should be facing up.

  • Stand straight, bending your knees slightly and your feet placed on the floor firmly. Make sure that your back is straight, and brace the muscles around your abdomen.
  • Pull the weight attached to the cable in the upward direction, bring it towards your chest, and breath out while you pull it; use your forearms to perform this exercise.
  •  Once you pull it up, hold the weight for a few seconds before bringing it to the starting position.
  • Slowly-slowly brings the forearm back in its starting position. Don’t allow the weights to return to the stack; keep the cable under tension.

Muscles Involved While Performing Cable Curl.

Movement process of the arm muscle (Biceps and Triceps) illustration

The cable curl involves the movement of the biceps brachii, which is located on the front of our arm, which is usually two-headed muscles that consolidate into another muscle near the elbow. This exercise also involves the brachialis, located at the lower level of the biceps muscles; it also engages the deltoids and the forearm in the shoulder. You might also feel the tension in your core while performing this exercise.

Variation Of Biceps Cable Curl.

Professionals claim that this exercise can be performed in many other ways, which will be more effective for beginners, and it will be beneficial for building massive strength.

Seated Biceps Cable Curl.

African American female athlete with a pair of dumbbells in her hands performing the seated bicep curl

It is said to be the advanced version of biceps cable curl. Bodybuilders usually perform this exercise to feel more tension. You will have to go cable curls by making yourself comfortable in a seated position. You should try this exercise only if you have good body balance and stability, or else you will have severe pain in your back and waist. Be seated, make your back straight, and your feet should be on the floor. While performing this exercise, make sure that you are pulling the weight with the help of your arms, don’t involve your lower body to pull the cable.

Grip Changes.

exercise concept The sweaty guy in grey top looking down and doing hammer curl posture of dumbbell with his right arm.

Suppose you feel that the biceps cable curl is not good results. In that case, you should try changing the grip to a hammer position (the way you hold the dumbbell in a while doing hammer curls) because it will target the brachioradialis forearm muscles and the brachialis more nicely. Sometimes our body starts responding quickly when we shock them by changing the position of formation of the exercise.

Standing Single-Arm Cable Curl.

This exercise is the same as biceps cable curl; the only difference is that you train one side of your body at a time- which is also known as unilateral training. It helps you put equal pressure on both hands (It mostly avoids relying on the dominant side), it also helps correct the muscle imbalance.

Stand in such a way as if you are facing away from the machine, grabbing the handle in your hand, start extending your arm. Then start curling the handle with the help of your lower arm, return to your starting position once you feel that your biceps are fully contracted.

Distance Adjustment.

You can take this exercise to a different level by making it more difficult. You can do it by changing the angle of the cable by adjusting the height of the cable or by coming close to the machine, or by going far. This will put a little more tension on your muscles and help you grow your muscles quickly.

Benefits Of Performing Cable Curl.

Studies say that cable curl is one of the best exercises that you can do to activate your biceps muscles. There are a plethora of benefits to having solid biceps. The main work of the biceps is to carry your upper body nicely, and it helps you bend your elbow and rotate your forearm.

 It also helps you in lifting, pushing, or pulling heavy objects. It also allows you to stay fit and energized.

Apart from these health benefits, bigger arms also look very attractive. So, if you are an individual who is thinking of bulking to look big, then this exercise will be perfect for you, as it will increase both your hand size and your strength at the same time.

Few Things That You Need To Maintain While Doing Cable Curls.

  •  You should always perform a minimum of 3 sets having 12 reps each.
  • Don’t choose a weight that you can easily pick; make sure you pick up a challenging weight to struggle a lot while pulling the last rep.
  • Perform this exercise thrice a week to see excellent and satisfying results.
  • Keep on increasing the weight every week to see a good gain.

Common Mistakes That Every Bodybuilder Make While Performing This Exercise.

We have listed a few common mistakes that everyone makes; make sure you avoid this mistake to prevent injury.

Going Too Fast.

Don’t perform exercises to show people that you can pull more weights than them. Go slow and make it count. Take at least 5 seconds to process the movement of the exercise, and make sure that you hold the weight for a second after you pull it.

Incomplete Range Of Motion.

Moving your upper arm and forearm together is the primary function of your biceps. So if you aren’t opening and closing your elbows properly, then your exercise is not benefiting your biceps

Body Movement

If you view that your body is moving or your shoulder is jerking while performing this exercise, then be sure that this is the indication that you are pulling heavyweight. 

Either you put down some weight or continue with the same weight, then move your same side leg a bit forward for stability.

The Bottom Line

We have attached all the essential information related to cable curls. Experts recommend you not perform this exercise if you have an injury. Perform activities to increase your strength, not going through extreme pain. 

Make sure you do warm-up before performing exercises that involve strength training. Give your body a rest of at least 24hrs after going through an intense workout. Please don’t put a lot of pressure on your muscles by performing different movements as it won’t be beneficial to you in any sense.